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Quote of the Day || May 8, 2013

“On Benghazi, I will be absolved of all wrongdoing. I think I’ve already been absolved of any right doing.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

19 Responses to Quote of the Day || May 8, 2013

  1. Little Barry is again embarrassing and should just shut up and go to his bedroom without supper. This is not a place for fools and amateurs.
    If I were a Syrian woman, belonging to the Christian minority, trying to live in peace with my family, I would most certainly back Assad. I would be terrifed by the brutal Islamists and their coming terror regime. Luckily I am not. All the dying is sad but still I don´t think that the West has any business there. We should stay out of the conflict. It´s Muslims fighting Muslims.They have a different set of values. Who used the nerve gas ? Well, we will never know. Let them fight it out, too bad they can´t all lose. The Syrians are already coming in droves to our European countries as refugees. Europe is a giant reception area for all the people fleeing from these constant wars and conflicts in MidEast and Africa.

    • Agree, swedishlady. We need to butt out of Syria’s conflict. It is too late to intervene at this point. Unfortunately, our dear reader wants to arm the rebels, who by all accounts are a spinoff of al Qaeda. He has the diddler of young girls, Menendez, working to send them weapons they can use to terrorize the minorities in Syria.

      Do you know anything about the UKIP in Great Britain? Wondering if they are more along the lines of America’s Tea Party movement, or are they more like the OWS anarchists? They were fairly successful in the recent election and seem to be very much against the Tories open immigration policy and membership in the EU.

      • Sorry for the delay, Susan, been out all day.
        This is the UKIP ( United Kingdom Independence Party ) creed: We believe in the right of the people to govern ourselves, rather than being governed by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. We believe in minimum necessary government which defends individual freedom, support those in real need, take as little money as possible and doesn´t interfere in anyones lives…..
        Sounds libertarian and TeaParty perhaps ??
        They also want to stop “uncontrolled immigration”, it´s a major issue. All the European parties with immigration on the agenda are routinely labeled “racist” by the mostly left leaning media. The media doesn´t want to openly debate the problems with immigration and integration, that´s one important reason why these parties grow in Europe. Most countries have similar “rightist” parties.

        • Thank you for the excellent description, swedishlady. The Tea Party consists of a loosely knit group of liberty-minded Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, and Republicans. We’ve been given the racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, bigot label too. Sounds like the UKIP is the British version of America’s Tea Party.

  2. Part of me is looking forward to the hearings, with the hope the Obama regime will be NAILED… (with an outcome like Watergate? -lol)
    But another part of me DOES NOT trust the idiots & morons in Congress to ask REAL & DEMANDING questions about Benghazi…