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The Obama Morning News || May 7, 2013

Benghazi hearing slated for Wednesday . . . National Journal
Diplomat: Special ops were held back 
. . . Washington Post
Graham: Benghazi dam about to break . . . Washington Times
White House staying cautious on Syria . . . New York Times
WH denies Obama ad libbed “red line” . . . Yahoo! News
Heritage: Legalization to cost $6.3 trillion . . . Washington Times
A-list partied at WH after Inauguration . . . The Hill
Clinton asked Led Zeppelin to reunite . . . Politico

16 Responses to The Obama Morning News || May 7, 2013

  1. “Clinton asked Led Zeppelin to reunite . . . Politico”

    Nice to see Democrats are always thinking about what the United States needs to survive another few years…

    Someone should mention to Clinton that John Bonham’s been dead for awhile. Yes, I know his son filled in the last time, but it’s not the same…

    Also, they did reunite before. It was really sad to watch a visibly aged Robert Plant try to gyrate to “Whole Lotta Love” like his hip replacement wasn’t installed correctly, and the Viagra wasn’t working any more. I know aging hippies just want to endlessly recapture their youth, but seriously, we’re better off with the memories than we would be watching Nancy Pelosi having a secret service agent fling her dusty Depends onto the stage…

    And – as all hippies are liberals – we will ALL have to pay for it…

      • There’s another joke in there about changing “The Lemon Song” into something about prunes, but…it’s just too depressing…

    • Well done, cincycinco! Clinton was just trying to reach out to the geriatric low info voter crowd. They’ve been chasing Democrat squirrels for 40 years. Wonder if Pelosi has the special thong model of Depends made for aging San Francisco hippies?

    • Clinton knows wife is in heap big trouble. Is this his pathetic attempt to draw interest away from the upcoming hearings?

  2. If half of what is being published now about Benghazi is true, I agree with Srdem65’s comment from yesterday that impeachment proceedings should be initiated against Obama. I’d even go further and suggest Hillary be charged with treason.

  3. One more item to add to the Clinton legacy:

    1) Inability to implement Hillarycare
    2) Inability to keep the House in 1994
    3) Inability to tell the truth about that woman . . . Miss Lewinsky
    4) Inability to get a Mid-east peace accord
    5) Inability to help wife beat BHO in 2008
    6) Inability to reunite Led Zeppelin

  4. Isn’t it amazing. Turn on the lights and roaches start scattering. We heard nothing but crickets from the state-owned media after the Benghazi terrorist attack of 9/11/12 where Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty were murdered. Now that three courageous whistle-blowers have come forward to testify, it looks like state-owned media is trying to get out in front of the storm that is coming their way. Praying that tomorrow the families of these four men who were killed in service to their country get some answers about what happened to their loved ones. If Preezy Revenge, Hillary, and Panetta get kneecapped in the process it’s just icing on the cake, in my opinion.

    • Nice analogy; roaches scattering.
      The families of those killed at Benghazi will get answers that will probably make things worse, if that’s possible.

      The pre-emptive attack on the whistle-blowers has started, butt they’re all falling flat in the face of the facts. Spokespeople for the goverment agencies involved have claimed that it would taken “hours” for any help or relief to arrive at the scene, butt that, too, falls flat with the fact that they didn’t know how long the conflict would last.

      • You’re right, srdem. Knowing what really happened might make things worse, but it has got to be better than never knowing.

        Anyone paying attention doesn’t believe a word coming out of this administration, so their attempts to discredit the whistle-blowers are falling on deaf ears. Someone gave a stand down order to rescuers on their way to Benghazi. Hopefully tomorrow we find out who that someone was.

      • I was thinking the same thing. They have actually stepped in it with this response. When everything was going on we didn’t know if it would last one hour or several days. Panetta said we wouldn’t go in because we didn’t know enough, but at what point do you make the decision to try and provide aid? Their explanation of non action based on the short duration can only be used after the fact as a Monday morning quarterback.

    • If I’m reading him correctly, Ben Shapiro of Breitbart writes that Hillary Clinton was referring to Obama’s successful re-election and not the Benghazi outcome itself when she said, “At this point, what difference does it make?” But I think that’s only half of it. Hillary did have her own agenda to worry about. Benghazi was about the outcome of two presidential elections. I raise this because I think that will be the most difficult point the hearings will have to prove, and the committee shouldn’t go there. They would definitely be accused of being political.

      Lying to Congress is a crime as Darryl Issa said on Hannity last night. It’s a crime whether Clinton et al. were under oath or not. That’s the jugular which they should go for.

  5. re: after inauguration party at the WhiteHouse
    What IS IT with these Obamas that an all-day-long celebration isn’t enough that they must end the day with another party?
    re: Bubba Clinton
    Ex-Presidents should develop hobbies that will keep them occupied in their retirement years, and avoid all public appearances that make them look foolish.

    re: Obama’s red line
    Of course, the President “ad-libbed” the red line comment; it’s his way of sounding tough. So, it’s no surprise that the WhiteHouse wants a “cautious” response to the events in Syria.
    The last thing this President wants is to get entangled into another foreign action when he really wants to hammer out changes to America that will take all his time and effort to accomplish. His goal is to spend all the new tax revenue on his pet projects, not on fighting another un-winnable war..

    re: Benghazi, Benghazi
    The lie that will not die.

  6. The whole Benghazi thing–to me–boils down to confuse and stonewall until after the election. That idea that the help might come after it was over is just plain stupid as hair.