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Monday Golf?

President Obama is headed out today for an unusual round of weekday golf. He clearly views it as work, though, since he’ll be playing with three senators – two of them Republicans.

Obama is playing today with Sens. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) and Mark Udall (D- Colo.).

The president was tragically forced to miss his customary weekend game because he HAD TO WORK, spending Saturday in Costa Rica and Sunday addressing the graduating class at Ohio State University.

Nevertheless, the lack of this type of social bonding with members of Congress is the very thing everyone is castigating the president for. He almost always plays with relatively junior aides who cause him no grief instead of using his golf to solidify relationships. So he’s at least golfing with a purpose. But still, it’s golf, and it’s a workday.

Obama is on the links for the tenth time this year and the 121st of his presidency.

40 Responses to Monday Golf?

  1. It’s downright chilly outside (my heat is still on!) and the rain could start at any time this afternoon. Looks like hardship duty for the republicans.

  2. With all the charges Obama levels at others, it’s surprising he finds it so hard to recharge himself — and his own batteries. Seems that any time he “works” past 4:00 he needs to sleep in — or take the next day off.

    BTW: The ONLY item on the WH public schedule today starts at 4:00, when Blunderbuss Joe will meet with “members of the faith community to discuss gun safety.” Why is this event CLOSED PRESS?

  3. In my opinion, Corker and Chambliss are more along the lines of “squishes” rather than Republicans. With all Corker’s appearances at recent royal performances, looks like Preezy Revenge has a new favorite pet RINO.

  4. I should change my screen name to “skeptic65”, because I don’t believe they’re actually golfing today. They may be on the golf course, they may have clubs nearby, but “golf” isn’t the reason they’re out there in the not-so-optimal weather.

    Whatever proposed agenda is being discussed today must be of great importance to the President that he would allow himself to be in the company of those he villified yesterday.
    He and his people might think that seasoned professionals like the senators he invited to golf don’t take what he says about them in public personally, but they’re wrong.
    Partisan politics allows for a certain amount of comparison between opposing parties, but MrO has taken his partisanship down to gutter levels that cut deep and won’t be forgiven.

    • When I read the headline it was the first thing I thought too. BO want’s something, not sure what but he does..

      • Didn’t think of that. Preezy’s probably trying to find out what evidence the Republicans have on him. No doubt the two weasels he’s palling with today spilled their guts to him.

  5. I seem to recall predicting not long after the coronation inauguration that Obeyme would be golfing during the week before it was all said and done.

    Never would have suspected he’d do it before Memorial Day, though.

  6. Not nuts about Republicans going out onto the links with him – they should refuse to play ANY games with him until he quits having tantrums and starts acting like a teenager, at least – I do have to accept that it’s probably the ONLY way they can get ANY face time with him. After all, they’re not celebrites, recently come-out athletes, or Islamic terrorist or anything, so they are of very little interest to him.

    He probably thrills to forcing this venue on them, anyway. During the LBJ administration, he made people “meet” with him while he was dropping a deuce in the bowl, and would crack wise about “effeminite Kennedyites” turning their heads while being forced to hold the door open during the conversation. This was pure dominance, and Obama’s certainly a fan of displaying THAT – just as ANY playground bully would.

    Oh, for an administration with adults – ANY adults – in it!

    Alas, it’s not to be, with liberals in charge. P.J. O’Rourke puts this well;

    “At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child — miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.”
    ― P.J. O’Rourke, “Give War a Chance”.

    And how!


  7. So….he drags a couple of Republcan stooges to legitimize his fact that he is a lazy, good-for-nothing malingerer? If he wanted to talk shop, why didn’t he invite them into the musty, dusty Oval Office?

  8. Maybe they should all earn their pay & go to work & take care of the problems at hand , play when everything is fixed !!!!!
    A very very poor excuse for Pres.

  9. Corker and Chambliss must have been asked to Caddy, not play. Why would they agree to this photo op? The country is doomed because of fools like these supposed Republicans. The day after this Marxist bashed the Republican Party at a college graduation, they go and play golf with him? God help us.

  10. How about this Senators Corker and Chambliss:
    When Obama calls to play golf, just say “the Sequester has killed my budget, can’t make it”. Why do they pander to this man who is purposely destroying our country?

  11. So nice to see Sir Putts-A-Lot got some green time today. With his heavy travel schedule last week and a big meet & greet day tomorrow with SK President and then circle the wagons with SecDef, he’s going to be all tired out.

  12. With so many pressing issues affecting the American people, I find it hard to believe that the President found time for recreation. Does he not understand that not only cannot the average person afford the time that they cannot afford the money for many recreational activities much less those as expensive as golf.

    A true leader does so by example. I am sad that so little leadership is occurring in Washington, DC.