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Live Stream || Carney Briefing – May 6, 2013

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” – George Orwell

    Just ask the “anarchist” Harry Reid spoke of if THIS ain’t so…

  2. The WhiteHouse can gloss over, whitewash, explain away, spin or twist until they have run out of ideas, but the actions or non-actions of MrObama and MrsClinton will be exposed at the upcoming Bengazi hearings this week.

    If there is credible evidence that MrObama and MrsClinton deliberately lied about the events, coerced the StateDepartment and the CIA to obscure the actual events and lie to the public in an effort to protect MrObama’s credibility in the upcoming election, then impeachment could be discussed.

    • Something Obama and Hillary can’t whitewash is the video apology they made when they blamed the “protest” on that anti-Islam video. Their ad aired on Pakistani tv at the cost of $70,000 US taxpayer dollars.

    • I agree totally, especially if they can prove cover-up. I suppose they can get them on lying to Congress too: it doesn’t have to be under oath. And I hope it means the end of Hillary for 2016.

      • Julie, I don’t know if you interact with Facebook. There are dozens of some very clever pages, one of which is called, Conservative Women Rock. To my point … today I saw a post that looked like a bumper sticker/slogan as follows:

        HILLARY (under it was a dash of flag w/stars and stripes and to the right of her name the message: For Prison 2016.

        • LOL, thanks. No, I don’t do Facebook or Tweet so I appreciated that. I’d love for someone to market those.

  3. ‘Lies, Lies & Damned Lies’…
    Will that be Propaganda Sec.’s Carney response Wed after the Benghazi hearings?

  4. David Ignatius, who was with the Post when I worked on something with him, was grudgingly admitting this might be a story even tho Fox did it. Jeez–ya think–misleading, inventing, stonewalling etc on four terrorist murders on Am soil so a guy could get thru an election–a story? Nose for news, Dave!