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White House for Sale? Obama Puts Bundlers in Top Posts

What do President Obama’s nominees this week for Commerce Secretary, U.S. Trade Representative, and FCC Chairman all have in common? They each raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Obama’s presidential campaigns.

Obama with Froman and Pritzker Thursday
Obama with Froman and Pritzker Thursday

Commerce nominee Penny Pritzker, USTR choice Michael Froman and FCC appointee Thomas Wheeler were all major league “bundlers” for Obama’s presidential campaigns, putting them among an elite corps of Obama rainmakers who amassed checks from others and dropped them into the Obama campaign’s coffers.

Obama ran for president in 2007 and 2008 as a new kind of candidate who was above politics as usual and would dilute the influence of special interests. As president, he has presented himself as a man who stands against the corrupting influence of money in politics. But his appointments this week are at least contrary to the image he has sought to project, and possibly something worse.

Pritzker and Wheeler each were members of the uber-elite club that collected at least $500,000 for the 2012 campaign of the man they may soon call “boss.,” according to Froman drummed up between $200,000 and $500,000 in 2008 and has worked at the White House since 2009.

Pritzker, a Chicagoan, and her husband Bryan Taubert are particularly significant longtime Obama backers, having written $55,600 in personal checks to Obama since 2000. Pritzker threw in another $250,000 in cash to help pay for the president’s 2013 inaugural.

Froman and his wife have contributed $7,700 to Obama since 2000. Wheeler has personally donated $4,400 to Obama since just 2007.

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  1. We have to wonder why a billionaire like MsPritzker who’s had her share of controversy would want to put herself in the hot seat of a Congressional nomination inquiry for a position that holds no particular political advantage. Or, for that matter, why she would want to relinquish her role as king-maker in the Dem political arena to a lowly king’s-servant.
    Curious, indeed.

  2. And the irony Pritzker’s choice by the man with the spine of steel: Penny’s company — Hyatt — is being picketed by union members, and her family bank specialized in sub-prime mortgages. (Perhaps Obama wants somebody IN the White House to blame for the last recession now that he’s paid tribute to the Bush Library.)

    Pritzker was also up for Commerce in 2008, but her name was removed partially because Obama needed a clear field to attack the rich — and now he’s got “more flexibility”. Oh, yes, and Ms. Pritzker seems to have the same offshore accounts that Romney was pilloried for. I wonder if anyone at Hyatt died while she was at the top…

    Not sure if she actually bought Obama that $35 Million palace in Hawaii — but it’s clear that she’s paid her way into the White House. Her confirmation hearings should be highly entertaining.

  3. Why does anyone expect more from a person who has never had to work for anything? Everything has been handed to him all his life. He should wear a “for sale” on his forehead.

  4. Yes, them that has, gets. The president, as has been so richly demonstrated so MANY times, is a total hypocrite. Bleh to this. But I got up this morning and read more on those “kids” who waltzed over to what’s his name’s room and removed evidence for he wouldn’t “get in trouble.” Good gravy–this is what the govt should be doing, keeping track, keeping lists, not screwing up!!! This–mamby-pambying and blah-blah-blahing on health, gay marriage, etc. Think! Keep us as safe as possible, it will never be 100% of course. But the govt had HEARD of these people–and it makes me sick thinking of the blown off limbs and completely changed lives. This admin needs to straighten up and work! And for the record, these YOUNG ADULTS are now in big trouble and deserve to be!

      • And on the gay BB player, even Chelsea Handler, who is pro-gay at every turn, said, “Yes, we know you are black…we can see that.” And of the president’s call…she wondered if maybe he didn’t have better things to do. Out of the mouths of…

        • Back to the baby bombers–if I were a UMass parent, I would ask why kids were building bombs in their dorm rooms–maybe check rooms? Remember that NY townhouse that blew up a few decades ago? And thay say it’s a federal law that we can’t see their academic records–and I wonder if this is why we can’t get Obama’s records? Anyone know?

  5. All politicians are bought. The moneyed class determines who runs for office and who wins. The U.S. really is no different than other countries where leaders rule based on the whims and wishes of those who have funded their rise to power. The people’s votes are meaningless because their choices of candidates aren’t determined by them but by the party leadership who makes their decisions based on who contributed the most money to the party.

    Obama has lied about everything and has gotten away with lying about everything because lying has risen to the only virtue in politics.

  6. Prostituting our government? I’m fine with ambassadorships going to donors, but this is not equivalent at all.

    • am not too thrilled with that program either. We should have career State Dept people in these positions, not ones who gave $$$.

      • It’s a president’s job under Article II, Section 2.

        I wonder what kind of dirt FCMABBHO’s vetters found on Anna Wintour that kept her away from the Court of St. James’s.

      • Don’t worry, the State Dept. has it covered. They make sure the DCM, Deputy Chief of Mission, the number two guy in the Embassy, is totally qualified to do any real diplomatic work. That way the Ambassador can just give lovely parties and schmooze and the DCM takes care of the real work, like trade agreements and such.

  7. Most corrupt administration in history. Until Obama is led away in handcuffs to Leavenworth our country is in the grip of the Obama crime syndicate.