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Video || Small Business in Path of Obamacare Train Wreck

They don’t know what’s in it for them or what to do or how much it will cost them. Or if they’ll even be able to stay in business. It’s the Obamacare Mystery Train.

You hear why Sam Phillips knew he had something big on his hands.

27 Responses to Video || Small Business in Path of Obamacare Train Wreck

  1. CBS ran this?
    Either they’re hoping the Dems put off implementation of the law until after the 2014 elections, or someone cut off their supply of kool-aid.

    What a mess the Dems have foisted on America.

  2. Thanks Keith.

    A random act of act of journalism. Some great music. And, oh dear, politically incorrect second or two at :28? :)

  3. All these journalists in the legacy media have been cheerleaders for this monstrosity from the get go. They have hidden or defended every negative effect this law has had on our economy and society for the past three years. Now they’re watching the Obamacare “mystery train” speeding down the track at break neck speed, and they’re starting to realize not all of the tracks have been laid. It’s not going to be a pretty sight for the Democrats once that train runs off the rails…

    Great Elvis video, Keith. Brought back some great memories of my Mom, who had every Elvis album in existence.

    • I tried to watch the whole thing, but left when I saw the babies feet in the jars.
      Sick and depraved as this man appears, the women he aborted must share the same fate that will be imposed on him. They knew, without a doubt, that the children they were allowing him to kill would have survived outside the womb. They felt their children move and kick inside them, but chose to have them killed.
      Also complicit in this house of horrors are the government employees that were supposed to be inspecting and regulating this clinic. So afraid of offending the Black community by charging this monster, the powers that be in Pennslvania are just as responsible as everyone else involved in this atrocity.

      • No shortage of crappy state regulators here in Pa. Seventeen (17) years and not one inspection. Michael Ramirez had the most impactful cartoon. It was a drawing of Arbeit macht frei that hung at the gates of Auschwitz – Ramirez sketched in Gosnell Clinic in lieu of the original and filled the faces behind the gates with little small babies and captioned it “never again”.
        You can see his work at Townhall for May 1.

      • Agree, srdem. They interviewed one of the mothers who had a late term abortion in Gosnell’s clinic. She was shocked that her baby’s remains were found in the clinic. She sure didn’t look like the kind of monster who would kill an innocent child, but she is just as guilty as Gosnell. She is the one who chose death over life for her baby…

        • I think it’s federal law that the pregnant women are not liable. It does seem completely horrible…all this does… Can anyone with a soul really say, in effect, “Ooo, it’s not dead yet–do something”? I had two miscarriages and was crushed over each one–seeing it…what is WRONG with people?

          • I don’t understand how they could kill these innocent babies. I could not carry to full term on any of my attempts. So many would desperately love to have a baby and this group are wholesale killing them.

  4. I’m convinced Obamcare will be put off until after the 2014 election, any bum who voted for this crap sandwich would be tosed out. Expect more cryfacing from the MSM to help with this endevour.

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