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The Obama Morning News || May 3, 2013

Obamacare could be albatross for Dems . . . National Journal
Biden plans fresh gun control push . . . Politico
Obama’s OFA falls on it face . . . Politico
Obama “very comfortable” with Plan B at 15 . . . The Hill
Obama talks up immigration bill . . . Washington Times
Biden’s 2016 dream is a longshot
. . . Washington Post
Hillary lapping field in 2016 poll . . . Washington Times
Special ops called for backup in Benghazi . . . Fox News
U.S. bulks up bunker buster . . . Wall Street Journal
Close Guantanamo? Not likely . . . National Journal

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  1. Obamacare could be albatross for Dems . . . National Journal
    Obamacare could be albatross for Americans . . . Scottso

    Biden plans fresh gun control push . . . Politico
    Biden likes physical violence . . . Scottso

  2. Reid asking for more Obamacareless implementation funding yesterday was my favorite. You imbeciles passed this travesty and virtually every financial estimate has been wildly incorrect and you are looking for MORE money? Good grief even “low information voters” should be able to see through this one!

    • Chuck You Schumer came out with a negative comment on Obamacare too. I think the Democrats would like for everyone to vote a moratorium on Obamacare until, say, 2015. The Republicans would make a mistake to go along with it. It’s a huge issue for the 2014 election and it should remain on the front burner. Maybe that’s the Democratic strategy, however, and wouldn’t it be funny if only Democratic senators voted for a moratorium just as only Democratic senators voted for it in the first place?

  3. “Is Obama a Lame Duck Already?” – PeggyNoonan, WSJ
    MsNoonan opines that MrObama is less than the “lame duck”, he is “lame
    (“Lame”, an urban slang word that means “just plain stupid, un-original, or lifeless”.)
    Ouch, that’s gotta hurt MrO.

    The great-big-scary OFA and it’s massive data bank of e-mail addresses turns out to be nothing more than an irritating, constant request for money that falls on deaf ears, and a poor medium for community organizing.

  4. Maybe this is ‘old news’ to quote Jay Carney (sarc), but Newsmax says that a derivative group of Al Qaeda, the February 17th Martyrs Brigade, was hired in the first place by the State Department to ‘protect’ the Benghazi compound. That would be an unimaginable screw-up.

  5. Lets see if I have this right…
    Preezy Revenge is “very comfortable” with his FDA giving 15-year-old children access to the abortion pill.
    Preezy Revenge defends his DOJ appealing his FDA’s decision to give 15-year-old children access to the abortion pill.
    Preezy Revenge claims all the decisions of his toadies were made without his involvement.

    In other words, he’s okay with whatever his toadies do, but he doesn’t have anything to do with it. Guess he’s sticking with the Limbaugh theorem of never being seen as governing.

  6. Uncle Joe and Gun Control – Part 2

    I see he’s hard at work ramping up support for moving legislation forward again. I do think it is inevitable that we will eventually have a Gun Control law within the next 2 years. However I wish they would go back and review all they tried to cram down our throats and ask some of the people who sell guns and have to work with the BATF&E regulations for help. I think they would be surprised in how things really are, and could provide some great feedback on how to improve the processing.

    I worked for a large sporting goods retailer for 2 years, and went through 2 ATF site audits. They go through EVERYTHING. They even bring a printout with them of all your NICS requests and then look at each form. They check your inventory, your in/out transfers, special requests, etc. The look for possible “Straw Man” purchases. It takes all day for their review. The company I worked for also had additional requirements above the ATF’s regulations concerning gun sales. We did turn away customers who attempted to purchase a gun, both in how they filled out the form, answered the questions, or even on their appearance / demeanor.

    Contrary to reports, the ATF DOES maintain the NICS database that has everything but the make / model & gun serial #. Most major retailers maintain a sales database that has the sales transaction including the data on the gun. Smaller businesses have either a local computer data base or a record book recording their sales as required by law. It takes just a phonecall to get both parts of the NICS info and sale info together. No court order required.

    This is just a short snapshot of how transactions go. There is tons more I could write about but you would be asleep by page 2 :-) What I am trying to get across is the system does work, when conducted correctly and by law abiding citizens. Criminals do not go to a legit gun sales shop to buy a weapon to commit a crime.

    So looking at all this, ok – tweek some of the application and processing part, throw in a possible training requirement, and lets be realistic on what do we really want to accomplish with this law. Criminals and terrorists do not care about these laws. It’s a proven fact. The 2 terrorists in Boston proved it.

    • Thanks for the first-hand background look at how it all works.
      It works well and your points are well taken.

      Thinking Americans know that criminals don’t buy guns at a proper gun store, and that the horrible shootings are committed by radical religious fanatics or unstable young men. A new or newly comprehensive set of laws won’t do a thing to prevent those kinds of incidents.

    • I agree with srdem65: it’s refreshing to get a firsthand factual account of the issue rather than emotional opinion which is all I’d have to offer on this particular one. Thank you.

  7. “Obamacare could be albatross for Dems . . . National Journal”

    “Ah! well-a-day! what evil looks
    Had I from old and young!
    Instead of the cross, the Albatross
    About my neck was hung.” – The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

    Let’s hope even the no-information voters can smell THIS rotting bird on their favorite Dem…

  8. I am still appalled by the decision to allow 15 year-old girls access to the morning after pill with no oversight or permission by parents.

    My biggest questions at this point are:
    1) By approving this decision are the statutory rape statutes in the states to be amended?
    2) If those statutes are not to be amended, is the professional who is dispensing or prescribing the medication still required to inform local authorities that a crime has been committed against a minor? Are those that would be privy to the information still required to inform regarding said crime? I would assume this would include anyone in the know about said underage intercourse (school counselor, physician, pharmacist, psychiatrist/psychologist, etc.).

    I looked up the age of consent by state and not one state lists age of consent under the age of 16. Being a logical (imagine that) individual; based on current state laws a crime has been committed if a 15 year-old girl comes asking for this medication. Hence, local authorities are to be informed. Once local authorities are informed an investigation is commenced. Local authorities cannot question a minor without parental approval. Hello? There is going to parental knowledge at some point if everyone is doing their job.

    This is just stupid. The hypocrisy is beyond amazing.

    • Really? A parent bringing the kid to the pharmacy will affect statutory rape? Pharmacists are the law? Kids may not take this if they have to tell their parents–maybe they should or shouldn’t healthwise, but they won’t in many cases….so this will lead to more abortions…This is what is called a Hobson’s choice, I believe.

      • I guess what I am saying is that by passing this common sense (at least for me anyway) is thrown out the window. They will allow a 15 year-old to approach a clinic, a pharmacy, doctor’s office to get this medication without my knowledge or consent.

        This is an admission of a crime. In my state the age of consent is 17. There is no “close in age”, or Romeo/Juliet, exception. If the male in this situation is 21 years or older it is statutory rape in the second degree. This makes it a class C felony.

        Also within my state are mandatory reporting statues requiring those people in the professions I listed to advise authorities of a crime. Since in my state it is a crime, regardless of age, to have sex with a 15 year old. the decision to allow access without parental consent is silly. As it would be in all 50 states as sex with a child under the age of consent is considered a crime. It may be a lesser crime in some states, but still a crime.

        Regardless of whether a “child” of fifteen ops to take this medication or to have an abortion if it is too late, I would still like to know that a crime has been committed against my daughter.

        I have to fill out a permission slip and a waiver of liability for my daughter to attend a field trip at school. Yet they make this law to allow free access without parental knowledge, and a crime has been committed. Fifteen-year old girls can still go to their doctor and get another prescription to prevent pregnancy up to five days after intercourse. Maybe some parents aren’t concerned a crime has been committed. I would want to know.

        • Thank you for these posts, Danceswithtruth. I wonder how many people who focus on the morality of the girl in this situation are not thinking of the fact that she is not able to give consent. It gives a free ride to the rapists.

          • “Research has shown that access to emergency contraceptive products has the potential to further decrease the rate of unintended pregnancies in the United States,” said FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg in a statement. “The data reviewed by the agency demonstrated that women 15 years of age and older were able to understand how Plan B One-Step works, how to use it properly, and that it does not prevent the transmission of a sexually transmitted disease.”

            This is their rational. A 15 year old, by their reasoning, understands how the medication works but all 50 states say they are not legally able to give consent to engage in sexual intercourse. A contradictory message, in my opinion.