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Costa Rica Declares Obama Visit a National Holiday

Massive crowds greeted President Obama upon his arrival in San Jose, Costa Rica today, drawn out into the streets to celebrate The One in part because – they don’t have to work.

From the White House pool report:

Overwhelming crowds, in the thousands, greeted the motorcade between the airport and the hotel where POTUS is having a meet and greet with embassy personnel. It appears that the government of Costa Rica has declared a national holiday. That might explain in part the affluence and the enthusiasm. “Welcome Mr. President! Blessings” read one makeshift sign. Others waved US and local flags, many were snapping pictures. Some stood on the highway itself, only leaving one lane for the vehicles to go through.

Hotel reached at 2:26 amid a heavy display of security forces. We are holding in the vans.

Apparently, Obamania is not dead yet, thought he has to go overseas – where insurance premiums aren’t rising because of Obamacare – to find it.

26 thoughts on “Costa Rica Declares Obama Visit a National Holiday”

    1. @ Tico Times, Puerto Rico English website:

      Posted: Friday, May 03, 2013 – By Tangi Quemener | AFP

      The Costa Rican capital was under tight security for the summit, with a heavy police presence, streets closed to pedestrians and cars, and shops and schools shuttered.

          1. Maybe so. But if they are paid they the American taxpayer is probably picking up the tab.

            I hope he doesn’t bring home some carefully selected hard working undocumented immigrants for a national version of this pro immigration, anti gun tour of Mexico – Central America.

            Maybe we should rethink all this opposition to Obama golfing. Get Reggie and his new friend Jason Collins and his old buddies and just make a term of it.

    1. That’s probably why Costa Rica declared a national holiday for his visit. Betcha 99% of the ‘affluent’ crowd greeting America’s dictator wannabe were government bureaucrats on paid holiday.

  1. Here’s a good one for irony — Socialists in Costa Rica — anti Obama rally.

    The reason I included this link is so you can cruise the ticotimes if you are so inclined. It is the English language paper in Costa Rica. There are some interesting articles about Obama in Mexico and Central American. Articles on immigration, guns and green energy and trade. Whatever, if you are interested here it is.

  2. Not hard to understand. South America has a penchant for dictators.
    Peron, Chavez, Somoza, Noriega and now Obama.
    Makes sense to me.

    1. At least Evita PerĂ³n could sing. What kind of banshee screeching do you think would come from Manly Michelle? Maybe she would sing in basso profundo, to go with her OTHER masculine characteristics?

      Or would she just rap it?

      “With an O to the Bam – i – Ay, HEY!
      Mooch Obama in da House today!
      And I’m here to tell ya that I rule on high,
      NO piece of paper gonna stop MY GUY!

      The White folk say I’m too vacationy,
      They OWE me ’cause I’m Black, you see!
      I’ll get them for instituting slavery,
      Don’t MATTER that it weren’t you and me!”

      Meh. She could just lip-synch and let Beyonce do the singing. Of course, since the Red Toilet Papered One lip-synchs HERSELF, they might have a few things to work out yet…

    1. yeha like the conservative poster boy Rush Limbaugh who was going to move to Costa Rica?

      Remember? How convenient to forget that.

  3. O/T – Sorta –

    Oh this just made my day.. I do not believe BO said it’s our fault and our guns that is making Mexico the cesspool that it is ––Most-guns-used-commit-violence-Mexico-come-United-States.html

    !@#$%^&*().. I guess if we have gun control here it will make Mexico a better place. Meanwhile we buy AK-47’s to pass out to third world nations via covert ops. That eventually find there way BACK to places like Mexico!

  4. Nice to know that The United States isn’t the ONLY place that Obama brings all economic activity to a screeching halt…

  5. kudos to the stagecraft of the Costa Rican gov’t,
    only cost them a day off work and who knows what else?
    I think they are better actors than the N. Koreans, but being Latino, they probably genuinely have at least some affection for the cretin in chief.

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