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Is Biden Freelancing?

Vice President Biden is planning a big push for new gun control measures, even after Congress told him to take a hike. Only, according to Politico, he hasn’t mentioned it to Obama:

Biden told a group of law enforcement officials Thursday that he is planning even more travel, with trips around the country to stump for a renewed push on expanded background checks and gun-trafficking laws that failed to pass the Senate last month.

But Biden volunteered that he “hasn’t really discussed” his plans with Obama and plans to lead the gun control charge on his own, according to two law enforcement officials who attended the meeting. The 90-minute meeting in Biden’s office was an attempt to move forward after the failed effort on background checks.

Uhh, okay. Given that there’s no chance of further gun measures passing anytime soon, we can assume this might be less of a serious White House push and more of an attempt by future presidential candidate Biden to score some points with the anti-gun Democratic primary electorate.

If this is campaign 2016 stuff, there’s really not much reason to coordinate with Obama.

Oh, and BTW, Biden will parachute into South Carolina tonight to deliver the keynote remarks at the South Carolina Democratic Party’s 2013 Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Columbia.

Then he’s off to chow at Representative Jim Clyburn’s annual Fish Fry.

Sounds fishy.


South Carolina, of course, holds the third primary season contest after Iowa and New Hampshire.

24 Responses to Is Biden Freelancing?

  1. I don’t doubt Joe is campaigning but….Lets be realistic. In a two person race against Jerry Mathers (aka: Theodore “The Beaver” Cleaver), Joe would come in 3rd.

  2. Biden for president? Really? Who would vote for that doofus?

    Oh, wait. I wondered who would vote for the narcissistic Commie.

  3. He wants to run in the worst way, and he needs a platform. Maybe Obama tossed him the bone of gun control in which he has lost interest–because he lost.

    Interesting that you mention SC because I just read on Drudge that the SC House has voted to criminalize enforcement of Obamacare. But I would say that SC is a good place for Biden to campaign (sarc).

  4. Politics is such fun.
    Is he miffed that the Dems have already crowned MrsClinton as the next President without the trials of a primary (and general election) when it’s tradional for the VP of a sitting President who gets first shot at succession?
    Is he a stalking horse for MrsClinton’s candidacy with the goal of tying up all support to eliminate any serious primary opponent?

    It’s hard to buy that MrO isn’t behind this new push for gun-control, or worse, that he doesn’t know what ol’Joe is up to. I never bought the story that ol’Joe broke the gay-marriage story without the knowlege of MrO, because it was the perfect lead-in for the Presidential candidate’s “evolving” on the issue.
    Fun, fun.

    • Preezy Revenge will NEVER give up in his mission to steal every aspect of individual sovereignty from the American people. He just doesn’t want to be seen here in America advocating for gun control laws after his recent defeat, so he sends his lackeys out to do it for him. He’s already over in Mexico campaigning for them.

      Rush is playing some clips of his apology tour in Mexico. This morning he had the gall to apologize to a bunch of Mexican students for America sending all those guns into Mexico and insinuating that is why he’s working to impose new gun control laws on US. Like he didn’t have anything at all to do with Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious program of selling high power weapons to Mexican drug gangs. What a sorry excuse for a leader the Democrats re-elected to the office of president…

  5. Why shouldn’t he campaign – it’s not like he’s doing much as the VP… I mean, is anybody really going to criticize the guy for politicking on the gubment dime after Barack has spent 4.5 years campaigning with gubment funds, doling out taxpayer money to his friends for votes and GOTV efforts, and working on his golf game while handing the bill to my kids? Biden campaigning on company time seems like the equivalent of making copies at work for personal use.

  6. The latest Quinnipiac poll gives Clinton 65% of the primary vote, 13% for Biden. He’s either campaigning or planning his summer vacation.

  7. if, after 8 disastrous years of decline under Obama, the American electorate votes for Joe Biden (who’s not as radical but is equally as incompetent) I am going to move to some desert island somewhere, or maybe Montana.

    it will be the last sign we need that this country is doomed.

  8. When does the House decide to limit how much is squaundered by the Vice President (or the President, for that matter) on campaigning?