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State’s Benghazi Panel Itself Under Investigation

The self-appointed State Department panel that determined a military response could not have saved those killed in Benghazi is itself under investigation, according to veteran reporter James Rosen of Fox News.

From the report:

The IG’s office is said by well-placed sources to be seeking to determine whether the Accountability Review Board, or ARB — led by former U.N. Ambassador Thomas Pickering and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen — failed to interview key witnesses who had asked to provide their accounts of the Benghazi attacks to the panel.

As I noted back in December, the report was meaningless in that it failed to even investigate the actions of then-Secretary of State Clinton or President Obama the night of the Benghazi attack. Instead, the panel, which she appointed, discussed mistakes well below her level but nevertheless concluded that the overall response was timely and well coordinated, and that sending in the troops would have been useless.

A House panel will hold a hearing Wednesday on the Benghazi attack at which “whistleblowers” and others with knowledge of what happened on the ground are said to be ready to testify.

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  1. No one believed that the massacre in Bengazi was the result of the delicate sensibilites of the Muslim world flaming out of control in response to an obscure video trailer produced in the US. That attack on US interests and its people, along with other cooridinated events in other countries, were pre-planned to happen on the anniversary of 9/11 and to retaliate for the killing of OsamaBinLaden.

    As the re-election of MrObama was partly dependent on the premise that by killing BinLaden he had removed a major threat to America from Muslim terrorists nothing was going to be allowed that would put the lie to that. MrObama’s reputation on foreign policy, and only that, was the reason that no military response was allowed to protect our people in Bengazi, and for the lies,and the coverups that followed.

    What happens next depends on the quality and reliability of the testimony of the survivors at Bengazi, and if there are true patriots in the StateDepartment willing to come forward with the truth.

    1. You just stated what I have always believed; that all this coming right before the election had to be quieted down and it was with the tape farce. Hopefully NOW the truth will come out!

      1. Yeah, and the Dems were screaming the initial investigation was just POLITICAL ! Nothing to see here, move along, vote for Obama and don’t listen to those evil Republicans.

        This is one scary administration :(

        1. It’s scary too if the whistleblowers were threatened into silence, and I have no reason to doubt Victoria Toensing.

    2. Although the “sensibilities” of the Muslim world are ever so fragile, no one with half a brain ( this obviously excludes most Muslims ) has ever believed it was because of a video that was produced months before Bengazi that the attacks happened. So, why is the film maker in jail for a year and WHY has it taken this long to release the pics of some of the perps and why today ?
      As to the quality and reliability of the testimony of those who survived the attack….kinda depends on whether they will continue to survive….not hopeful.

      1. The FBI is hoping for a break that someone will snitch on a participant in a foreign country that the US has no authority in. Good luck with that, and so far a huge waste of time and $$$. They were 3 weeks late to visit the site, and it’s now 6 months later we’re looking for 3 men who are not suspects BUT may have information. Incomplete investigation by the State Dept, but endorsed at 100% factual by the then SOS. I bet she is looking for another leftover “reset” button.

        And your right about the film maker.. not one peep from DOJ on whats going on with that case.

  2. Speaking before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Wednesday, an emotional Hillary Clinton said that it doesn’t matter what happened last Sept. 11 when four Americans were killed in an attack on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

    My guess is that there are four families that really do think it matters. Hillary and Susan Rice are both keeping low profiles. Hopefully this will ruin her chances for 2016.

    1. Kinda’, sorta’, not sure surprised that Pickering would leave himself this vulnerable.

      Hillary and Barack deserve to be exposed and held accountable.

        1. so you get them under oath.. then what? We have already seen how Holder has gotten away with F&F.. Hillary has left the building. They can’t call her back to work, and even if it were to come out badly for her, she would still have a good shot at the election nod. It’s a very scary thought. Add to it BO could always give her a pardon. She is laughing all the way to the lecture circuit on this one.

          1. Great points, Otis. I’d also add that our “low information” voter base will have forgotten about it and will hand her the Dem nomination,

            Doubtful to me that Obama would pardon her since that would indicate she did something wrong but I guess it would depend on the circumstances at the time.

            Any way you look at it, its sickening.

  3. Finally I hope some group will investigate the whole Bengazi
    mess. It has been swept under the rug for way to long. I resented
    Jay Carney saying that this happened a long, long time ago. He
    can really insult my intelligence.

    1. If information is gleaned from the new testimony shows that the Executive Branch did indeed cover up the mess, I hope Carney and a few others are shown the door. If I had my way they should do some time for it too. However we all know that will not happen. Sadly.

  4. OT: sort of
    With the Boston massacre still in the news, and the opening of the investigation of the Bengazi massacre, what exactly is MrObama’s intent when he discussed closing Gitmo?
    As Americans try to keep in check their hatred and disgust of the Muslim terrorists who have harmed innocents, MrO is worried about the well-being of terrorists at Gitmo and wants to make their lives easier or return them to their homelands.

    If there was a poll taken of Americans on the fates of the terrorists who are on a “hunger strike” at Gitmo, it would show that a vast majority would let them starve to death.

    1. I think at this point in time you may be right. Or maybe a ocean cruise on a very leaky boat. And i am not talking about a 3 hour tour either.

        1. ” And that, he said, should preclude her ever being in a position of authority again.” – Julie Brueckheimer

          Have you LOOKED at this administration? “Dereliction of duty” seems to be a REQUIREMENT to be in the Obama White House.

          Take, for example, Napoletano saying she can’t control the border; Holder refusing to prosecute obvious voter intimidation; Rice telling outrigh lies about Benghazi and still being advanced as a nominee to a major Cabinet post; and The Angry Caliph himself coming out with a “budget” TWO MONTHS after the constitutionally MANDATED time he is SUPPOSED to.

          These are just top-of-the-head examples, but the point is, they have NO sense of “Duty” at all. That’s some dead White slaveowning male concept. The new, hip administration is not down with that, and frowns on anyone who is; therefore, not only does ‘dereliction of duty’ NOT preclude a Democrat from high office, it actually ENHANCES their cred with some sectors and makes them MORE viable candidates – not less.

          And, if all else fails, the charge won’t stick anyway – it’s just something some White male Republican hater said about a woman who worked for a Black man, and therefore automatically racist, sexist, and whatever other “ist” any given low-information voter has been trained by our public “education” system and mass media propaganda machine to despise. Hilz WILL be Prezzy 45 if the party apparatchiks deem it so; I personally think it’s more likely that Mooch will be advanced or the 22nd amendment ignored (as so much in the Constitution is now) to keep an Obama large and in charge.

          After all, the Presidency is to be regarded as a Black seat now. Ever heard that concept?

          Plus, they don’t like Hilz anyway, AND she’s old, sick, and not difficult to potray as “unattractive” – the last of which is VERY important to the younger voters who were so helpful in installing Obama over us in the first place.

          Anyway, the point is, nothing matters but popularity.


  5. You think Hillary had a hissy fit before? This will get her panties in a wad for sure. How dare anythone expose her for the criminal she is. Hopefully, this will bury her for 2016. But then again, barry got elected.

  6. It’s so sad the media covered this up so Obama could win reelection. They can’t report on it now because they look so bad.

  7. I think this weak inept little man thought when Bin Laden was killed it was
    all over in his mind that closed the book. Well we’re certainly reaping the
    results. Benghazi is a coverup in a web of lies. You would never hear remarks like Carney’s ‘that was a long time ago or Hillary’s cold defensive ‘at this point what difference does it make?’ were made by people who thought they had closed the book and gotten away with the
    whole thing. Now we have a fresh terror attack and all we seem to do is
    try and protect the guilty. We are seen as weak and these attacks will
    keep up until the media stop covering Obama’s ass every single day! You have to wonder is there anything the media wouldn’t help him coverup? Very scary.

  8. Remember when the “whistleblowers” were the Time Person of the Year? Think these ones will get the same press?

    1. “Remember when the “whistleblowers” were the Time Person of the Year?” – Kimbly

      That means LIBERAL whistle blowers! Don’t you know the policy “the King can do no wrong” applies to Caliph Obama, and that anyone “whistleblowing” on HIM is just a terrorst divider who’s probably some kind of racist to boot? Time would NEVER endorse someone like THAT!

      After all, they killed G_d off at the start of the hippie era;,16641,19660408,00.html
      and aging flower children – now, as then – have certain expectations of their early standard bearer…

      In the face of that, let me irritate Time with a Bible quote that will sum up both the Benghazi investigation AND TIme’s take on which whistleblowers to love nicely;

      “What is truth?” – Pontius Pilate, John 18:38

      Pilate was a political animal, and – as you might suppose – not interested in some Hebrew Deity or his supposed son. Because of this, his concept of “truth” is pliant to the political winds; and the political wind was such that Jesus had to die, despite the facts and Pilate’s own conclusion that Jesus was blameless and guilty of no crime.

      This is the concept of “truth” he shares with the Left, and their standard bearer Time magazine. Without G_d there is no meaning of truth; therefore, “truth” is whatever fits Time’s political agenda; therefore, only pro-Democrat whistle blowers have any “Truth” to them, and anyone who says anything about their chosen ruler is not – by their elastic, biased definition – “truthful”, and therefore NOT a “whistleblower”.

  9. Thank you for writing about Benghazi, Keith. Always thought the ARB investigation was nothing more than a white wash. These state-owned bureaucrats were never looking for answers to how and why four Americans were left to die at the hands of Islamic terrorists, just a way to protect this inscrutable regime.

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