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Obama Schedule || Friday, May 3, 2013

9:15 am CT || Delivers remarks; Anthropology Museum, Mexico City
11:25 am CT || Meets with Mexican entrepenuers; Anthropology Museum
12:25 pm CT || Departs Mexico City
2:00 pm MT || Arrives San Jose, Costa Rica
2:35 pm MT || Meets and greets with United States Embassy personnel; InterContinental Real Hotel, San Jose
3:40 pm MT || Meets with Costa Rican President Chinchilla; Casa Amarilla
4:30 pm MT || Holds a cultural event with Costa Rican youth
5:15 pm MT || Holds a press conference with President Chinchilla; National Center for Art and Culture
7:00 pm MT || Meets with Chinchilla and Central American Integration System leaders ; National Theatrefor a working dinner

All times Eastern

40 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, May 3, 2013”

        1. ” AF1 can hold many illegal immigrants?” – rawheadrex

          Well, it’s had at least ONE on it every time it’s flown since 2009…

  1. Mexico — immigration. Costa Rica — no clue. Maybe they can vote too?

    Except for the getting up early part, this looks like a whole lot of pomp and ceremony — exactly the kind of thing our dictator in denial likes.

    srdem65 — this is kind of funny. I did a quick search to see if I could actually give you a decent answer to Costa Rica. Well, apparently some Costa Ricans do not know why he is visiting either.

    1. Nice find. Thanks for the linky.
      Maybe someone will ask Carney the Magician why his boss in in Costa Rica. Or not.

      1. Apparently there is some Central American Summit. Low level I would suspect. I see it as a push for immigration and perhaps something will happen with the Syrian red line since Obama will be out of the country and therefore distanced from anything to do with it. My 2 cents.

      1. May 8th the crap is gonna hit the fan on Libya big time gonna make watergate look like a second class scandal this is gonna be big we are contacing millions of people to watch thia and gonna bet you more than FOX news is gonna hit this one hard this was a complete cover up by OBOZO

  2. I’m surprised Michelle didn’t go on the trip too. It would have been another country or two she could have crossed off her bucket list.

    1. The youth group is her thing too. Hula Hooping and doing the Dougie?

      MO does have a busy graduation speaking schedule coming up, maybe writing her speeches? Heh.

  3. “Meets with Mexican entrepenuers” AKA: “Hey can you give me a good price on some silver trinkets for my wife? I come home empty handed, she’ll smack me upside the head!”

    1. “RickW May 3, 2013 at 8:51 am
      “Meets with Mexican entrepenuers” AKA: “Hey can you give me a good price on some silver trinkets for my wife? I come home empty handed, she’ll smack me upside the head!”

      A few isues with this post;

      1) “Meets with Mexican entrepenuers”. Mexico HAS entrepenuers? And if it did, after seeing what Obama’s done to AMERICAN entrepeneurs, why would they WANT to meet with him? Are they masochist, or is this a Government punishment?

      2) “Hey can you give me a good price on some silver trinkets…”. OBAMA? Worried about PRICE? The Taxpayer gots this one! And every OTHER one…

      3) “…for my wife?”. Nah. More likely for Reggie Love or Jay-Z. When he thinks about Mooch at all, it’s just to figure out how to take his separate vacation even FURTHER away from her…

      4) “I come home empty handed…”. Well, THAT’s something he’s NEVER done! He’s usually laded with swag when he DOES make his grudging returns to The White House; everything from huge donations from guilty White liberals to entire sectors of the economy stolen with illegal procedural votes. Empty handed is NOT one of his problems. Empty HEADED, maybe, but never HANDED…

      5) “…she’ll smack me upside the head!”. Never happen. The Secret Service is ALWAYS on high alert whenever Moochie and Hopey are within Moo’s swing radius. They are very well aware that one tap from THOSE steroidal guns will send the ever etiolated Barry spinning like a top into the nearest solid structure, likely resulting in having to switch to the salutation of “President Joe Biden”. They keep the buffalo-strength stun clubs close to hand when these two are together to prevent that, even if a couple of them have to give up their turn at the brothel that day; it’s JUST that important!

      Anyway, Mooch is still seeing to the installation of the stuff that Jessie Jackson picked up for them at the Hugo Chavez estate sale. Now that the peasants have been barred from her house, she can give full reign to her full-on Commie themed interior decorating yen, and she DOESN’T need any more tchotchkes from a light pink, wishy-washy, semi-socialist loserville like Mexico interfering with the Marxist glorification motif…

      Other than that, good job!

        1. Not criticisms, just trying to lighten it up a little. We’ve got Obama to bring everyone down enough.

          Maybe I need to work on this “humor” thing, I seem to be honking off folks I respect, like yourself and Star. I’ll work on it!

          Meanwhile, keep the faith. Evil will NOT conquer forever!

  4. Now would be the perfect time for DHS to “secure” the border so he can’t get back in without presenting a “valid” passport (which requires a valid birth certificate)!

    Close the air space as well–just don’t let him back in our country!

  5. “Holds a press conference with President Chinchilla”

    This sounds like some euphamism for buying a new, taxpayer-funded coat for Moochie!

    Will he be meeting with Chairman Mink and Prime Minister Sable next?

    Then, he can start working meeings with Ambassador Diamond and Senator Gold…

  6. “2:35 pm MT || Meets and greets with United States Embassy personnel; InterContinental Real Hotel, San Jose”

    I think it would be a more interesting meeting were he to “meet and greet” with the surviving staff of the United States Embassy in Benghazi. Shame he can’t meet with the Ambassador there, though…

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  8. While in Costa Rica Obama is probably going to yet again insult
    we Americans, just like he did in Mexico. I think he is the only president
    who really dislikes the USofA! How sad.

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