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Obama Moves to Keep Plan B From Kids

Well now we’re seriously doing something that will protect kids. Young teens and – though this part was not quite the intent – those below the age of zero.

In a smart decision that will no doubt incur it a world of hurt from its allies in the pro-abortion camp, the Obama administration moved Wednesday to prevent the awful prospect that girls as young as 15 – and potentially even younger – can obtain “morning after” abortion pills without even their parents permission.

From the Plan B website
From the Plan B website. Pretty clear they're marketing to a young crowd.

The Justice Department will appeal a judge’s order that would make the “morning after” pill available to girls of any age and without a prescription. The announcement came the day after makers of the “Plan B” morning after pill said they would provide it to girls as young as 15.

Obama’s decision is correct on ethical grounds. But it also may be good politics. With Obamacare already under fire for forcing religious institutions to cover contraception – and for a slew of other reasons – the White House hardly needed a new way for critics to portray the nation’s health care system as increasingly run amok.

Even sensible liberals might have been outraged at the notion of 15 year olds running to the CVS to get their morning after pills, fully covered by their parents’ health plan, as mandated under Obmacare. With Obamacare in public opinion toilet, the White House probably calculated it needs a little credibility on health issues.

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  1. Justice may appeal the ruling but I bet its going to be half hearted at best. This gives the WH their usual opportunity to blame someone else, in this case the judge.

  2. I hope they DO appeal it, but in my heart I don’t think it will happen, since Eric in-bed-with-oblamer Holder is in charge.

  3. This is good. But I can’t help thinking some school nurses wouldn’t think twice about giving it to students, as there have been cases of schools counseling students to get abortions without informing the parents. Anything to prevent this?

  4. I am perplexed.

    At 15 these girls can purchase the morning after pill without my oversight and permission. Yet if I feel a certain medical treatment/procedure is not beneficial or safe for my child, the state can come in and make them wards of the state so their wishes may be done.

    At 15 these girls can purchase the morning after pill without my oversight and permission, but they cannot attend a field trip, school sport events, get a passport, etc. without my permission and signing a waiver of liability.

    Fifteen-year old girls cannot legally drink, smoke, drive, or vote, but they can purchase an “abortion” pill. Ummmmmm………isn’t sex at 15 still considered statutory rape? I guess that will fall by the wayside too.

    Fifteen-year old girls (and boys) cannot enter into any type of legal contract, as they are considered too young. Yet our “children” can stay on our insurance until they are 26.

    Yep, this up-side down, backward is forward, everything is twisted thinking is enough to make your head explode.

    Grab the duct tape. I’ve read Revelations, but it’s really strange to see it played out.

    1. Dances,

      You are right on points about the hypocrisy.
      For the Obama administration to say they want to stop 15 year olds from getting the Plan B pill without parental consent, then they’d have to be against 15 year olds getting an abortion against parental consent, or any type of birthcontrol.

      Of course, this is the man that IS NOT against late term abortions or partial birth abortions.

  5. The proclaimed info on this Plan B pill is that it doesn’t induce “abortion” but prevents the sperm from attaching to the egg.
    If that is true, then everyone, no matter what age, should have free access to this modern means of pregnancy prevention.

    1. I’m worried about the hormone dose given to young girls if taken too frequently …. or improperly ? Will we be seeing an uptick in certain cancers in the twentysomethings?

      Is it safer than being “on the pill” in daily doses? Then I would have liked this option too way back then :)

        1. Every drug including simple aspirin has side effects and is not for everyone. I wonder about one universal dosage too. Many cold and flu medications, for example, will recommend one dosage for children and a larger dosage for adults. It seems as if long term testing will be carried out on young girls and not in a lab. Brave New World indeed.

  6. While this is a extremely rare good action by Dictator Obama’s Jackboots at the Department of Injustice, do not think for a minute that this is motivated by anything other than political calculation. It is not about morals, right or wrong, nor the need to protect young girls because such virtues are completely absent from the makeup of this communist regime. If it wasn’t damaging the communist democrats politically no action of any kind would be taken by Dictator Obama or his Beria doppelganger, Holder. That is the truth.

    1. As a political issue, this is being presented as a choice between the lesser of two evils. There is no good option on the other hand.

  7. This is completely horrifying, but I’m just tooo fatigued with all the other horrifying decisions this administration has already made to scream about this too. Poor America :(

  8. So Obama, a judge, and the Department of Justice made a decision about your child’s reproductive health today.

    1. They’ve been pushing the envelope for the past 40 years and we’ve allowed them to do it. At some point, we need to take some responsibility for the state of our country. I’ve asked myself so many times, “how did we get here?” But I know how and why we did it – for the same reason we are allowing it continue today. Even though now we complain on blogs about it, we won’t sacrifice anything to change things. That’s the truth of it. How many things that we deal with on a daily basis do we rail against and despise? From what’s on TV, to pop culture, to taxes and on and on and on…but still we all allow it.

  9. Smoke and mirrors. All the alphabet agencies dance when ValJar’s mouthpiece tells them to dance. If he didn’t want the USDA to pass out abortion pills to kids like candy, they wouldn’t be doing it. In my opinion, Preezy Revenge and his acolytes are playing us like a fine Stradivarius violin.

    Case in point. While it was idiotic for Bloomberg to FOIA the Marine Corps emails about Bouncey’s lip syncing saga, it revealed how conniving and orchestrated this government has become to hide their actions from the American people. What bothers me most, is the fact that the Marine Corps PAO participated in the ruse – telling associates to “stay hunkered down for another 24 hours” because there was another news story that would knock the story off Drudge. When America’s finest are enabling deception on such a benign story as a lip syncing Bouncey, what length will they go to deceive us on the facts of what happened in Benghazi.

    Guess I’m just worn out and jaded by all the deceivers…can’t trust one single governmental entity because of these evil occupiers.

    1. Susan,…the Cloward and Piven principle has been invoked and it is hard for us to continue to pay attention.
      We are being overwhelmed on purpose.
      The system has been overwhelmed on purpose.
      The people in government that have allowed this to happen are actively denying us the information to make an informed decision.
      The information we get is carefully disseminated by the White House, although, if it wasn’t for the internet, we would be as blind as a bat.
      Career politicians have survived on this tactic for years.

  10. I saw this point made over at AOS. The gist of it is — your child is an adult in charge of her own reproductive health choices at 15 — but remains a child on your health insurance until the age of 26.

    1. Of course. If sex is involved, the pro-slut crowd wants to lower the age of consent to 12 or 9. More business for the makers of contraceptives and a bigger profit for Planned Parenthood.

    1. Realizing that the hormones given to cows these days to increase milk production causes girls to start menstruating at the ripe old age of 7 or 8, what’s the big deal? /sarc

      1. And the funniest thing is, the same moms that buy all the hormone free milk will be the first to say that the girls should have the morning after pills.

  11. This will be fought on the state level just as limitations to surgical abortion are still being fought on the state level. (Thanks be to God.) Pharmacists will refuse to participate. There will be questions of privacy when young girls will be required to present proof of age. Some aspects or the whole issue will move up to the Supreme Court eventually.

    It will be another boost to trial lawyers, but most importantly, it gives Obama another issue on which to take stage front and center in place of bread and butter issues like the economy and long term unemployment.

  12. ‘The father of a teenage girl who died in 2003 from using the abortion drug mifepristone has conducted a new interview in which he slams the Planned Parenthood abortion business for failing to follow FDA guidelines when dispensing the abortion drug.

    In August 2003, Holly Patterson, then 17, discovered she had become pregnant with her boyfriend, seven years her senior. On September 10, shortly after her 18th birthday, the couple went to a Planned Parenthood clinic to inquire about an abortion of her seven-week-old unborn child. There, she received the first of two drugs in the mifepristone abortion protocol.

    At the Planned Parenthood facility, Holly received an abortion drug regimen not approved by the FDA consisting of 200-mg mifepristone orally — which blocks the hormone progesterone that is required to maintain a pregnancy. At home, 24 hours later, on September 11, she followed the clinics instructions to vaginally insert 800-mcg of misoprostol to induce labor contractions and expel the body of the dead baby.

    On September 13, Holly repeatedly called the Planned Parenthood clinic hotline to complain of severe cramping. She was told her symptoms were normal and to take the clinic prescribed Tylenol-Codeine painkiller. Later, Holly called the clinic’s hotline again and was told to go to a local hospital’s emergency room if the pain continued.

    The next day, Holly continued to experience extreme cramping and bleeding, and visited the emergency room of Valley Care Medical Center in Pleasanton. She told the doctor about her drug-induced abortion and she was sent home after an injection of narcotics getting a prescription for more painkillers.

    The severity of the pain continued. Holly was weak, vomiting, and unable to walk. She was re-admitted to Valley Care Medical Center on September 17 and died later that afternoon with her father, Monty Patterson, who had just learned of the pregnancy, at her side.

    In a new interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Monty Patterson recalls Holly’s death:

    “Holly was intubated, and I went and held her and said, ‘I don’t know what happened, but I’m here to help, to get you well,’ ” Patterson said, his eyes welling with the memory. “The look in her eyes said, ‘Dad, save me.’ “’

  13. ‘In an abstract submitted for publication to the 21st European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases conference in Italy earlier this month, describes the death of a 16-year-old girl from Portugal who died from clostridial toxic shock after a chemical abortion with the drug RU 486.

    The girl had taken the drugs mifepristone and misoprostol following typical protocols as found in the US and Europe- 200 mg of mifepristone taken orally followed by 800 mg of misoprostol inserted vaginally.

    According to the abstract, five days after receiving the mifepristone, the young girl showed up at the emergency room of a maternity hospital complaining of abdominal cramping and being lightheaded. She was alert, with low blood pressure, and not running any fever. However, within a few hours, her white blood count had soared, her blood had thickened, and she was fighting a serious infection.

    She underwent a hysterectomy and was put in the ICU. She died within 18 hours after showing up at the ER. Forty eight hours later, a culture taken from her uterine biopsy revealed C. sordellii as the cause of the aggressive, deadly infection.

    Clostridium sordellii is an anaerobic spore-forming gram positive bacilli which is found in the environment in soil and in the gastrointestinal tract of both humans and animals.

    Healthy women may have Clostridium sordellii and other clostridial species as normal inhabitants of the vagina.

    Since the approval of Mifeprex (Mifepristone, RU486) in September 2000 in the United States, the FDA has been informed of eight deaths due to serious infections following medical abortion with mifepristone and misoprostol. These women died from sepsis (serious infection involving the bloodstream) and seven women were found to involve infection with bacterium, Clostridium sordellii and one case involved infection with Clostridium perfringens.”‘

    1. These poor women are simply collateral damage in the war against human life the left, and some on the right, are waging. A few deaths here and there are of no concern to them.

  14. ‘A special issue of the Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association (Summer 2000), seemingly intended to promote approval of the drug in the United States, was full of red flags. One study, for example, compared bleeding patterns following RU-486 and surgical abortions. Twenty percent of women who underwent RU-486/misoprostol abortion suffered prolonged bleeding for 35 to 42 days. The FDA already knew that in the Population Council’s drug trials 65 women “(7.9%) … received surgical interventions: 13 (1.6%) were… mostly for the excessive bleeding” (Mifeprex label, available at

    An emergency room physician from Waterloo, Iowa testified before the FDA that he had saved the life of a woman who, as a result of participating in the RU-486 drug trials, had lost 1/2 to two-thirds of her blood.

    Dr. Wu Shangchun of the National Research Institute for Family Planning in Beijing, a doctor who collaborates in China’s coercive population control program, warned in the same issue of JAMWA:
    “Some recent adverse events resulting from undiagnosed ectopic pregnancies have led providers to pay more attention to ultrasound examination” (JAMWA, at 197). He described “common complications” of RU-486 as including “profuse bleeding and allergy…Allergic reactions to mifepristone [RU-486] or misoprostol were not uncommon, manifesting in facial edema, skin rash and itching, numbness of feet and hands, and even a serious case of allergic shock. The potential for such reactions is one reason to keep clients for observation” (at 198).

    Due to the risks inherent in RU-486 abortion, Dr. Wu reported that it was falling into disfavor among staff members at larger hospitals: “The staffs were too busy to handle the procedure (more counseling, more visits and observation), and they also have to manage the referred cases with serious side effects and complications” (at 199). ‘

    Safe as asprin, yes? If you’re under 10, that is…

    It seems Obama might just be doing something right this time. It’s just a shame that it’s impossible to believe that he means it, or will actually pursue it…

    1. Obama never does anything because it is the right thing to do. And he and the abortion proponents are not interested in anything remotely true about abortion. Remember, it is always the ends justify the means and the end is always, and always will be, abortion no matter how unsafe it is and no matter how many women suffer or die.

  15. Right. It’s more than obvious one judge does not have the authority to mandate the FDA provide an abortion pill over the counter. That is the only reason the Dept. of Injustice stepped in.

  16. I thought this was satire at first, because I’d already read the AP report that Obama is, in fact, “fine” with girls as young as 15 getting the pill. so Obama’s not even doing the right thing for the wrong reason; he’s doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason.

    this was AP at 6:47pm this evening:

    “MEXICO CITY (AP) — President Barack Obama said Thursday he was comfortable with his administration’s decision to allow over-the-counter purchases of a morning-after pill for anyone 15 and older.”

  17. What about the boys/men who are impregnating these girls?

    What about statutory rape?

    What about rape?

    What about incest?

    I’m not talking about anything other than violation of a girl’s body by a predator.

    Where are the mandatory reporters?!

    Where is the accountability?

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