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Michelle Idol Beyonce’s Diva Demands

First Lady Michelle Obama once told People magazine that if she could be someone else, it would be Beyonce.

No kidding. Michelle likes the nice things, whether traveling to an exclusive resort in Spain, going on safari in South Africa, or adorning herself with thousands of dollars worth of outfits and accessories.

And of course, Beyonce likes things to be just right too. According to the The Telegraph of Australia, a leaked Beyonce tour rider describes some rather extraordinary and luxurious requirements for guaranteeing the star’s comfort and happiness:

Possibly the strangest request on the leaked rider is $900 worth of drinking straws for her dressing rooms.

“The Single Ladies singer forked out $900 for titanium straws, which will be used to drink a special alkaline water that’s served at exactly 21 degrees,” an insider tells The FIX.

According to the source, the 31-year-old also insists her crew, from drivers to set riggers, wear only 100 per cent pure cotton, presumably to save her from allergic reactions.

Bey also demands plain off-white walls in her dressing rooms, with a new toilet seat at every event, and will only use red toilet paper.

There’s also the hand-carved ice-ball to suck after every performance to cool her throat, along with the banning of junk food in favour of glass platters of almonds, oatcakes and green-only crudités.

Red toilet paper? Where do you even get that?

Looks like Beyonce – who has been treated by the Obamas to a tour of the Situation Room and given the honor of pretending to sing the national anthem at the president’s second inauguration – is trying to be down with Michelle’s Let’s Move healthy eating style. Except that she is selling Pepsi.

H/T to Laura Ingraham.

40 thoughts on “Michelle Idol Beyonce’s Diva Demands”

  1. I wonder how much red toilet paper the taxpayers have bought for those special times when Beyonce visits the WH, which is closed to the American people.

    1. The White House already likes to treat red states like toilet paper, so it should be a natural, with or without Beyonce. This may be a coded message to her fans on how to view conservatives — with a royal “flush”.

      BTW: all that redaction in the FOIA report about Bey’s “singing” at the inauguration may have been done with Obama “I” shadow.

  2. Seriously, what can you expect from two people who have more money than brains..or discipline..or class…or grace. These two are simply or simple charlatans and their actions prove it.

    1. I would like to see a list of MooMoo’s demands when she is touring. or vacationing. I thinks she has BeBe beaten by a mile in the number of assistants category.

  3. exactly 21 degrees,” an insider tells The FIX.

    Would this be, you know…ice? I know salt makes water freeze a little lower, but alkaline-ness?

      1. There is nothing worse than dealing with “Uppity” black women. They are the worst. Anyone in customer service anywhere will tell you that. Never piss off an “uppity” black woman.

  4. Toilet paper with dyes, scents, etc are the worse for men and women because of possible allergic reactions to that, uhm, area. Makes me itch just thinking about it.

    Titanium straws? Is that the latest trend in doing “lines” ?

    $9000 for booze for hubby ? What a good wife :D

    1. Wow.. Miriah Carey..J-Lo. What gives with all these Diva’s and their demands. Can you just imagine those 2 plus Beyonce and MO all in the same building at the same time. So many heads would be exploding it would be worth the back stage video. Of course MO would have a press blackout.

      Still what fun it would be to see that group together.. :-)

    1. I remember Van Halen used to put outrageous things (no brown m&m’s) in their rider to make sure the venue read them thoroughly, otherwise they’d be concerned about the safety requirements part of the contract.

      The Smoking Gun has a pretty benign Beyonce rider from 2011, but she’s so much bigger now, things could change ?

      1. If you were a wildly successful singer, what would your rider have in it? Would William Holden be there?


        Basil Hayden’s, chilled;

        sugar peas, steamed and drenched in real butter;

        brie with Carr’s Table Water Crackers and thinly sliced strawberries (ripened on the vine);

        fresh-baked loaves from France slathered with butter and garlic, and served with thin slices of red onion;

        Ethos water, served frozen in the bottles that I’ve had for between five and two years;

        Coca-Cola hecho en Mexico (no me gusta that high-fructose corn syrup shit);

        plain, ol’, white Scott tissue;

        a jar of Barielle;

        a jar of La Mer;

        white, cotton socks;

        and, a cashmere blanket.

        Oh, and served by George Clooney.

        (What? I dont’ wanna’ DEBATE him.)

  5. it all makes sense and the reason Obama has a problem crossing the “red” line – He doesn’t want to bump into Beyonce’s butt.

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  7. “…and will only use red toilet paper.”

    This IS puzzling, but here’s some food for thought…

    There was a Navy tradition of using a red toilet for the guys with raging social diseases in the pre-Penecillin days.

    Don’t know if it’s related. Just something to think about…

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