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Live Stream || Obama Announces Commerce Secretary, USTR

The announcement has concluded. President Obama nominated Penny Pritzker to be commerce secretary Michael Froman to serve as U.S. trade representative.

19 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Announces Commerce Secretary, USTR”

  1. “Thanks for all that cash you bundled for me, Penny. Anything else you’d like while I’m still in office?”

    – Barack Obama

    A note from my therapist: This is likely a real quote!

        1. yup.. she was the “organizer” on funding for his Hawaii house. Guess BO needed another member of the Chicago gang to help him run the country. She has financial issues though that may come back to bite her in the conformation hearings (but I am betting she will get the usual softball questions).

          1. “conformation hearings”…?
            We readers of WhiteHouseDossier can think of 100+ better questions to ask than those IDIOT ‘congressmen’

  2. A Chicago Billionaire, what could go wrong ?

    Pay to Play is alive and well in our White House. She was one of his “senior” economic advisors, how did that work out?

    1. Dear, dear Denise…….You doubt our Potentate? You question his motives? After all he has accomplished? Sigh………

      (Holy C#ap, girl, you’re RIGHT! )

  3. I don’t know about Froman, and I am kind of afraid to know, but Pritzker is just another in your face America nominee from the King. But in the end, since we have no commerce to speak of, what’s the harm in indulging the Democrat 1%…she and Mooch can shop.

  4. From Hyatt’s Wiki:

    On July 23, 2012, Unite Here, a multi-industry union,[25] called for a global boycott of Hyatt. The union, in combination with groups such as the National Football League Players Association, the National Organization of Women, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, among others, cited widespread labor abuses, calling Hyatt “the worst hotel employer in America”.[26] The company responded with a full page Washington Post ad, defending itself and accusing the union of “publicity stunts”.[27]


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