In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR



When the MS crowd thinks you and your presidency are looking rundown, you’ve got a problem.

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  1. “He wasn’t enjoying the presidency at all!”

    The presidency is not something to enjoy. It’s a job, a hard job.

          1. I try to find ways to mock him ’cause if I didn’t laugh, I’d cry. There was nothing to laugh about the morning after he won in 2008, though. I cried for quite some time. It was all I could do to get my son ready for, and then drive him to, school.

          2. For me, it was 2012, I’m still stunned Romney lost. Then I got busy. If you look at the national map of Congressional Districts R won over O, plus add the 2 Senate seats to the state winner of the popular vote, Romney would have won in a landslide.

            If the electoral votes were awarded by CD won, it would be a more fair outcome for the voters. Virginia tried to do this but it was shot down as “racist”. Go figure :(

          3. I took the day off after 2012 and jeopardized my job by challenging the Democrat bosses. just wait till Obamacare fully hits our premiums, they try to change our coverage and I say, “um, no, you told me specifically Obamacare wouldn’t affect us. healthcare is part of my compensation package.” what’s that mastercard tagline? oh, yeah, priceless.

    1. I am sure Keith didn’t mean to say that they actually “think”. Perish the thought … progressives “feel” their way through life – the very reason they’re blind to reality.

        1. Julie Brueckheimer

          Believe it or not, there was a time when GWB caused tingles up Tweety Bird’s leg. It was around the time of Mission Accomplished and Bush was wearing a flight suit.

  2. One day he’s hob-nobbing with the stars. Not long after, he’s surrounded by those pesky reporters.

    Let me whip out my violin.

  3. IMO;
    MrObama was briefed that the FBI was arresting more Muslim immigrants in the Boston bombing and the events surrounding the crime.
    MrObama was briefed that whistleblowers were going to tell everything they knew about the massacre in Bengazi resulting in the clearing of the “fog of war” to shine a light on the lies and coverup.
    MrObama was briefed that his gun control legislation is DOA with a DNR around it’s neck, and can’t be revived.
    MrObama was briefed that Syrian use of WMD’s will cause him great grief if he doesn’t do something, anything.
    MrObama was briefed that his immigration amnesty bill will be transformed into a special visa program for well-educated aliens willing to work in the tech industry but will have no provision for uneducated, illiterate third-world aliens looking for free food and healthcare.

    There’s not much that allowed MrO to be happy about except that a basketball player revealed that he is a homosexual, and that just about says a lot of this President.

    1. So, you believe those reports that this man is briefed and more over allows the content of the briefings to impact him? lol

      Good summary srdem65. Things aren’t looking good for the Annointed One. Beware of a temper tantrum.

      1. Darn tootin’ he’s being briefed on these things. It’s not too hard to imagine that when he replied to the “lost your juice” question that he might as well pack his bags and go home that he really feels that way in private.
        Unless the voters give him a Dem majority in Congress next year, he might as well start booking constant vacations and golf dates, because he will be less than the lame-duck he is now.

        1. Yes, I am sure he was told two of Suspect 2’s collitch buds, also from some lawless ‘stan, ran over to his room and tossed a bunch of stuff for him. The president, despite his casual nothing to see attitude and calls to BB players, did not divert our attention in time–and now we know.

        2. I agree with you that he gets briefed that he probably would like to pack his bags and get out of town. This is not going the way he thought it would. The adulation is dying down, criticism and problems are beginning to rear their ugly heads and it is getting harder and harder to tamp down.

          I don’t know this for a fact, but I suspect that his briefings are a combination of the facts and a dose of don’t worry about it boss , we got this. In a Chicago kind of way. I do not think that Barack Obama benefits from any kind of reality check from experienced professionals.

          It is unnatural to me that a President can make speeches and there are still the “we love you”, ‘I love you too” shout outs. That’s life blood to Barack Obama.

          And I do think Valerie Jarrett exercises undue policy influence and Eric Holder should be in jail.

  4. He looked lethargic and dissipated …probably due in large part to “self-medication”.

    The only thing he looks forward to is immigration? God help us all!

    1. Not Nabob the Knothead

      Remember his quote, ” I will not rest until we get all Americans back to work”. (date unknown)
      Gosh if I hadn’t slept in 3 or 4 years, I’d look lethargic too.

    1. Which reminds me about his observation that it’s not hist job to get Congress to “behave.” No, that would be a dad, not a coequal branch of govt.

      1. What CEO ever blames his staff for his company’s failure?

        Remember when Oprah was having “orgasms” over endorsing him in 2008? Not only did she lose half her viewers, but he wasn’t even qualified to run Harpo. Where is she now?

        1. When Oprah chose race over sex (Obama vs Clinton) her audience realized that it was all a lie; she wasn’t just like them all, she was first and foremost a Black woman.

          The Obamas kicked her under the bus as soon as she wasn’t useful anymore, and the shame for that is on them.
          She put her whole career on the line to support MrO. He won and she lost.

  5. The conference reminded me of the 2nd debate with Mitt Romney. Expect Obama to have even fewer news briefings.

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