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Style Icon? Michelle Gets Her Own App

A new app in the Apples iTunes store promises to keep you completely up to date on what First Lady Michelle Obama is wearing.

The App was created by Style Lister, which is hoping to follow up what it says is the success of a similar app it did for the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

From the description of the app, which is called “Michelle’s Style List”:

Here you’ll find the LISTS of The First Lady’s outfits, when she appears at various events, where possible – you’ll get the info!

Get the latest Press Association pictures and links to Mrs Obama’s clothes and accessories. You can also search by the latest appearance or by Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and bookmark individual articles to create your own favourites file!

Get Michelle’s Style List NOW and GET THE LOOK!

Michelle’s fashion choices are applauded by some and derided by others, who wonder about such things as where her sleeves are during the winter.

“It’s dreadful what she wears,” British designer Vivienne Westwood told the New York Times in April.¬†“I don’t want to talk about it. Really, I can’t. She’s a very nice looking lady, but it’s a non-starter regarding clothes that suit her.”

That didn’t stop NBC affiliates from recently running the “Michelle Obama Style Guide,” featuring 346 photos of the first lady in various outfits.

The app will set you back 99 cents.

257 thoughts on “Style Icon? Michelle Gets Her Own App”

  1. This is ridiculous! A fashion queen, she is NOT! She and her husband and wanna-be celebs and are leeching off of the US taxpayers while destroying this country and turning it into Europe. You can’t go anywhere and not see/hear/read about either or both of them. I’m sick of them both!

  2. I’m sorry but with her wide ass, her clothes look horrible. SHe can take a stunning outfit and make it look like a potato sack. Remember those pics of her walking up the steps next to the French First Lady? She looked like she was one of those Walmart photos. French FL looked trim and fit, and Michelle looked like Big Bad Bertha.

  3. I think I just puked in my mouth. REALLY?!?!
    They need to push
    – barack’s new cologne line: Arrogance.
    – michelle’s ‘Let them eat cake’ instant cake mix. All fluff… no substance… and 100% fake.

  4. I bet the low info voters, you know the ones on food stamps that all have iphones will have to buy it. Does the Apple Store take ebt cards?

  5. Please STOP wasting our time with NONSENSE articles about this extremely irrelevent individual. The majority of American’s would not even notice she was missing if she disappeared completely. As a matter of fact those that did notice would celebrate the fact that we don’t have to look at her incredibly ugly mug anymore. She is more useless and irrelevent than the kardashians, walking dead, & duck dynasty. brainless and trashy!!!!

  6. How can anyone, including a company out to make money, ever compare that racist black woman we have occupying our White House with her husband to the Duchess of Cambridge. The Duchess of Cambridge has more class in her middle finger than both Obama combined have together in their whole body. It’s like a little leaguer trying out for the major league of baseball.

  7. Dear God, If there ever comes a time in my life that I have nothing more worthwhile to do than keep track of Mrs. Obama’s sometimes questionable fashion choices, I humbly beseech thee to to quickly dispatch me to my final reward. Amen.

  8. Are you kidding me?!?!?!?! I would not pay even one cent for anything Obama related!!! They’d have to pay ME for dealing with their crap.

  9. This UNPROUD pig, sorry, single mother makes me puke!!! Are they so full of themseleve that they really think anyone wants a MooMoo app???????

  10. MO looks 50 trying to look 20 most of the time and with new hairstyle, she looks idiotic….it’s a no style…Oprah always looked so wonderful, everyday, with her hair and her clothes….maybe Oprah can give her some advice on clothing and hairstyle(s). Is there a problem with O not paying enough attention to M? Maybe he’s paying too much attention to CA’s AG Kamala Harris.

  11. islam is a vile and filthy death cult,the biggest lie of the modern era,or any other era is that islam is a religion of peace ,nothing could be further from the truth

  12. gotta love the bullshit line below his avatar ,because power requires accountablilty,two words, Bengazi—Boston,the petualnt man child in the white house is a bloody disgrace-fuck comrade obama

  13. Disgusting, racist bigotry from right-wing mouth breathers. How completely surprising! Never expected this.

      1. Shhhhhh…I know. Thinking is hard for troglodytes. Just keep saying “leftist logic” when you don’t understand something.

        1. Leftist logic is all about redistributing other people’s money with no accountability. Michelle is just the window dressing for Obama Chaos and Redistribution, Inc.

  14. The difference between the style of Michele Obama and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is that the latter has it.

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  16. You wonder how deep this young ladies depression will be when she is left with No spotlight. The Obama are perfect examples of this Nation sick need to be in the lime-light @ any COST.

  17. Fake hair; fake eyelashes; fake eyebrows; fake nails; gobs of makeup; nose reduction; makeup artists; weight containment contraptions; bad taste in clothing and people telling her what she wants to hear. All of this has been tried before with washed up Hollywood “stars.” It never turns out well.

  18. She’d be a lot more do-able if she’d get that under bite fixed. She looks like she could eat corn on the cob through a fence with her bottom teeth.

  19. Moochelle has her very own app? Does it turn the iphone camera into a wide angle lens? Or does it contain her hate filled rants? Oh wait… let me guess… a ghetto cook book filled with Kale recipes?

  20. She should be on a TV show like “what not to wear” or “how do I look” and let competent people tell her the truth about how she dresses.

    1. I actually nominated her for a makeover on the “What Not To Wear” website, about two years ago. Sadly, they completely ignored my idea.

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