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Obama Schedule || Thursday, May 2, 2013

10:45 am || Departs White House
2:15 pm || Arrives Mexico City
3:05 pm || Meets with Mexican President Peña Nieto; Palacio Nacional-Salon de Recepciones
4:10 pm || With Peña Nieto, holds a press conference; Palacio Nacional, Treasury Room
5:35 pm || Meets and greets with United States Embassy personnel; InterContinental Presidente Hotel, Mexico City
7:15 pm || With Peña Nieto, holds a working dinner

All times Eastern

31 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, May 2, 2013”

    1. Or bring home a bunch of deserving immigrants yearning for freedom and the civil right of American citizenship.

      I like your idea better than my fear.

  1. “holds a working dinner”????Give me a friggin break. The only thing Obama will say is “make sure all of your citizens know they can come to America and immediately get thousands of dollars a month from American suckers who work and pay taxes”.

    1. How many pesos can he collect for organización para la acción to support his campaign for transformational reform, which we now learn will eliminate many e-Verify restrictions and allow illegals to immediately collect benefits via their children?

      Conservatives were joking when they said Obama’s policies were “going south.” Now we’ll see a real comeuppance.

  2. I heard on the news tonight that he’s going to tell them to get their economies working so that their citizens don’t have to come here looking for jobs. I’m glad I wasn’t eating or drinking anything, it would have come out my nose. He did such a good job growing OUR economy, he’s going to tell them how to do the same thing? What a dolt!

    1. oh.. and to help you accomplish that Mexico, here is 2 Billion in extra dollars we have saved for rainy days just like this.

        1. I got that. I was trying to connect his drive to legalize these people with his intent to turn our nation into a Commie cesspool.

          1. I was joking about FCMABBHO! I’ve seen that “tweak” thing done all over the Internet, and had no intention of insulting you at all, Rick! I apologize.

  3. lets see how he will roll over and taslk about the rights of Illegals here and a working dinner what a joke this lazy bum is not my president ever from the WFA

  4. Today is the National Day of Prayer. I have not heard one word about this from the White House. We have heard about a gay basketball player, we have heard about Jay C and Beyonce’s Cuban trip. Now, on the day set aside as a National Day of Prayer, our loafer in chief is flying of to Mexico and Costa Rica. He couldn’t have stayed in Washington long enough today to honor this special day?

  5. Read that his trip to Mexico last May cost the taxpayers about 2.5 million for a two night stay.Wonder what it will cost this time? Pray for this once great country on national prayer day and everyday,it’s going down fast.

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