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The Obama Morning News || May 1, 2013

The president defends his relevancy . . . National Journal
Obama vows new effort to close Gitmo
. . . Washington Post
Were Benghazi survivors silenced? . . . Fox News
Claim: military could have responded to Benghazi . . . Fox News
Obama “not familiar” with intimidation. . . Washington Times
U.S. has way more gas and oil than thought . . . National Journal
Obama chooses big fundraiser for FCC . . . Politico
Botched Obamacare rollout tops Dem 2014 fears . . . The Hill

21 Responses to The Obama Morning News || May 1, 2013

  1. I can understand why this President holds so few press briefings. He appeared unprepared and uncertain, kind of like the second debate with Mitt Romney. This President is more comfortable discussing celebrity issues like JZ, the Kardasians and gay basketball stars comming out.

    • When I first heard he was having a press conference yesterday, figured he would take the opportunity to congratulate that BB player who came out of the closet. He didn’t disappoint. Didn’t watch the press conference, but from all reports homosexuality was the only subject he was animated about. He does seem to be more comfortable in his role as celebrity in chief rather than commander in chief.

  2. In other news – desperate migrants, mostly from Honduras, Guatamala and Nicaragua, risk violent attack, rape and kidnapping to ride on Death Train to Mexico so that they can climb on Gravy Train in U.S. A nightmare of epic proportions for the USA and the coming Obama amnesty! Why is this not reported by the U.S. media???

  3. Its OT a bit but I thought we could use some cheering up from Allen West’s Facebook page.

    Allen West
    This week NBA player Jason Collins announced he was gay. He was showered with praise, calls from high level officials, including presidents, and bestowed the coveted title of hero. However at Ft Campbell KY on Monday, SFC Greg Robinson, 34, became the first amputee to complete the grueling 10 day Air Assault School. SFC Robinson lost his leg in Afghanistan in 2006. I am an Air Assault School grad and can attest to its rigor. During the course, SFC Robinson’s prosthetic leg broke several times, and the standards were never lowered. Did SFC Robinson make magazine covers or get national praise? Nah, true American heroes don’t need praise, they just serve and protect us. Air Assault!
    Army amputee graduates from air assault school at Fort Campbell

    • Thank you, Rick. The current WH occupant wouldn’t know courage if it jumped up and bit him in the hiney. SFC Greg Robinson IS the epitome of a courageous American patriot.