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Another Miserable Jobs Report: Bush Clearly to Blame

Private businesses added just 119,000 jobs last month, not nearly the 150,000 or so needed to keep pace with the growth in population of able bodied workers. Coming on the heels of the determination by the Commerce Department that GDP expanded just 2.5 percent the first quarter, it’s the latest signal that the economy is entering its usual Obama Spring Stall, to be followed by the annual Imaginary Summer of Recovery.

Geoge HW Bush Obama
Stop blaming my kid

The Wall Street Journal reported that the ADP jobs report, seen as a reliable precursor to the Labor Department report – which will be out Friday – had been expected to show an increase of 155,000 jobs. And remember, this is just the private sector – government jobs, which are not covered by this report but will be in the Friday numbers, have been declining.

Meanwhile, WSJ said, other reports showed the “manufacturing sector remained barely in expansion territory” and that “March construction spending declined 1.7% from February, on expectations of a 0.7% increase.”

In an interview this morning, a senior White House official said there was little doubt George W. Bush was to blame:

Look, he reappeared last week at his library, and the jobs picture worsens. You think that’s a coincidence? Employers just took one look at his face and started firing people.

Really, I asked?

Of course. I think it’s fair to also blame the NRA, people who read the bible, and the abdication of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. I mean, is her son Willem-Alexander really prepared to pretend to rule such an insignificant country? I think employers are watching this.

What about President Obama?

I think the president is doing tremendous things, even though he has spent most of this week trying to figure out what he meant by a “red line” in Syria. But of course jobs losses are not his fault. In fact, he just hired a third person to look after Bo, and a court jester to amuse him at lunchtime. The president cares deeply.

Okay, the conversation with a senior White House official never happened. I know you realize that, but I have to say these things or the interview soon will be featured around the Internet.

But the jobs figure is real. Real bad.

26 thoughts on “Another Miserable Jobs Report: Bush Clearly to Blame”

  1. I hate to be the barer of bad news, but is there any instance…ANY, that this country is going in the right direction?
    Healthcare? Economy? Future Economy? Spending? Defense? Immigration? Education? Foreign Policy? Taxes? Income?

    Seriously…I need something today. Is it just me who is outraged and upset.

    And it’s not like I can say, “Well the conservatives in Congress are trying to right the ship.”, because I can’t say that with a straight face.

    1. It sure seems we’re internally imploding. I can’t find any good news, oh look a shiny new fashion app for Michelle !

      I’m equally frustrated with both political parties and the media. Oh look, a shiny NBA gay guy !

    2. Hopefully, it means we’re going Republican, but that’s a year and a half out. BTW, on another good note, NRO has an article on the possibility of Ted Cruz running in 2016.

      1. Julie, I am just so skeptical about the Republicans.
        Even former favs like Rubio, Rand and Ryan have disappointed me in terms of Immigration and Budgets and trying to unfund Obamacare.

        1. Rubio has certainly disappointed. He started out a ‘Tea Party’ candidate but has been co-opted by the RINOs (McCain, Graham) and led down the primrose path by the DINO Schumer. Politics are so devious that I wouldn’t doubt the Democrats knew they were eliminating him from 2016 by embroiling him in their immigration plan. But I’m not offering excuses for him: c’est la vie.

          I haven’t given up on Rand and Ryan yet. Ryan said, of immigration, that the House would take its sweet a$$ time and do it right. Cruz is my favorite, and I really think he’s qualified by education and experience. He knows the Constitution, unlike the famous Constitutional lawyer in the WH, and clerked for Chief Justice Renquist.

        2. Sorry to be so gabby, but as for Obamacare, my personal feeling is that the Republicans should keep it around until 2014. It will be the biggest issue for them.

          1. No it’s ok. Sadie, just reminded me to add Toomey to the list of disappointments.

            But I don’t care if it’s an issue. It’s evil and its wrong.
            and if it’s around still in 2014 then it’s here forever. it has to be suffocated…


      1. I wasn’t a bit pleased to read that Toomey started finger-waving following the background check debate.

        “In the end it didn’t pass because we’re so politicized. There were some on my side who did not want to be seen helping the president do something he wanted to get done, just because the president wanted to do it,” Toomey admitted on Tuesday in an interview with Digital First Media editors in the offices of the Times Herald newspaper in Norristown, Pa.

        The Times Herald noted that in “subsequent comments,” Toomey “tried to walk that remark part-way back by noting he meant to say Republicans across the nation in general, not just those in the Senate.”

    3. Scottso, go take a look at the one and only review for the Moche-hell app. It WILL make you feel better.

    1. Bouncin’ along the bottom. Yeah, I’m a Real estate investor now with 75 rental properties.Been buyin’ renovatin’ and rentin’ for 5 years now. Positive cash flow with 5 employees now but I hate being a landlord. Been thinkin’ the market would turn for 4 years but just see minor ups and downs. Nothing really on the horizon. I could have invested in the Bernacki pumped stock market and made more money.

  2. If only Beatrix, like Obama, was a potter…there could have been some real activity in a white house garden. And Obama would likely smile at the thought of the original Potter, who unlike Obama, was unable to collect all the rightful royalties on her book. Because in the world outside of Obamaville, “sometimes you’ve made enough money”.

  3. AP headline from yesterday…

    “Brighter view on jobs and pay lifts US confidence”

    Everything’s wonderful in the Bizarro World.

  4. Obama and the leftist liberal Dems have failed the country and people (not the Obamobots) are beginning to notice, despite all the shiny objects. Perhaps there is a crack. We’ll see how the Republicans and the Conservatives handle it. Seizing the opportunity does not seem to be in their wheelhouse.

    Drudge has a nice splash about the economy and jobs. And more and more information is coming out about Benghazi, and the Boston terrorist bombers, and the bouncing Syrian redline. And domestically immigration and Obamacare are in the news and not looking good.

    If Obama continues using the sequester as his personal hammer against the people with cutbacks in things like national parks, fleet week, etc. and gas prices rise as they usually do in the summer the mood of the people could sour. And, of course, the Obamas will be vacationing this summer at Martha’s Vineyard. That should play well.

    Illegitimi non carborundum.

  5. Fear, fear of the government, fear of what they want to do to us next is keeping the economy and the public at a dismal place.

  6. With all due apologies to Monty Python:

    He’s the president and he’s okay
    He sleeps all night and he golfs all day…

    And now that I’ve gotten that tune in your heads, folks, let’s see who can come up with three good verses. Have fun!

    1. I can’t think of anything better than these original verses:

      “I cut down trees, I skip and jump
      I like to press wild flow’rs
      I put on women’s clothing
      And hang around in bars…

      I cut down trees, I wear high heels
      Suspendies and a bra
      I wish I’d been a girlie
      Just like my dear papa….”

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