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Video || Obama Press Conference – April 30, 2013

Here’s the whole thing, in case you missed it and want to see it. I realize the latter may not necessarily follow the former. But here you go.

11 thoughts on “Video || Obama Press Conference – April 30, 2013”

  1. Anybody know just how late he was and what his first words were? A local radio announcer commented that he started half an hour late while causing the press to sit on their hands. (This same announcer a couple of weeks back said that the chances of Obama being on time that day were equal to his turning into Rex the Wonder Horse — a 1920’s movie star if you have Netflix. That day, Obama was actually on time).

    1. Not worth watching bec he doesn’t mean it, but I heard he said he might as well pack up and leave. Did he think everyone would jump up and stop him?

  2. KK, maybe you remember but recently JCarney responded to something most people thought noteworthy and the response was “the pres. has bigger things to do.” Yet President JZWannaB took time to personally call a 34 yr. old journey-man nba free-agent (that’s fancy term for unemployed) because he came out of a closet.

  3. This man is indeed a socialist. He states a poll done by some international agency showing that the US does not have any good airports which would rank in the top 25 international airports? What? Then blames Congress for not raising taxes to spare sequester and damage to the FAA. We are becoming a dumbed down third world nation.

  4. At 11:30 he refers to the Boston Terrorist attack as a “crime”. A connection with a Canadian Jihadist has now been established, so stop calling this a crime. This man is driving me crazy. After 11:30 he mentions measures to combat home grown attacks as though the Boston attack was something other than terrorism. Who is this freak!

  5. Once is enough, thanks anyway.

    “out of juice”, oh what a delicious phrase that stung the President. Thin-skinned as ever, he suggests he’ll pack his bags and go home.

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