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The Obama Morning News || April 30, 2013

Obama’s waning war on political cash . . . Washington Post
Lawyer: Benghazi whistle blowers threatened . . . Fox News
Obama relationship with GOP leaders at new low . . . The Hill
Obama’s budget puts House Dems in a bind . . . Politico
Obama’s window of opportunity closing . . . Examiner
Christie: Obama delivered on Sandy . . . Politico
Sequester to close parts of Smithsonian . . . Washington Post
Obamacare foes checking for “rate shock” . . . Washington Times
Obama’s new Transportation secretary . . . National Journal
Obama phones Collins to express support . . . Yahoo! News

45 Responses to The Obama Morning News || April 30, 2013

  1. Lawyer: Benghazi whistle blowers threatened .

    “So if you have additional questions or you think there’s some document that somehow you need, I’ll work with you to try to get it and see if we can provide that to you,” Kerry told committee Chairman Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif., on April 17. But Kerry added: “I do not want to spend the next year coming up here talking about Benghazi.”

    The depth of this asshole’s arrogance is astounding. Guess what, Lurch? It’s not about what you want; it’s about the accountability of your boss to the American people.

    • ‘But Kerry added: “I do not want to spend the next year coming up here talking about Benghazi.”’

      Well, maybe if we EVER got an answer beyond,

      “Well, there was this Islamophobe video that’d been around for awhile that was suddenly noticed, and it was a TOTAL coincidence that it everyone got their disdashas in a wad on September 11th, and you’re some kind of racist for asking why an Ambassador and three other heroes were… LOOK! SQUIRREL!”,

      we wouldn’t HAVE to keep asking the same questions…

    • he’s just trying to continue the Benghazi Two Step.. Right now State Dept is taking heat for past and current “issues” and it’s making SOS very uncomfy. Well guess what, you wanted the job, welcome to the jungle.

        • “How long can a president stiff-arm Congress?” – Mandy Manners

          Well, since it’s just over half of one house of Congress that MIGHT even question him; since the judiciary is nearly as much a subsidiary of The White House as is the press; and since some of those that are SUPPOSED to question him are RINO turncoats more interested in scrapping within their own party for scraps from Obama’s table than they are in actually representing the 47% of the electorate they are MEANT to be representing; then the answer would be…

          QUITE a while, or at least until the end of The United States as a democracy as opposed to a dictatorship, which may be sometime around 2014…

          Whichever comes first.

          After all, how long was Adolph able to “stiff arm” the Reichstag in the ’40’s? How’d that end up, anyway?

          • After all, how long was Adolph able to “stiff arm” the Reichstag in the ’40′s? How’d that end up, anyway?


            A little voice inside of me whispers “It can’t happen here”.

            Wishful thinking.

    • I’m glad Victoria Toensing is representing one of the whistleblowers. She called out the famous US Attorney in Chicago for his infamously prejudicial indictment of Blagojevich. Not that I have any sympathy for him, but it caused Fitzgerald to have to go through a second costly trial to convict the governor. She doesn’t pull any punches.

  2. Why does POTUS have the time to chat up “The First Pro Athlete to Come Out!”? Besides, I thought Martina N. was the first “Pro” to come out. Granted, she was not in a locker room with a team setting but…….Why is this important enough for Presidential focus other than to distract us from things like the economy, Benghazi, etc?

    LIZZY! Let me borrow some duct tape! I feel the cranial pressure building!

    • The magistrate just okayed one of the top ‘elite’ death penalty defenders in the country who will be paid by the taxpayers, and, in additional good news, they are already working out an exchange of his telling all to avoid the death penalty, something the FBI was on track of obtaining until said same magistrate preemptively Mirandized the suspect.

    • Ed Henry Fox first — redline and Benghazi survivors testify?

      Syria — lots of words, words, words,…Assad mucho bad guy who must step down….in pursuit of this we have worked with everybody…whole host of things we have done…but on chemical weapons…game changer for US and international community…a position not unique to the US…we know they are there…but we don’t have chain of custody on chemical weapons….blah blah blah…if we don’t have the facts we can’t mobilize the

      • Oh my God … his answer is I am not going to do anything…rnot without being able to blame someone else like the international community. Pathetic!

        “Unaware” of Benghzi survivors being blocked. Will look into it.

        Boston terrorists referred to as “perpetrators” , “tragedy”, “event”. Pathetic. And even more pathetic– because of the pressure we have put on AQ– one of the dangers we now face are self radicalized individuals…

        So we will be looking inside the US….in accordance with “our laws”.

        I can’t do this. I just went in to finish up where I cut myself off. This is just pathetic. We are now working with the Russians on counter terrorism.

        What a light weight.

        • On Syria – I said last week he would shift the work to someone else – the UN. And when it fails he would have some one else to blame. The UN might take a yr or two to do something, and if anything all they may do is condem it.

          BINGO.. he did it again.

        • Yes remember flexible Gumby well there he is so flexible he can lie about everything as easy as breathing. Well now we
          are talking sequester so guess the hard part is over and we
          can rest assured we are true and deeply screwed.
          As long as we have no media to hold his feet to the fire and let
          him lie and refuse to answer this country and all of us in it are
          not safe. Fox aired an update on the American Christian being
          held in Iran getting no help. She said the bomber had a raft
          of free lawyers and Holders folks protecting his rights. Where
          she said are they for her husband an American Christian held
          captive who will care for him? Anyone ever?

        • The ‘lightweight’ knows what he’s doing. Calling a terrorist act and a crime a tragedy instead. Calling terrorists perpetrators instead. Think back to his speech before PP a week ago where he used all sorts of euphemisms for the word abortion.

          The one that takes the cake, however, is ‘the new normal’. I’m not sure it was Obama or someone else. Someone has given sudden blessing to many things we abhorred only a few years ago.

          • Thanks Julie. Lightweight in American presidential qualities and capabilities. Lightweight in leadership.

            Treachery is a whole other vocabulary. And the left relentlessly pushes the new world order through new word salad to control the masses. Obama excels at this.

      • Maybe he’s switching from Red to Blue Line (like on a hockey rink), but I think it’s not fwd toward the opponents goal but behind the current mid line. He’s not a big fan of red anyway ;-)

        Gotta love BO and his National Security team. They’re #2 lol

          • He has to blame someone Grace. Bush is only one space on the “Dartboard of Blame” now. He will never ever own up to being the author and later cause of Sequester.

            He’s still pissed about Congress telling him to put FAA controllers back to work.

          • Well, it’s my fault. I broke my own rule — never listen to him speak. I can read a lie. I can’t stand to hear one. Or so many in progression.

          • Yes, it is. As is CC which I use all the time.

            Come on guys, I thought I’d give it a shot — it was Ed Henry. Up First!

            I was expanding my horizons, being open, trying to hear the magic of the words from the Annointed One.

            I wanted to believe in the transformation.

            This is so all on me.

          • I was expanding my horizons, being open, trying to hear the magic of the words from the Annointed One.


            Might help if you started smoking pot first.

  3. Just checked the Examiner article. (Ed Doerr’s misguided comments are either hilarious or infuriating, but they’re as wide of the mark as ever.)

    The only hope Sir Golfsalot has at this point is winning back the House in the mid-terms. Sure…good luck with that. The only president in the past century who picked up seats in his second midterm was Bill Clinton, and all he got was 5 seats back from the 54 he lost in the ’94 elections.

    Wilson lost seats in his second mid-term. FDR lost seats in his second and THIRD mid-terms. RONALD REAGAN lost seats in his second mid-term. Ike, Truman, Dubya…all of them lost seats in their second mid-terms. The president’s party usually loses, on average, 30 seats in the House.

    If Obeyme sincerely believes he’s got a shot at flipping the House–which would require THE BIGGEST MID-TERM WIN IN AMERICAN HISTORY–then he’s so out of touch with reality that he needs to be declared mentally unfit for office.