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Michelle Prompting Spike in “Arm Lift” Plastic Surgeries

The famously toned – and frequently bared – arms of First Lady Michelle Obama are sending women in droves to the offices of plastic surgeons demanding that their sagging, flabby arms be remodeled into sculpted treasures.

Michelle's armAccording to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of women getting upper arms lifts – whether through liposuction or surgery – rose astonishingly from 338 in the year 2000 to more than 15,000 last year, a jump of more than 4,000 percent. And a distinct portion of the increase can be attributed to Michelle.

“Women have probably been affected, in terms the beauty or aesthetics of the arms, as much by our first lady, Michelle Obama, as anyone else,” said Dr. David Reath, an official with the ASPS. “This does get women thinking about, how can I improve my arms, how can I look like the first lady.”

In a survey conducted for the ASPS, 31 percent of women polled said they would most like to have arms like Mrs. Obama. According to the poll, women find Michelle’s arms the best ones on view, followed closely those of Jennifer Aniston. Actresses Jessica Biel and Demi Moore and daytime TV talk show host Kelly Ripa also got votes for their toned arms.

95 thoughts on “Michelle Prompting Spike in “Arm Lift” Plastic Surgeries”

  1. No wonder we have the issues in this nation that we do.

    When the populace is more concerned about the tone of the First Lady’s arms than they are about the number of critical issues we face, it’s no wonder we are where we are.

    Unemployment? Drop in earnings? Drop in participation rate? Increase in food stamp and disability claims? GDP? Rising healthcare costs and insurance premiums? Drone usage on civilians? Terrorists? Erosion of freedom? Benghazi? Syria? Iran? North Korea?…….the list goes on.

    Nope….none of the above. But hey, Michelle’s arms look good so I want me some too. Geez.

    1. Dances, many beauticians are taking classes at dog kennel groomers so they can develop new techniques to handle the expected onslaught of sheepdog bangs on their clientele.

  2. *Shrug* I don’t even know what to say anymore. This administration has worn me out.

    I could try to make some comment about the focus on Michelle’s arms rather than the arms we’re sending to Syria and Egypt, but, as I say, I’m tired.

    1. Yes bet they rushed out to get rights to the ‘ Michelle Arm Perfection’ surgery the first of many. You know that ‘single Mom’
      has to have some money of her own poor dear:-(

  3. Is this some new thing with the kids, that it’s somehow attractive if a woman looks like she could dislocate Popeye’s shoulder in an arm-wrestling match?

    Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but in MY day, women were supposed to look…not manly?

    Or maybe it’s Moochie actually LIKES Hopey, and she thinks bulking up the biceps will make her feel more like his bathouse buddies in bed…

  4. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to look like Me-Chelle, in any way, shape or form. She is huge, masculine and hideous.

  5. Oh, come on! You have got to be kidding!

    I lost quite a bit of weight in the past year. In spite of vigorous exercise, I have very flabby upper arms. I’ve seriously considered getting plastic surgery to remove the excess skin. Now I won’t. Geez.

    I don’t want to be seen as a MO follower.

    1. Sad to say, Robin but its true. What we are seeing is the start of the Post Presidential Obama Business Plan called ” ‘bams” A line of clothing will follow but for now they are starting with the physical changes their plastic surgeon and/or diet friends can help with. Some products not mentioned yet today (at least in trademark terms):

      Mooch Butt
      Moo Gams
      Bam Ears
      O’Butt (Much smaller butt for their male friends)
      ‘chelle Bangs

      Get ready….. :>)

      1. It just ocurred to me that a lot of this type of surgery might come from the aging Baby Boomers. For most women who don’t pump iron every day, sagging arms is a consequence of growing old.

        1. We used to grow old with dignity, now we fight it tooth and nail and yet we still lose in the end. What a waste of money and anxiety.

          1. Eh, it’s their money.

            What we’re seeing is the power of the Boomers. Without the Boomers, would we have Viagra and other new medicines that lower cholesterol, treat diabetes and the like?

  6. I can’t believe women want to look line linebackers. All those “perfect” body parts ladies want to have are the results of disciplined workouts, which most of those younger celebrities are famous for.

  7. What a crock. The uptick in upper arm surgery has more to do with the current fashion of sleeveless garments than any slavish attempt to resemble Michelle Obama.

    The whole “toned arm” schtick was started by Obama adorers in the MSM who couldn’t find a single positive thing to say about his wife other than she had upper arms that weren’t flabby.

    There she was, the first disbarred attorney to be be called First Lady, one who has no public accomplishments to her credit, no discernable talents, isn’t all that intelligent, a poor public speaker, and is cursed with a slightly deformed jaw and a unfortunate physique that has never been considered stylish.
    All that was left for them to tout were her upper arms. It couldn’t be her whole arm, because her forearms are under-developed. They tried mightedly to pin a “best-dressed” label on what were some of the most clownish, ill-fitting, and least appropriate emsembles ever worn by a First Lady, but in the end, that schtick didn’t hold up either.

    Don’t get me wrong, the First Lady doesn’t have to “be” anything, or be a beautiful, well dressed and accomplished woman. All we expect from the President’s wife is that she act with decorum, dress in a conservative and appropriate manner, and follow established protocols.

    1. You might be onto something.

      Despite my occasional snide and catty comments about her butt, Michelle appears to be in good shape. She cannot help it that she has a large frame.

      So, maybe I should stop with the quips about her butt.



        1. Shy about herself she’s not. So by advertising herself as the
          new Jackie she invites what she gets especially since we’re
          most likely paying for the $700 Boob belts etc.

        2. Don’t first ladies have shticks? I can’t remember any other than Reagan’s anti-drug cause, and Bush’s pro-reading cause.

          I don’t mind these roles. What I cannot stomach is her style, her lecturing the rest of us about what to eat.

          1. I think Laura Bush was also an advocate for women in Afghanistan in trying to stop all the icky things being done to them. She’s a librarian, so reading was a natural pet project of hers too.

          2. I’ve not heard much about the plight of women in Afghanistan since FCMABBHO took over. It reminds me of how homelessness is always a big problem for Republicans, but seems to disappear once a Prog is in the White House.

      1. “So, maybe I should stop with the quips about her butt.” – Mandy Manners

        I don’t know, it’s a pretty big subject to avoid…kind of the “elephant in the room”, as it were, or at least the “junk” in the elephant’s “trunk”…the mere vibrations of Moochie’s undulating hinder parts during her exercise routine needs to be posted every time they take a taxpayer-funded ski junket, lest the very slopes come down on the unwary…The Secret Service has to post extra personnel in front and – uh -“behind”, because of the obstructed view front to back…

        In other words, you can try. Whether you suceed is another matter.

    2. srdem65:

      Please, a little help here. As you seem to be quite well informed, I will ask you the same question I have asked on numerous other sites — to date without a response.

      How is Michelle a disbarred attorney? This claim has floated for years, yet the Illinois Bar says her licensed is voluntarily inactive — as is Barack’s. What evidence do you have to the contrary?

      1. The Volokh Conspiracy:

        5. It then says, “Michelle Obama ‘voluntarily surrendered’ her law license in 1993.” Again, I’m not sure what the quotes mean, but the bar record says that she is “Voluntarily inactive.” This is even more common for lawyers who don’t need a bar card, such as many lawyers who don’t appear in court or counsel clients other than employer. Being an active status lawyer costs more money (see Rule 756) than being inactive, and it requires one to do Continuing Legal Education classes (Rule 790), unless one is in certain jobs for which the CLE requirements are waived). The difference in bar fees, for instance, is why I myself was inactive in 2001. Moreover, it’s pretty easy to switch back to active status should one need to do that (as I did in early 2002); again, in Illinois, see Rule 756.

        1. Mandy:

          Thanks for an excellent linked explanation. One quote jumped out at me: “a mixture of error, unsupported rumor and speculation, linguistic gamesmanship, and innuendo suggesting some malfeasance in what is actually perfectly normal behavior”. While these words were addressing the “disbarred” claims, they also go a long ways towards defining the Obama campaign machine.

      2. Circumstantial evidence.
        Both Obamas had an excellent law school education, graduated, then passed the bar exam to become licensed to practice law. At some point, for reasons unknown, they both decided NOT to use their specialized education and law degrees as they pursued a life in public service, but to officially relinquish their licenses. Around that same time, MrsObama’s brother relinquished his lucrative stock broker’s license that was the goal of his college education to become a basketball coach at a state college.
        A competent prosecutor could convince a jury that the Obamas and MrRobinson were offered a plea agreement to avoid legal woes if they all gave up their licenses in their respective fields.

        IMHO, anyway.

        1. srdem65:

          I wasn’t aware of Mr. Robinson’s evolution, and Michelle going inactive years before Barack (during his Presidential run) does raise more questions. The biggest being: is there any hard evidence?

          1. Most interesting is the timing. MO surrendered her license only 3 years after she received it, and 7 years before the birth of her first child. Why would anyone, especially an affirmative action student, spend all of that time and investment becoming a lawyer only to give it all up 3 years later? Doesn’t make sense.

          2. I sense a potential Pulitzer-winning investigation here.

            Oh, wait, it seems that would only work if the subjects were conservative. I don’t suppose Eugene Robinson would like to take a crack at this one….

          3. Wiki details a lot of links, beginning when Rezko’s company offered Barack a job while he was still at Harvard in 1990. Obama instead went to work for a law firm that represented Rezmar and helped get them $43 Million in government funding. Money from Rezko’s companies were among the very first contributions to Obama’s political career, with a lot of money to follow.

            As with Rev. Wright, the stench from Rezko seems to have been “evolved” right off of “The Won”.

        2. Rumor had it that her surrender of her license had something to do with insurance fraud. She surrendered it to keep from being disbarred. At least, that’s what people in Chicago were saying around the time of the first campaign.

  8. Michelle Obama Upper Arm Plastic Surgery Special at your local Obamacare Provider. And I am sure there are many out there who think this will be free.

      1. Is it a coincidence that those who want to emulate michelle are the same people who seem to have way to much money and time on their hands? Personally, I don’t know anyone either but apparently, they’re out there.

    1. omg, my head’s going to explode. Doesn’t that man know it’s bad manners to put his feet on the furniture? Our furniture!!! ARRGH!

      1. I agree AZ but I think every President from Kennedy on has had at least 1 pic published with their feet up on the Resolute Desk. Some in socks, some in shoes. Kills me though.

  9. Keith, I think when you posted this article about Mooch’s arms, you detracted from the report below about Benghazi whistleblowers being intimidated.
    That issue should be front and center, IMO.

  10. I hate to break it to Michelle–but the other day I saw the beginnings of Mermans–that’s what we call the flapping fat underneath–picture Ethel Merman, arms out, sining there’s NO business like SHOW business–jiggle jiggle. Sleeves can be your friend–the leotard look is not a DC look or a 50-something look–though living in the desert, I must affect it sometimes bec of the heat.

  11. “Dr. David Reath, an official with the ASPS. “This does get women thinking about, how can I improve my arms, how can I look like the first lady.”

    I can think of several females I wouldn’t mind looking like. MooChow Obama is NOT one of them.

    It must be a v. slow newsday indeed.

    1. More than likely.

      Additionally, you stand a pretty good chance of approval for disability. Flabby arms limit what one can do physically and all.

  12. There must be a huge pay-back coming Dr. Reath’s way. Will Obama create a new Cabinet post for him? Dept. of Arm Lifts?
    If there really are silly women out there who want to look like MO, they need a psychiatrist, not a plastic surgeon.

  13. if all women had access to personal trainers, private chefs, hairstylists, fashion advisors, gifts from designers, free everything — did not work, not even caring for own children, using secret service as babysitters to send children away — then perhaps — all women could have those arms. Not to mention all the freebies in wigs, make up, clothes, dental work , plastic surgery, etc.

    impress me, she doesn’t

  14. One thing I’d like is a knee-lift.

    I don’t recall the title, but in one Poirot mystery, he revealed that one of the women was lying about her age. How did he know? Her knees.

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  16. I am 60 years old. Have a farm with horses, dogs, cats, etc. I can carry 2 – 50# bags of feed into the barn everyday. I have real arms.. when Mochelle gets to be my age she will be all flab and the badonkadonk will be down by her knees. I earned my 60 yr. old arms !! She’s never done a darn thing except vacation, have a trainer, have 60+ aides and secretaries. Remember Laura Bush and her 2 ladies her helped her, also Barbara Bush. They were real ladies.

  17. Full disclosure: I got a breast reduction, and adipose addition to my butt and thighs. Now with my perfectly toned arms and a fresh wig with bangs I too can look like Moo.

  18. Wow! I can’t believe the content and the tone of the responses. As representtives of the WHD community, you guys make me . . .

    . . . feel so very, very proud. I laughed so hard, Barq’s root beer burned coming out of my nose (note to self: don’t drink and read WHD replied – and don’t eat carrots either). Top honor goes to catty MANDY MANNERS who was on FIRE!

    1. Why, thank you, WNY_ROC!

      I have a bias here.

      I float between a 2P and 6P. I’m a former cheerleader and majorette.

      I’m the same height as my sister.

      She’s a solid 12P. She can knock anything thrown to her over the fence.

      The difference? She has a bigger frame than mine.

      That’s the very core of this topic: Michelle Obama is a big woman. She’s not fat. She’s just big.

      And, that’s OKAY!

      Women of all sizes are great! I love the Dove campaign!

      (Now, going personal, I’m wondering if Michelle is trying to combat the shit she faced as a big girl when she was growing up.)

      I don’t always like her style, but Michelle Obama is a mighty-fine-looking woman in my book.

      But, she’s a freakin’ Commie who is using her position to further the Gramscian goal of destroying this nation.

  19. Not Nabob the Knothead

    Bunch of suckasses is what we call people round here who think the Mooch is fab. Honestly, I am not impressed by her looks. And yes I am a racist according to Democrats, being I didn’t vote for his highness.

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