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Video || WH Correspondents’ Dinner Red Carpet

Here’s a time lapse of the stars making their grand entrances.

Once, during the Clinton administration, I was at one of the dinner and Sharon Stone sashayed in as photographers clicked and attendees began to coo.

And just as she began to pose, everybody starting booing. It was hilarious to watch her visage of rapturous conceit collapse into a frown of stunned concern.

What she didn’t realize – and maybe never realized, was at that very moment Clinton accusseur Paula Jones – of course detested by the Washington crowd – suddenly descended an escalator just behind Stone. The catcalls were for Paula, but it sure ruined Sharon’s Washington moment.

Notice the rabid photographers. Not sure if I’ve mentioned it on the blog before, but there’s nothing more dangerous for a print reporter than to get in the way of one of the “photogs” when whatever they need to photograph has suddenly materialized.

H/T Politico.

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    1. No worries. It’s not the Obama administration said “Let Them Eat Cake” or anything…

      U.S. President Barack Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama, have a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ attitude toward the citizenry of America.

      They use tax dollars to fund a lifestyle worthy of the wealthy 1%, yet they preach a redistributionist view of America that makes the far left Occupy Wall Street mob proud. The laundry list of activities where the President and First Lady have taken actions inconsistent with what the are preaching to America is long.

      Remember, leadership by example is very important for American politicians. This leadership quality seems lacking with President Obama.

      The President lives a lavish lifestyle and loves his expensive luxury vacations, at a time while Americans are hurting. He is frequently seen eating burgers and fatty foods while in public at a time that the First Lady is promoting healthy eating by others.

      This Administration seems to have a “Let Them Eat Cake – but make it a Diet Low Carb Cake” mentality.”–make-diet-low-carb-cake-mentality.html

      Eh, what do the Brits know about spoiled royalty, anyway? Oh…

      Seriously, I do wonder if the French Revolution would have been delayed or cancelled if the sans-culottes were more concerned that Louis XVIII had a similar skin tone as them than they were anything he did TO them as King; and would it have improved the FIrst Estate’s ability to calm the storm if they had used crippling taxes on Parisian merchants to distribute “free” carrier pigeons to “his” hoi-polloi?

      Just curious…

      1. “Eh, what do the Brits know about spoiled royalty, anyway? Oh…” — I think people who were born into privilege may sometimes be less spoiled in their attitudes than people who were vaulted into privilege by the pop culture’s bad taste and poor choices. At least, some members of the British royal family seem to understand that they’re more lucky than good, and that they have a responsibility to merit their privilege after the fact. Can’t say the same about the narcissists in the White House.

        1. You make a valid point, Radegunda! “Post Turtle” Obama may indeed enjoy and, paradoxically, have inferiority feelings from, his sudden, totally unmerited rise to fame and fourtune than one who was “born” to it may otherwise have been. Diana Spencer may make the British point for what happens when someone is lifted to the bright life unexpectedly, however…

          Be that as it may, disproportinate accolades and weath are something that commonly drives celebreties and musicians to sudden fits of damaging nobility as well. Laura Ingram did some work on this in “Shut Up and Sing” that may well illuminate the Obama insanity as well, although the Obamas have a deep strain of entitlement belief inculcated into their very being that is also a factor…

          You are correct, though. A “Noble Born” is at least primed from birth on public behavior, as their parents realize they will be in the limelight from the beginning. The Obamas appear to lack that background….

    1. Great catch. As with Obama’s joke, the irony is often wasted.

      Love the image of a red carpet in the blue room. Nice illustration of just how shallow life is on the banks of the Potomac.

  1. What? No Beyonce or JayZ? Their invites must have been lost in the mail.,,,or maybe they are still in Cuba.

    Keith, your story about Sharon Stone reminds me of one of the dinners a few years ago when our publicity hound mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, wrangled an invite from Wolf Blitzer. When he arrived all by his diminuitive little self, he stood at attention a few feet from the revolving door and immediatey donned his flashbulb Obama-style smile. He is, btw, the hispanic recreation of Obama. He was expecting to be mobbed by photographers but no one paid him any attention whatsoever. He was suddenly the little fish in a big pond – not one attendee in the lobby even greeted him! He stood around for 5 minutes or so and then decided to throw in the towel and wend his way to Blitzer’s table where he remained….crestfallen and demoralized. He has been riding Obama’s coattails ever since. His 8 year reign of terror is up in August and he is in line for an appointment from Obama. Hope it never materializes!!!

    1. With Los Angeles finally giving Tony (I flunked the Bar four times) Villar the boot, his latest gig was as a panelist on ABC’s this week, apparently for the dual purposes of GOP bashing and immigration pushing, after which he was interviewed about “riding into the sunset” If there are no cameras there, he’ll be headed due east.

  2. The actual events were so much more interesting in a weird Hollywood/DC kind of way. The “stars” of the DC/journalist crowd scurried in the background, heads down, to avoid being photographed, while the glitterati headed straight for the cameras and assumed their poses.
    The interviews of the glitterati were all similiar; they had a special project or cause to be pursued or they were there to see “Obama” as they called him.

    re: Sharon Stone
    Feathers, satin, leather, black slinky, evening gloves, upswept hairdo; she was old-fashioned Hollywood glamour at it’s finest.
    Her cause: AIDS research.

    1. Speaking of assuming poses, the Bomb Mom in Dagestan is like a B grade imitation of Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard.

  3. If you get your self esteem from people who watch people you will get the opinions of the little people. But don’t worry little people never think badly of large people. In other words “Empty heads like fat heads.” ;)

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