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Video || Obama’s at the WH Correspondents’ Dinner

Well, he went ahead and cracked jokes, which I thought was a mistake in the wake of the two tragedies the nation just incurred. But since he did it, at least he was funny.

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    • I just saw one line on Meet the Depressed that set my blood on simmer…something about the Republicans need to reach out to minorities more and hint hint, I am one. Not funny and just plain dopey.

  1. Nothing is funny about this self-serving event. I don’t know what to make of the attendees or the people who supported it via watching C Spam. I want to call them morons, but that would not be right…left maybe, but not right.

  2. This the first time since 2008 I’ve sought out the chance to listen to him.Goodness knows I despise this Muslim-appeasing Commie, but I enjoyed watching him skewering himself, his wife, the MFM, his supporters and his opponents.

    • I did not watch and will not. This because it’s all part of the plan. They seek to use self-deprecating humor to forward the notion he is just like us… if even in a small way. Set aside the politics, policies, and pettiness and everything is a difference of perspective. He is just one of us you know…but he isn’t and never will be.

      • A simple example is his failure to say “abortion” at unplanned parenthood. He can use any euphemism he chooses. If he means this and says that is as if A=B, and B=C, then the meaning of C must be interchangeable. Then why can’t he use A as in abortion? It is a simple deception as is his performance last night. Simply put, this man is a liar.

  3. I don’t understand why the pols, the media, and Hollywood cannot raise a miserly $100,000 for journalism scholarships without have to reward themselves so much in the process.

    • They did a poll recently in which of the 200 jobs listed in order of people’s preference, reporter came in dead last–200. I am one and I see it’s a dying business. Maybe even standup will be better.

    • All of the pre-parties and after-parties were raising funds for one cause or another.

      Aside from the few on-air personalities and the over-paid glitterati from Hollywood, most of those attending aren’t in the millionaire class.

      • It’s their money and they can do whatever they want with it, but I’d wager that the gowns alone outweigh what they brought in. It’s a uniquely skewed American idea of ‘charity’.

  4. I know it was contrived…but it was still funny. Loved the pics of BHO with the bangs! Speaking of bangs, the first wife’s clip-ons nearly obscured her creepy crawler caterpillar false eyelashes. What a mess!

    The rest of the night was a complete bore- the worst WHCD….ever! Either there weren’t enough Liberals in attendance, or everyone is getting fed up with this administration. Hope it’s the latter.

  5. So predictable a yawnfest of egos I guess Obama’s hasn’t been fed enough. This requires a new frock for Michelle or she won’t even show
    up to bask in the glory of herself. Funny? I’ve not gotten my humor back
    from the ‘tragedy’s’ of late. While we wonder what wonder Prez will do
    with his line in the sand most likely he’ll just erase it and everything will
    be just fine. Not like he really meant there’d be consequences.

  6. To rip off a famous YouTube video…

    Darkangel don’t care, Darkangel just gonna go watch a hockey game.

    I’m guessing I didn’t miss anything important.

  7. The funniest line was at the very end when Conan said that he’s really looking forward to his audit. Now that was funny I don’t care who you are. And the look on Obama’s face when Conan said that was of hatred and evilness. (Is evilness a word?)

  8. (An excerpt from Politico’s coverage of the MSNBC party at the Italian Embassy following the dinner)

    “Guests took to the crowded dance floor and to several bars inside as well as in an outside tent that featured a cigar bar. As the night wore on, breakfast foods appeared including miniature bagels and lox, bite-sized French toast and cinnamon rolls.”

    Do these fools realize there are seniors eating dog food? People that are losing their homes? Children that could use some nourishment? That’s what I love about the Liberal mindset: CONCERN but don’t let it stop me from partying.

  9. Thanks, but no thanks, Keith. Sarah Palin’s Facebook post pretty much sums up my sentiments on last night’s festivities…

    “Yuk it up media and pols. While America is buried in taxes and a fight for our rights, the permanent political class in DC dresses up and has a prom to make fun of themselves. No need for that, we get the real joke.”

  10. I see it more than a bit differently. This was a private event, paid for by private money (with the exception of the security for FCMABBHO).

    What good would it have done the economy if the event had not been held? How many dollars were pumped into DC’s caterering services and their suppliers? Hotels? Limos? Taxis? Car rentals? How much was spent on airline tickets? How much tax money was pumped into the city coffers?

    No one ever got out of poverty by the rich just sitting on their money.

  11. Not too off topic because we’re talking journalism here. Both the NYT and the WaPo have articles today about the Tsaraev family to make them more sympathetic by writing about how they were somehow denied the American dream. Maybe these two liberal media heavyweights think they are presenting mitigating circumstances for the cold-blooded murder of four and maiming of many others.

  12. Yeah. Obama’s a barrel of laughs. He and the celebrities and the press are all laughing at how easy life is for them and how their lavish dinners, awards to themselves, and the state propaganda machine are living the high life while all of them are responsible for the destruction of this country, while the dead and maimed are simply collateral damage for the success of their demonic ideology and policies.

    Really funny.

  13. the Hunger games capital for sure — DC and its elected inhabitants and “correspondents and stars” are the parasites of the US – just as the UN in NYC is a parasite.

    There was a time when US had stars – not so much anymore — certainly not the caliber of those that have passed.

  14. I’m always interested in the history of these organizations so did a little research on the White House Correspondence Association. Interestingly, it came about under America’s first progressive Democrat president, Woodrow Wilson. Reporters heard rumors that Wilson was going to start regular press conferences and a congressional committee would be appointed to determine which reporters would attend. As a result, eleven reporters formed the WHCA to establish “the promotion of the interests of those reporters and correspondents assigned to cover the White House”. The congressional committee never happened so the WHCA went dormant until they held their first dinner in 1920.

    Also brought to us under Wilson’s progressive reign were the 16th and 17th Amendments – the progressive income tax and the popular vote for Senators, respectively. It took a hundred years, but the progressives (aka statists) are so close to their utopian ideal of centralized power over the lives of all Americans, they can taste it. It is sobering to realize that these statists are not going to return the reins of power back to We The People without one helluva fight.

    • Susan – you summed up what I’ve thought for a long time. It is indeed a 100 Years War. The progressives never openly declared it and the conservatives have refused to acknowledge it.

      • the conservatives have refused to acknowledge it.



        The Progs declared their intentions, though: Ayers and his terroristic ilk; the Port Huron Statement and the other manifestos in the 60s and 70s; the taking over of the Civil Rights Movement by Communists; the usurpation by other cultural Marxists of the movement to get equal treatment under the law for women, and much more.

        I often wonder if Conservatives paid no attention to all of that.

        The Flower Children and the Hippies were seemingly silly people who just wanted to smoke weed, wear tie-dyed clothing, slather patchouli oil all over their dirty bodies and hit the road to follow the Grateful Dead. They provided a smokescreen of purple haze that perhaps masked the visceral hatred of America that was growing in the hearts of many Baby Boomers.

        Once our part in the war in Vietnam ended, we struggled for a while to come back to normalcy in this nation. We wanted to put all that ugliness aside.

        The Progs didn’t put it aside. They pursued it in places such as San Francisco and Berkeley, and in post-grad programs in colleges across the nation. They worked for inner-city programs. They organized communities. They fought for more and more federal money.

        Others of that generation snorted coke and danced under a glittering ball at night, then got up in the morning to pursue their corporate destinies.

        Starting with Blow-Job, the Progs have been taking their places at the table that they helped set in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Their seeds they planted are bearing fruit.

    • What reasoning did they use to get the states to go along with the Senate Amendment? It was definitely not in their best interests.

      • That’s right, Julie. Congress passed The Federal Reserve Act in 1913, so it too was under Wilson’s reign.

        I really don’t know the reasoning behind the states ratifying the 17th Amendment. It certainly took the role the state legislatures played in the federal government out of the picture. To this day, not all of the states have ratified it, but the necessary 3/4ths of them did in 1913. Oddly enough, some states just recently ratified the 17th Amendment – Alabama in 2002, Delaware in 2010, and Maryland in 2012.

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