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Live Stream || Obama at WH Correspondents’ Dinner

The event has concluded.

65 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama at WH Correspondents’ Dinner”

  1. Due to the Sequester this night of jokes will be cancelled and you may
    all return to your miserable lives. Thank You.

    Sadly this was just a test had it been an actual emergency the President
    would still be telling third hand jokes:-(

  2. It is my pleasure to watch every stinkin’ second of this “nerd-prom” so others may go about their lives and will make a full report later.

    Highlights so far; arrivals
    ol’ Newt and his Mrs arrived, he in a tux, her in about $200K worth of Tiffany diamonds.
    Gangnam style guy appears in a weird tux and a sequin bow tie.
    Paris Hilton smashingly glamourous in black designer gown.
    Many entertainers arrive with dumpy ill-dressed hanlders.
    Journalists scurry past the cameras, head down.
    Paparazzi yelling out names…xxxx, over here, over here!
    Sharon Stone, drop dead gorgeous, Hollywood glamour at its best.

    A late start to the proceedings, as always. The Marine Corp band plays the anthems of all the branches. Nice.
    The President ignores the band and chats up with the FOX biggie to his right.
    The FirstLady in black, and sequins. If her bangs get any longer she’s going to need a seeing-eye dog to get around,

    They’re eating now..8:40pm E.

    1. Thank you for your sacrifice. I have like 12x twelve year olds on a sleep over b-day par-tay. If I had like known, I would have scheduled ac vent cleaning and volunteered at you know the local pet shelter. Like…I have to go now…someone is being derpy.

    2. I’m at 9:14 pm ET…..on Cspan, what am I watching? Did they switch to Cspan 2 or 3 ? Well, so far don’t recognize anyone lollygagging around this outdoor venue. Wait. Is that…..?

    3. I don’t know how the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian are considered ‘nerds’. HuffPo has a headline ‘Insiders’ Evening’, and if the two I mentioned are Washington insiders, it’s worse than we thought.

  3. I think Washington, the pols and the media, want the rest of us to watch out in the cold with our noses pressed up against the glass. No thanks. It’s cat snuggling time.

  4. Caps hockey game on here. Much more interesting game playing there than what they practice on Capitol Hill and in the White House and the only partisan sniping by media members comes from the sports guys cheering on our team.

  5. I was watching Judge Jeanine rant on the terrorist bombers and even give Mike Baker a run for his money…and she switched to WHCD. Gayle King was giving some accolades. Gayle King — really?

    Well, here comes Barack. Time for me to exit. I’ll read about this .

    1. Thanks for the heads up about Pirro’s rant. I had F&F on earlier this morning, and paid attention as soon as I heard her voice. I’m looking for it on Youtube.

  6. I’m surprised. WAB looked pretty good tonight. I’ll never forget her outfit for the innauguration: it looked as if it were made from upholstery you’d see in someone’s grandmother’s living room that had not been redecorated in a very long time.

          1. It’s an unflattering name for Michelle and the way she likes to whine.

            I caught only the repeat of his speech on CSPAN.

          1. WAB = whiny-a$$ b1tch. I came up with it afer she said that she’d never been proud of this nation until her hubby won the nomination. (I rarely use that word to describe women.)

            The other is FCMABBHO = F*cking Commie Muslim-Appeasing Ba$tard Barak Hussein Obama.

  7. First impressions:
    Of all the political affairs that have been televised for all to watch, the WHCA dinner is the most entertaining and enlightening.
    The jokes were predictible; some really humorous, some cringe-worthy. MrO redeemed his awkward performance with a few really funny jokes about himself and others, and at the end, his remarks on the events of the last few weeks hit the right note for a POTUS.

    Colin whatshisname, managed to insult every news organization, and not a few conservative politicians.
    His funniest line was introducing the future President as a spanish-speaking Hispanic.

    Ed Henry was stiff and uncomfortable in his role as Master of Ceremony, but managed to get through it without any mishap.
    Why Gail King (Oprah’s friend) was given the honor of announcing the winners of the organization’s awards wasn’t clear. Last year, MrsO gave out the honors, so…..?

    IMO, the celebs are not necessary and a distraction from the singular experience of having any President sit at his own “roast”.

  8. Two takeaways:

    1.) Obama: “Everyone loves Michelle! She’s on the cover of Vogue magazine.” Absolute silence! Crickets!

    2.) The ‘block’. Obama literally blocked Conan O’Brien with his right shoulder and arm when Conan started to give him a full-on bear hug as Obama leaving the dais. Is Conan a Republican???

    IIRC, the WH Correspondants’ Dinner is supposed to be a roast of the President. Why did Conan wait until the last three minutes to launch his ‘attack’? Actually, Obama roasted himself….and did a pretty good job of it. If only we could convince him to give up his day job, we would all be better off.

        1. I wonder if she knew he was gonna’ say it.

          Axelrod didn’t look amused when FCMABBHO joked about him and MSNBC. He looked down-right uncomfortable, even pissed.

  9. I watched the entire event and I must say that I think it was one of the most boring WHCD’s I’ve ever watched. Towards the end of Obummer’s speech, I actually fell asleep. When I woke up, I went back and watched the rest and then Conan. It seemed like Obummer went on forever, and I don’t think he got many laughs at all.

  10. I was going to go to a biker bar and shoot down some beer with the guys, get really drunk, then get rolled for my last dime but decided there really was much of a difference between watching him and feeling sick and then getting suckered into the tripe or going to a biker bar and getting sick and sucker-punched. So I did neither.

    A note from my attorney – I made up the story except for the last sentence. Oh, I don’t drink and have no idea where a biker bar in the burbs exists. ; )

  11. I still maintain my refusal to watch the tapes of the Performance but, according to the reviews I have read, Dear Leader took Conan by at least points if not a knockout. Congrats, Barry. You finally found something you are good at!

    The “Audition for My Next Job” continues……………..

  12. I somehow found myself on the CNN feed of this last night, and they were positively GIDDY in the pre-Obama speech time-period. I was really embarrassed for them.

  13. Knew I could get the scoop from the WHD. Doesn’t seem like we missed much. We started watching C-SPAN coverage and stuck around for the good stuff – Marine Corps Band Armed Forces medley, presentation of the colors, and the National Anthem. All I could see from the camera pans of the audience was a gathering of the ruling class elite and their Hollyweird concubines. Also saw the House leadership was well represented with those men of the people – Kevin McCarthy and Eric Cantor. That was enough of the preening peacocks for me.

    1. I just looked at Politico’s Photo Gallery of the attendees. I did not even recognize 3/4 of the actors (I can’t say “actress” for female “actor” anymore, right Susan?). I wonder if that’s a good or a bad thing for me?

      1. You can call them whatever you want, Rick. I do. In my opinion, there aren’t many real men and women in Hollyweird any longer. More like cosmetically enhanced, morally corrupt kewpie dolls.

  14. Holder said that Mirandizing the second terrorist was the right thing to do, but he said it was the decision of U.S. Magistrate Marianne Bowler. No, this is not one of the jokes from last night.

      1. I forgot to type in ‘wink,wink’, Granny. It was Holder’s call, or Obama’s, but they will blame her if they have to. Women and girls before men.

  15. I think it discredits the media to bring in all the Hollyweird celebs. A lot of our news now is barely a shade above supermarket tabloids, especially when NBC or CNN edits/alters a tape to give false information. And when you have a supermarket tabloid breaking news on a presidential candidate (John Edwards), it just shows how derelict of duty the rest of the MSM is. It makes me especially thankful there are alternatives to network media such as WHD.

    The dinner last night was just a bunch of really rich people rubbing elbows with other rich people. Not sure what the heck the guy had in his plastic baggie that he flashed before some friends, but it kept things interesting I guess.

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