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Golf by Day, Party by Night

Not a bad day for our leader.

President Obama just hit the links, golfing at Joint Base Andrews, where he will no doubt be holed up – so to speak – for the next four hours or so. Then it’s back to to the White House by about 5:30 pm, freshen up, and head to the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner for wine and and some kind of tender steak and flaky fish.

Obama is golfing today with former U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk and two White House staffers: Marvin Nicholson and Mike Brush. It’s his ninth time of the young year on the links and the 120th time golfing of his presidency.

29 thoughts on “Golf by Day, Party by Night”

  1. Wouldn’t you think that golf courses at military bases would be the first items “sequested” (A new verb, Webster… with it!)? We cannot have public tours of the White House, etc but the brass can still golf.

    Priorities, priorities……..

    1. Yes! Recreation facilities for the military usually bear the brunt of budget cuts. Pools, gyms, things that save your sanity in the more remote areas. Joining Forces should be fundraising to keep these facilities open ! (hint, hint Michelle, families use base rec too!)

    2. MWR funding for these programs (bowling, golf courses, pools, etc) come from multiple sources, including a fee you pay when using commissaries, exchanges, and any MWR facility. The can be hammered by sequestration, mostly in their having to furlough civilian who work these facilities. They have already done this as of March 15th, and because of this some facilities have had to shorten hours and close for an additional day.

      So regular access to the golf course has been cut probably, and add to that they lose $$$ in the loss of players who pay to play at these facilities when Sir Putts-A-Lot decides to spend 4 hours on the course effectively shutting it down to anyone else.

      Mad.. hell yes I am mad. Another kick in the ass to all active and retired members of the armed forces. But he doesn’t see it.. or, gives a crap.

  2. BHO:It is good to be king. L’etat c’est moi! Michelle, did you notice someone is making Twinkies now.
    MO:Yes, your majesty. Let them et Twinkies. Cake is much too good for anyone except our entertainers.

  3. I know it must take the Prez more than 4 hours to play, he’s got to schmooz a little bit and fire up a doob when the Press isn’t allowed. But while he was playing his 120 rounds of golf about 16,800 babies were put to death through abortions. Matter of fact, in the 90 seconds it takes him to line up his next putt he should remember to rejoice for another innocent being snuffed. If he makes the putt it’s a win/win for him.

  4. I don’t care that he goes golfing, or whatever it is that the guys do at the greens. What else can he do; cut the grass around the WhiteHouse, fix that pesky dripping faucet? He’s already shown he has little or no interest in governing, so he might as well go play outside.

    OT: He lied to the public in his address today. He claimed that the sequestration was the Repubs idea and that they wanted the air controllers furloughs to cease. He didn’t admit it was his idea and that the recently passed bill to put the controllers back to work was almost unanimously agreed to by both parties in Congress.
    He lied. He evaded the truth. He is a snake.

    1. I’m sure he gave his SecTransportation guy the marching orders to the FAA go for the cuts that will hurt the public more. That’s what I read in the ChiTrib today (and darn if I can’t find the link). The FAA could have made cuts elsewhere that would have never affected the ATC’s. When you’re asked to cut 10% from your budget, you prioritize. Pay the mortgage and utilities, feed your family, put gas in the car and if there’s anything leftover, then you play!

    2. of course Sir Putts-A-Lot lied. But then if you look at any dem talking point it’s one of the top ten to throw back at the public and media when fingers get pointing at his direction.

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  6. So, he’s whizzed away about a quarter-year of regular, taxpaying, working peoples’ work years? Color me unsurprised. I’m also not surprised at the progtards that vociferously defend his jackassing around by saying that GWBush did it, too. Of course, they haven’t a clue of that which they speak, but that never deters leftist trash from gaping their maws and issuing inanities.

  7. Thanks to WHD I’ve been able to keep track of our Golfer in Chief’s outings for some time and I’ve never, ever seen him plowing girls to play (golf) with him. Has he ever, or does his misogyny stretch back to his first inauguration and thus qualify him for an honorary green blazer?

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  9. Not Nabob the Knothead

    His Most Arrogance, I beg your pardon, does his best work on the links. As he improves his lie (no pun intended) in the rough, he some how must now make the “red line game changer” entirely the Republicans fault

  10. Two takeaways:

    1.) Obama: “Everyone loves Michelle! She’s on the cover of Vogue magazine.” Absolute silence! Crickets!

    2.) The ‘block’. Obama literally blocked Conan O’Brien with his right shoulder and arm when Conan started to give him a full-on bear hug as Obama leaving the dais. Is Conan a Republican???

    IIRC, the WH Correspondants’ Dinner is supposed to be a roast of the President. Why did Conan wait until the last three minutes to launch his ‘attack’? Actually, Obama roasted himself….and did a pretty good job of it Maybe he should give up his day job! We would all be better off.

  11. President Bush played 24 rounds of golf in eight years.

    So as of today, King Putts has now played five times as much golf as Bush ever played, with much, much more to come.

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  14. I hate Obama with a passion — everyday something else about him! He has made mistake after mistake, now its the Boston Bombing — I believe that the FBI are afraid of him that they will get fired so Obama gave the word to leave the terrorist brothers alone!!! And once again people are dead and lost limbs and arms because of another Obama blatant crime, just like Benghazi. Bunch of cowards, Obama, the Press, the FBI, all of them!!!! Dumb as they come and we are
    stuck with them because the election was fixed!!! And how many more fixed elections will there be, Axelrod is salivating and waiting to get Clinton elected next!!! And no one does anything about it, so brave our government now, cowards and crooks all and that includes the Republicans too!!! I hope you are proud of your country now just like Michelle Obama is proud.

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