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Obama’s Perilous Second Term Hubris

Here’s the latest opinion piece I wrote for Politico.

When the White House last week announced that Obama would observe a moment of silence for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings – in private – it occurred to me that the president was developing a nasty and dangerous case of hubris.

From the piece:

That Obama assumed Americans would want an iconic photo of him privately mourning the victims of the bombings was emblematic of a kind of hubris that has enveloped the president and his White House as the president commences his second term.

Hubris in a leader is an obnoxious thing, leading to imperiousness in governing. And it’s also a dangerous thing for a second-term president, often spelling trouble.

Unfortunately, this president’s acts of high handedness and self-absorption have been accumulating in the past several months at a blistering pace.

I hope you have a chance to take a look!


104 thoughts on “Obama’s Perilous Second Term Hubris”

  1. I can hear the President now: Is the camera ready yet. Please hurry to get this stupid picture, I have a 3 PM tee time. Should I bow my head.

  2. He was this way during his first term too. Remember how he wouldn’t shut up at the UK State dinner while they played “God Save the Queen”?

    1. He did that yesterday at the GWB Library, talked almost incessantly while the Army Chorus sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

    2. you are so mean, at least he didn’t turn around and start singing My Country Tis of Thee

  3. Good job! Still wondering how Politico would let something like that get put online… sorry I just see 98% of the media as members of the Propaganda Ministry.

    1. Good article, and the comments mostly agreed. I was also surprised that it was published – can Politico be moving to the centre?

      1. I keep going back to check the comments, looks like Keith is driving the traffic UP over there. Still overwhelmingly favorable to Keith, even those not familiar with his work are criticizing Politico.

        Wow, the likes on FB and tweets are really at a high count for a Politico article.

        Yes, I’m sure they’ll notice, and moving to the center would be nice.

  4. I learned about hubris in high school English class. It’s fascinating to watch it developing in Barry. Like Icarus, may he fly too close to the sun and be destroyed by his own arrogance.

  5. Correct and well said. While I would argue that the hubris has always been there, it has become far more pronounced and obvious with the second inauguration.

    [H]e threw an epic hissy fit in the Rose Garden

    A perfect description!

  6. “Developing”? Obama is one of the most hubristic politicians the world has ever known. From getting his opponents voter petitions invalidated to clear the way for his first run in Illinois, to accepting untraceable credit card donations, to having staff hold meetings “off-site” of the White House to bypass his lobbying “rule”, to closing the White House to tours while he tours the country on AF1, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, to…….oh hell, it’s Friday why am I depressing everyone going into the weekend? Apologies all, my disgust of all things Obama just got the better of me.

    1. The trouble with America is that more people don’t find Obama depressing. You are spot-on with your comments yet the man seems to walk on water to his base.

      The ultimate hubris was yesterday – twice, in events for others, the Bush Library and the West memorial service, he talked about himself, his immigration bill. Give me a break,

      Have a good weekend.

      1. You certainly nail the deeper, more corrosive problem. That being that in the past 40 years this nation has managed to “educate” away the founding principles and fundamental values that protected her for two centuries.
        Obama is certainly leaving a wide swath of damage in his wake but it is nothing compared to the destruction wrought by an ignorant and slothful electorate.

          1. oops — Geoff, Good job over at Politico “defending Keith’s honor “, if you will, against charges of being a pressitute etc. Nicely done.

  7. Excellent piece, Keith, but I do think he always was a vain and self centred person. These bad traits have magnified as he now is surrounded by yes-men/women , in the White House and in the media.

  8. Bravo Keith. Your article is magnificent in content and presentation.
    I’ve always seen the hubris. But I’ve disliked him for a very long time, going back to his behavior as US Senator when GWB nominated Alito to SCOTUS. As the other Democrats pretended to fuss, Obama hemmed and hawed. It was at that time I begin a USPS post card campaign which, unfortunately, I saw a need to continue up to the present time. Now that articles such as yours can be published, Keith, I have allowed myself to discontinue the mailings which grew from 25 Dem senators to all 100 Senators on a weekly basis when the push was on to pass ObamaCare.

  9. Great piece, Keith….

    When a, radical leftist, part-time fringe politician with no accomplishments whatsoever decides to run for President of the United States – that’s hubris to the nth degree!

    Oddly enough, I am of the belief that Obama never thought he had a snowball’s chance of winning the election. IMO, he simply wanted to sleep in every morning and skirt his Senate duties by declaring his candidacy. He is nothing more than a campaigner and rabble-rouser at heart.

    The ‘hubris’ he exhibits is nothing more than a cover-up for the fact that he is in over his head, doesn’t have a clue, and is winging it day to day. He holds press conferences and immediately sticks his nose up in the air and walks off without answering questions. It’s because he doesn’t have any answers. He’s clueless.

    In short, Obama is an empty suit. There is no ‘there’ there!

    1. Interesting, Girly1, and I agree.
      He has hubris but he is in over his head. He has been protected all along and he knows he can not handle a real press conference and he knows he cannot give a speech without support of the TOTUS. I guess he needs all that adulation so he can continue to believe that he is still somehow an Ubermensch. He is an odd mixture of over confidence and lack of real confidence .
      He looked so out of place during the library ceremony yesterday. Small.

      1. Yes, swedishlady, ‘Ubermensch’! Perfect description!
        And yes…he did look sooo out of place at he Bush Library. Jimmy Carter overshadowed him! He has no interest in interacting with his predecessors – his aloofness and singularity is troubling, to say the least.
        I couldn’t tell if all of the former Presidents used the teleprompter that was set up, but my feeling is that it was only Obama..

      2. He is an odd mixture of over confidence and lack of real confidence .


        At the core of a narcissist is a belief that he really is inadequate, hence the rage when someone points out his flaws.

    2. As I quoted below, regarding Obama –

      ” He’s an inch deep. Bush is a bottomless chasm, a deep, mysterious, emotional, profound man. Obama is all surface — shallow, obvious, robotic, and, frankly, not nearly as smart as he thinks. Bush was the one.”

  10. May end up “as a tragedy”? If Barack Obama isn’t already a tragedy for this great country then I don’t know what a tragedy is.

  11. Keith, I read the entire article at Politico…suprised they ran it.
    Chilling insight to Obama as a person, am unable to say man.

    1. I think now that barry cannot be re-elected, Politico and others who otherwise cover for him, will allow the truth to be told. Nothing to lose now. Hillary, well, that’s another story.

  12. “Koffler: Obama’s Hubris Problem” — says DRUDGE. Congrats.

    Politico again????? Oh well, guess I’ll mosey on down, if I must. :)

  13. An excellent article, and I’m happy that you have placed it in what I presume is a wider audience. I have been wanting to comment that I searched the Internet when you posted the infamous portrait of Obama mourning all alone on his heights, and I couldn’t find any other of the media running it. Even they must have cringed at that over-the-top photo-op. Maybe the dam of Obama worship has burst.

    Especially galling to me is the idea that Obama can pick and choose which American laws he wants to enforce. In recent days I have seen Janet Napolitano push that in relation to gun control and immigration. We are constitutionalists on this site, and the kernel of the Constitution is the rule of law. No man is above the law, including Obama.

  14. No need to be so harsh. Just because Axelrod and Gibbs spew Obama on CNN/NBC/MSNBC (I forget — pick one) and Plouffe at Bloomberg TV. And I hope you aren’t suggesting OFA is anything but a for the people non profit. :)

  15. Keith, you hit that one on the head. I tried to warn my family back in July 2007 – no one would believe me of the dangers in electing the fraud. I’m glad everyone is coming together and finally seeing Obama for what he really is.

    1. Hopefully we will not see the boards here become filled with all the insanity of obnoxious posting that sometimes flood Keith’s work.

  16. Really fine piece Keith. Hubris and abuse of power. While you were clever and fair enough to bring forth previous Presidents, it is clear that Obama skates on the dangerous, legislating largely from the Oval Office or the golf course.

    Hung around just long enough to read the article, but the comments I read were supportive.

    Good show.

  17. Very nicely put, and congrats on being a “name” on Drudge. That’s no small accomplishment.

    Frankly, I hope Sir Golfsalot oversteps, and oversteps badly. Look at the map for the 1972 Presidential election: Nixon carried 49 states in that one, and won the popular vote going away, but he resigned about three months before the ’74 midterms. Is the Agitator In Chief headed for a similar fate? Let us hope so.

    I honestly hope that Obeyme tries to pull something so arrogant, so unconstitutional, so power-mad, and so flat-out evil that it forces even the lumpen electorate to demand his ouster. For all the good of the Nixon years–China, the all-volunteer military, Apollo 11–he’s primarily remembered for Watergate.

    Let us hope that a similar fate, and a similar adverse verdict from history, befalls Sir Golfsalot once he finally, God willing, puts his foot in it.

    For what it’s worth, I already own a T-shirt which reads, “I was anti-Obama before it was cool!” A wise investment, if you can find it.

    1. I don’t think the press will ever allow Obama to fail. I would love for Obama to meet the fate of Nixon but it will never happen.

      1. But by the same argument, if Obeyme thinks he’s got the press in his pocket no matter what he does, he’s more likely to overstep.

        And sooner or later, the mainstream press will get dragged, kicking and screaming, into reporting it. You familiar with the infanticide trial up in Philly? Same thing: dinosaur media eventually had to cover it after word went around the right side of the new media.

    2. The electorate may demand his ouster, but who will they choose to replace him? Anybody that will do a good job? I have been feeling that we are turning into California – electing leaders based on fluff, ousting them when the reality of their poor leadership sinks in, only to go through the same cycle all over again!

  18. I think your article is on Fox Nation as well. I can’t get it to go–I often have trouble with that site–but the headline just seems too much of a coinky-dink.

    1. I’m sure Politico will notice the traffic thanks to all those power sites picking up the article. Real Clear is the Holy Grail :)

      It’s definitely going to be noticed by the White House, we need to move Keith to an Undisclosed Location :D

  19. If Obama starts to get too grand a sense of himself and sheds the last vestiges of concern for how others perceive him, it could lead him, as it has so many in positions of power, to believe he is beyond accountability. And that could end up as a tragedy for him, and for the nation.


    I think it already is heading that way, Keith. His handling of the Arab Spring has resulted in the attack in Benghazi, the persecution of Christians in Egypt and the on-going debacle in Syria.

    His jerking our forces out of Iraq prematurely has produced little but continuing sectarian violence. How many deaths, both Americans and natives, have come about from the way he’s approaching Afghanistan? That alone might result in more deaths of Americans since we’re kililng terrorists–and, civilians–with drones instead of “interrogating” them.

    I can’t say I hate the man, but I do have a deep and abiding disrespect and dislike of him.

  20. Excellent article, Keith. His solitary moment of silence, with the exception of Pete Souza, displayed more than hubris in my opinion.

    Congrats on the Drudge link to your Politico article also!

  21. It seems to me that hubris is a rash that has clung to Obama since he was first noticed on the stage of politics.
    I keep waiting for the thing(s) that are going to finally be his downfall.
    Unfortunately, until the media is willing to grow some integrity and go back to their roots of reporting all sides even if they do not agree, pond scum like Obama will continue to sit on the surface of this country, poisoning everything that people have lived by and died for since our country came into being – namely the Constitution and our way of life.

  22. President Obama’s hubris became appallingly obvious when he made that infamous speech to throw Pastor Jerimiah Wright under his campaign bus. After delivering a plausible explanation that Wright’s often intemperate sermons were a regrettable yet forgivable consequence of Wright enduring discrimination in his past, Obama went on to state that the nation needed to be cleansed of the “original sin” of slavery and “I am the redeemer”. I knew then that Obama was a meglomaniac and that his only job experience working as a poverty pimp, excuse me “community organizer” in Chicago ensured that he would exploit the economic down turn to impose wealth redistribution as racial retribution.

  23. Looks like there might be a move afoot to give Obama flexibility regarding FAA funds and the sequester. If this happens there might be another ” Presidential” hissy fit. Bring it.
    I saw this on Ace.

    1. I think it would be funny as hell if BO or MO took a trip on WH Air and they were refused to land or had to sit in a traffic pattern like the rest of the 99%. Of course it will never happen but what a nice thought hehe.

    1. Going after the ‘millions of women’ vote again. I hope his words to PP will be juxtaposed with a guilty verdict on Gosnell.

      1. What’s up with the judge tossing out charges before it goes to jury. Saying there wasn’t enough evidence even though there was sworn testimony by witnesses? Isn’t that for the JURY to decide?

        1. I don’t know, Kimbly, but I have heard of it before. Lack of evidence? Compromised witnesses? I think three out of eight charges were dropped.

      1. He is a coward and avoids reality. Abortion. Gosnell. All too real. Women’s health issues, applause at PP much better.

        I said elsewhere — he is enamored with drones. There is no “real kill”. To this day I am amazed he was in anyway involved in the killing of OBL, or if he was, had to be pushed.

        This is a man who has never suffered. He uses the suffering of others.

  24. Keith, I thoroughly enjoyed your excellent article. So many wonderful insights and examples. I particularly liked your pointing out how Obummer “threw an epic hissy fit in the Rose Garden.”

    I know I’m commenting a bit late, but I have to tell you that I got very excited yesterday when I saw not only a link to your article at Drudge, but Drudge cited “Koffler” in his link. Keep up the fantastic work, Keith!

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