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Obama Schedule || Friday, April 26, 2013

11:20 am || Delivers remarks at Planned Parenthood Gala; Washington Marriott Wardman Park
1:55 pm || Meets with King Abdullah of Jordan
3:00 pm || Meets with U.S. business leaders with a significant presence in Mexico and Central America in advance of his trip to the region

All times Eastern except as noted
Live stream of Carney briefing at 11:30 am

29 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, April 26, 2013

  1. Back on track — celebrate abortion, check out things in the ME and see about getting some more immigrant labor and Democrat voters into the country.

  2. 1:55 pm || Meets with King Abdullah of Jordan

    Jordan’s getting over-run with refugees from Syria. Tuesday, he met with one of the chief financiers of the rebels, Emir Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani emir of Qatar, and another one, Crown Prince Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed, on the 16th.

    I wonder what’s been happening in Syria while we’ve been looking to Boston.

    • Re: Syria the ever moving Obama red line is in play again due to recent chemical weapons information. Most likely Obama to punt to UN who will be in charge of our ME policy. However, this pales compared to the rising importance of the climate change threat to our national security — see most recent Tom Donilon comment.
      And Holder swept in and made sure the FBI examination of Baby Boy Bomber for intelligence was stopped to the amazement of the FBI.
      The King and Queen are exhausted from their day of playing grown ups.

      • Holder or his boss. According to Michelle Bachman, it could only be one of those two, and also according to her, four Congressmen are going to find out.

        • It’s kind of moot at this point. The deed is done. The Obama Administration wants this contained. I see no interest on the part of the Administration to ascertain linkage, training, etc. or to in any way treat this seriously. And no interest in the media to go beyond what the Administration wants.
          Got Nanny Bloomberg’s attention though since right before the feds swept in the kid spilled the beans about bombs intended for Times Square.
          And to think what else he might have said or knows ….

          • I don’t know if this can be contained as easily as the attack on our consulate because it happened right here, and the victims are not bound by any kind of secrecy laws.

      • rising importance of the climate change threat to our national security — see most recent Tom Donilon comment.


        Basing a bogus foreign policy on bogus science? I’m glad we have the smartest man ever in charge of our nation. I can sleep well now!

  3. After writing, then erasing, several comments about MrO speaking at the Planned Parenthood “Gala” (shudder), I realized that PeggyNoonan is right, we’re all suffering from Obama fatigue.
    Most of the regular readers here won’t listen to him speak , or even care what he has to say anymore. I get it.
    He’s become tiresome, combative and alien to us.

  4. Syria using chemical weapons….crossed the line in the sand well the first
    and most urgent thing to do do Friday Planned Parenthood Gala. That
    seems right doesn’t it?

  5. The President must be pretty tired after the stress of facing the man he constantly criticized for 4 years. Earning a new geological marker in Washington now known as “Bush’s Fault”.