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Live Stream || Obama at Bush Library Event

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  1. What a condescending remark on the part of Bill Clinton “re-writing history”. No one tries to re-write history more than Slick-Willie

    1. “No one tries to re-write history more than Slick-Willie” – Pedro

      Really? Don’t you remember Obama re-writing MOST of the OTHER President’s biography to make HIMSELF relevant through history?

      “Do you sometimes feel as though President Obama has the weight of history on his shoulders? That he’s carrying the burden of the accomplishments of his predecessors? That he embodies the best and brightest of the leaders of the free world?

      If so, you are not alone. Barack Obama agrees with you. And the White House Web site,, now reflects that wisdom. It has turned the individual biographical sketches of every president since Calvin Coolidge (except Gerald Ford) into mere preludes to the historic first term of Obama, by adding bullet points explicitly outlining the various history-making torches the president is carrying.”

      Boy, isn’t that Obama guy a historical figure! He’s EVERYWHERE in past!

      Of course, so was Satan…

      “Please allow me to introduce myself
      I’m a man of wealth and taste
      I’ve been around for a long, long year
      Stole many a man’s soul and fate

      I was ’round when Jesus Christ
      Had his moments of doubt and pain
      Made damn sure that Pilate
      Washed his hands and sealed his fate

      Pleased to meet you
      Hope you guess my name, oh yeah
      But what’s puzzling you
      Is the nature of my game

      I stuck around St. Petersburg
      When I saw it was a time for a change
      Killed the Czar and his ministers
      Anastasia screamed in vain

      I rode a tank
      Held a General’s rank
      When the Blitzkrieg raged
      And the bodies stank

      Pleased to meet you
      Hope you guess my name, oh yeah
      What’s puzzling you
      Is the nature of my game, oh yeah

      I watched the glee
      While your kings and queens
      Fought for ten decades
      For the Gods they made

      I shouted out
      “Who killed the Kennedys?”
      Well after all
      It was you and me – The Rolling Stones
      Lyrics from

      Maybe a fitting replacement for “Hail to the Chief”, at least in Obama’s case…

  2. I repeat myself because my opinion has not changed.

    Obama is fortunate for the grace and good manners of the Bush family.

    Although if I were Obama I would try to avoid a dark corridor with Barbara–especially since he violated boundaries and manners by having his arm casually draped over her chair.

    Once again I found myself lulled by the voice that is President Clinton but when he was so rudely interrupted by the old pol that is Billy Jeff and started talking about immigration I turned him and the whole thing off.

    So I take my leave, but not before noting, when Clinton talked about being the black sheep of the Bush family and things his mother said — the camera (in search of Bill’s deceased mother?) panned to Shillary first and then to Barbara Bush.

  3. Bush is getting ready to speak, but have you noticed that Michelle looks like she is having a root canal during each of the former president’s remarks. Guess she is ticked off at not being able to go shopping at Neiman’s and has to travel to Waco after this affair to express sympathy for the victims and families at the West memorial service. As a Texan (born and bred), it would have been OK if BO had left her home!

  4. (ALOUD)It is great to be here with these former presidents.
    (ASIDE)Are you getting my good side? Is the teleprompter loaded? How does this tie look with my suit? Guess I’m ready.

  5. If a comet, high in the sky, whooshed past the Presidents at the dedication,and then exploded in a spectacular shower of sparks, each would have a different explanation of what just happened.
    George the First would claim it was a Russian nuclear powered rocket that was shot down by our anti-ballistic missile system.
    Jimmy the Farmer would just say we’d have to ask his wife to explain what it was.
    Bubba would admit that he missed the whole thing because he was watching that hottie reporter from NBC when it happened.
    George the Second would claim it was a terrorist drone and demand retaliation on Chechna.
    Barry the First and Last would direct anyand all questions of the event to the FBI, CIA, HSA, DEA, and the DOJ for clarifications.

        1. Carter is the first – and, as far as I know, only – President to ever have had a “close encounter”, so maybe he’s be ducking and covering to avoid the anal probe that SPACE aliens are wont to do?

          ‘Jan. 22 (1969) — It was just another fun night at the Lion’s Club for Jimmy Carter — when suddenly from the sky a UFO “as bright as the moon” flashed before his eyes. While leaving a Lion’s Club in Leary, Ga., then-Gov. Jimmy Carter noticed an object in the sky.

          A red and green glowing orb radiated as it hurtled across the southwestern Georgia skies that January 1969 evening. Ten minutes later, it vanished.
          That was Jimmy Carter’s story — and he’s sticking to it. Carter, then Georgia’s governor, became the first major politician to risk achieving “crackpot” status by claiming he had had a close encounter.

          “I don’t laugh at people any more when they say they’ve seen UFOs,” Carter said at a Southern Governors Conference a few years later. “I’ve seen one myself.” ‘

          1. He also had an encounter with an “attack rabbit” and probably looked with lust at Mr. Peanut. Obama is the only reason Jimmy is no longer considered the worst President in history.

    1. Jimmy the Farmer would just say we’d have to ask his wife to explain what it was.


      If I were Rosalynn, I’d tell him it’s an omen from Bastet, and that she’s about to put a paw up his butt for killing Sybil’s cat.

    1. Indeed, a lovely tribute to America at it’s best. Cspan is re-airing the entire thing at 8pm ET. Worth a look for the prezzie speeches, which proves, Obama is not the greatest orator ever. ;)

  6. Following the advice of my doctors, I cannot watch any live or taped feeds that contain images of Barack the Merciful. That said, my congratulations to President Bush and his lovely wife. Class, courtesy, dignity on display, something we do not see often from the current occupants of the White House.

    1. Agree Rick W. I always liked George W, he seems to be a real and genuine person with humour and self-criticism/knowledge, no need to be pompous and admired. He has a loving relation with his wonderful wife Laura and he believes in and loves the US. Obama is, and has, and does , nothing of this.

  7. When GWB said that “It was the honor of a lifetime to lead a country as brave and as noble as the United States,” he was not the only one who was farklempt. I cried like a baby.

    I swore I wouldn’t use this occasion to get snarky about Obama, but it’s mind-boggling how one person could take a “brave and noble” country and “fundamentally transform” it into one that is broke, divided and confused… in less than the time it took to build the GWB library.

  8. Note to Michelle look around those are what First Ladies look like. Nary
    a designer frock among them no massive jewelry or 12in wide belts.
    Also note they seem to be perfectly happy to take part in this occassion
    unlike you making faces like a 6 year old. I’d almost forgot we have had
    some great First Ladies we saw 4 today.

    1. Now, now, Lizzie. Be easy on Mooch, she hasn’t had a vaction in, like, a month, and it’s making her a little cranky(er)…

      Plus, her standing next to OTHER First Ladies gives you a immediate reference to compare her “Classiness” with. Like when she stands next to Beyonce, you get an instant point of comparison for “Physical Attractiveness”?

      I think she comes out on the short end. Of BOTH comparisons.

      I don’t know if she’s admit it to herself, or not, but she’s bound to know – somewhere, deep down in the malformed and misplaced spleen she has where her heart should be – that she doesn’t measure well against them, just like her husband doesn’t measure well against actual leaders, so he stays away from the GOOD ones, like Mr. Netanyahu…

      And it’s a bunch of ofay White folk, anyway. Who needs ’em, they’re just racist oppressors, right? Definitely NOT the crowd she LIKES to run with. And where’s the lobster?

  9. I couldn’t help but notice the stark difference between Obama and the other 4 Presidents. Obama will have no positive legacy, only the trainwreck Obamacare and financial devastation of America. Michelle’s legacy will be photos of hungry children in lunch lines, much like the war photos of people waiting in bread lines. Neither seem to have built relationships with the military. Nor have they really built any personal relationships. Who will attend the dedication of the Obama library? A handful of wealthy donors and geriactric Hollywood actors and singers?

    It was nice hearing Carter remark on Bush’s Inaugural day personal promise to him and the resulting peace treaty, bringing a 25 yr old war to end.

    1. It seems they are both worried about the Obama legacy. What the will go into his library? Where did he come from, what is his education, is his funding the same as the Boston bombers? A lot goes into the presidential library. I can only imagine Obama’s bare rooms and walls.

      1. The only thing he can put in his\ Library is a teleprompter and 20 million still photos courtesy of Pete Souza. Oh, and the empty chair!

  10. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you everyone. Please be seated” ! Maybe I need a hearing aid, but I didn’t hear any raucous applause or cat calls. Every day is just another campaign event for this jerk!

    “There are times where you wish you could turn back the clock. And what I know is true about President Bush, and I hope my successor will say about me, is that we love our country and we do our best.”

    Was this a half-hearted apology for bashing a good man for the last 4 years? Or does Obama realize that his poll numbers are sinking and GWB’s are rising? Karma is a (bleep)!

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