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George W. Bush Speaks at His Presidential Library

This was pretty touching, I thought.

George W. Bush’s speaks today at the dedication of his presidential library in Dallas. Make sure you see the last minute during which he becomes quite emotional.

25 thoughts on “George W. Bush Speaks at His Presidential Library”

    1. Definitely!

      I saw the previous post and comments after I watched this, and I thought during the singing Mr. O looked like he could use a cigarette. I wonder how he made it through the entire ceremony?

      1. Has Obama got ADS? All I saw of him was bothering Barbara Bush next to him, then bopping around as if he were still at the Memphis Soul concert, and finally giving a thumbs up. Can he not sit still for a moment and draw attention to himself?

        1. While not often a defender of Obama, from the 5:12 video I saw of the Army Chorus (if that’s what you’re referring to), Barbara seemed to be fully engaged in conversation with him, and at one time he leaned over to her — which could be in deference to her frailties. Barbara has long been a straight shooter; I imagine she would have no complaints.

          1. I don’t know who started the conversation, but it was rude. It reminded me of the Obama family texting during the Inaugural Parade. He wasn’t listening to the Army Chorus for most of the performance, yet the hypocrite gave the thumbs up at the end after he be-bopped a little. Barbara Bush may be excused for being an old woman or for just trying to be polite to the current President of the United States.

    2. Thanks for posting the video. The Army Chorus is an amazing group of singers. Alvy Powell (front row, 3rd from the left) sang for the inauguration of Bush 41, and I’ve had the pleasure of accompanying him in several recitals over the years.

    3. That was amazing. Been a very long time since I’ve felt such a swell of pride for my country, and two times in one day. Rush played the Battle Hymn during his show opening too.

      Preezy Revenge will probably have Jay-Z and Bouncey perform at his library opening.

    4. It would have been interesting to watch the Obummer the whole time and see what kind of interest he had in the proceedings; no respect I am sure, not even pretending to be interested!

  1. Oh, I loved it ! His feelings comes through, he is a genuine warm guy, a real American. I much prefer his somewhat stumbling way of giving speeches to O´s hollow Teleprompter readings .

    1. Bush, at least, understood that the bright lights of the Presidency was about leadership of the nation, not about basking in his own glow. Like him or not, only the whack-job conspiracy theorists (of which there are plenty on the left) can say that he did what he did to advance himself and his own interest – something that will never be said of the big zero, who can’t seem to find the best interests of the entire nation anywhere in that vacuous space above his empty suit.

  2. Deleted from the speech:”President Obama had four tears to blame me for everything that was wrong when he was elected and now he has four more years to blame me for everything he did wrong in his first term.”

  3. Very good man, an even better President. Moo seems to have gotten a new ‘do plus she has a JACKET on! Be still my heart…………

    I’d give my prediction of the dedication of the Obama library event but…..Keith would get mad at me.

        1. I predict there would be a picture of Zero with that middle finger creeping up the side of his face, with a fly or two parked somewhere nearby.

  4. I miss him, agree with his decisions or not. You knew where he stood and whose side he was on…We donated as founding members and my husband’s name is on a wall there. Sad he did not live to see the opening.

  5. George Bush was wonderful, so warm and so natural. His message of love to Laura was absolutely touching. He doesn’t need to use the teleprompter, and while his delivery may not be as “polished” as Barry’s, he is far more genuine.

  6. If Saddam Hussein were still around today, what kind of trouble do you think he would have caused the world? He wanted us to believe he had WMD and would use them if we attacked. The majority of Congress supported the war. George Bush was a real leader. Obama is a bone headed, third world colonialist hating amateur.

  7. History will place George W Bush as one of the most sincere, honest, God fearing Presidents. His deep-seated genuine love of this great country are evident in the high standards he set for himself and the strong ethical principles that were evident throughout his administrations. And how times nose-dive and change !

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