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Obamacare Workers Avoid Furloughs

Well, air traffic controllers may be getting furloughed, but the administration wants to make sure Obamacare gets a safe landing, as worker bees implementing the health care law won’t be forced to take unpaid days off.

According to The Hill, while furloughs go into effect throughout the federal workforce, the worst the office doing Obamacare can expect is that it can’t hire new people if someone leaves.

Unless a misguided plane crashes into their office, the Obamacare workers be at their desks making the country safe for socialized medicine.

11 Responses to Obamacare Workers Avoid Furloughs

    • The slowdown at the airports has to be a deliberate action by the unions who might have been promised a raise with the supposed increase in the FAA’s budget.

      We should assume that at any given time, the workforce in any airport tower is short one or two people; out sick, or on a break, or at lunch. Furloughing 15K controllers, one at a time, once a month shouldn’t make much difference in flight schedules at all.

  1. Oh boy, the roll-out of this massive fiasco will be interesting, at the least.
    No wonder the old guard Dems in the Senate are finding retirement most attractive.

  2. You can’t hire enough people to make Obamacare work.

    Air traffic around WDC — Reagan and Dulles also not affected. Every Congressman should be embarrassed by this.

    I heard, but cannot confirm, that 2/3 of the FAA budget comes from ticket purchase.

  3. Of course he’s not going to furlough Obamacare bureaucrats, any more than he’s going to cut funding to the Muslim Brotherhood. Mark Levin was just talking about how the FAA is funded. Two-thirds of their budget comes from airline ticket fees, and only one-third comes from the federal budget. There is absolutely no reason for the FAA to jeopardize flight safety, other than the fact that Preezy Revenge wants to punish the American people.

    • Also, the FAA Act still requires the FAA to promote aviation, something that probably has not been needed since the start of the jet age in the 1960s, or at least the birth of Laker Airlines (remember Freddie?). Wonder how much money we spend promoting an industry that is now used, without thinking. by everyone in the country. That money can and should be transferred to safety functions.

  4. […] Update III: The joke that started on Big Pink is no longer a joke. On the Monday of the Boston Bombing we highlighted a comment by Valleyboy: “Has this been blamed on the sequester yet? You know, the one Republicans are to blame for.” The early blame-the-sequester-for-the-attacks attack failed. But fear not comedians. Today the lawyers for the Boston killer say they cannot proceed with their defense because of – sequester cuts. No sequester cuts for ObamaCare though. […]