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The Obama Morning News || April 24, 2013

GOP report blames Clinton, Obama for Benghazi . . . Washington Times
Mueller, Napolitano under fire for Boston . . . The Hill
White House had advance warning on Fisker . . . Fox News
Pelosi least liked congressional leader . . . The Hill
Obama plans White House-GOP budget group . . . Politico
Charges dropped against Miss. man in ricin case . . . Washington Post
Obama hosts female senators at White House . . . Associated Press
New book looks at the private George W. Bush . . . Washington Times
Bush on Cheney: relationship “cordial” . . . Politico
Hillary hits the speaking circuit . . . Politico

7 Responses to The Obama Morning News || April 24, 2013

  1. Obama hosts female senators at White House . . . Associated Press
    I wonder how many he set-up tee times with for a future golf outing?

  2. Analysis:
    Why the public holds all of the Federal government in low regard.

    1. An investigative report of the events that led up to the massacre at Bengazi and it’s aftermath claims that the President and his Secretary of State lied about everything to Congress and the people. No further action is contemplated and the American victims are still dead.
    2. The directors of the FBI and Homeland security have admitted that, contrary to public perception, they can’t indentify a terrorist or danger to the American public even after a foreign nation points them out or draws a red circle on a photo.
    3. The taxpayer financed boondoogle known as the Fisker Auto Group has finally gone bankrupt. While financial analyists are pouring over accounting records to find out why, the president of an Alabama NASCAR fan club revealed that a poll showed that no one wanted to drive a car called a “Fisker”.
    4. President Obama hosted a dinner with selected women Senators in an effort to convince them that he knows best about what is good for our country, and to reinforce his belief that all women consider him to be “eye candy”.
    5.Former President GWBush is celebrating the opening of a multi-million dollar present to himself that assumes that the American public will be fascinated with the mundane details of his tenure. In an interview with the Press, he admits that he still talks to his running mate, MrCheney.
    6. Former FirstLady, NYSenator, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has begun a campaign to demonstrate that she will be the only candidate for President in2016 by charging huge sums to speak in front of friendly gatherings. The NYTimes proclaimed that MrsClinton had quietly made her intentions of running for the highest office by changing her hairstyle.
    7. The Elvis wanna-be that was arrested recently on charges of using a weapon of mass destruction (ricin) was cleared of all charges when he revealed that he didn’t even eat rice.