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Biden Steps Up, Labels Bombers Islamists

Yes, Biden.

In a first for the White House since the Boston Marathon bombings last week, which has avoided characterizing the bombings as part of a Jihadist war against the West, Vice President Biden today minced no words about who the bombers were and the threat they are part of, excoriating them as Islamist jerks waging terror on behalf of a failed ideology.

From the Washington Post coverage of his speech today at the memorial for the MIT police officer they killed, Sean Collier:

But Biden also used the occasion to angrily denounce the brothers of Chechen origin who allegedly planted the bombs and later murdered Collier, calling them “two twisted, perverted, cowardly knock-off jihadis.”

He said the “doctrine of hate and oppression” espoused by Islamist terrorists “cannot compete with the values of openness and inclusion” illustrated by U.S. society in general and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in particular.

“And that’s why they’re losing around the world…. Our very existence makes a lie of their perverted ideology.”

This is when I love Biden. When he gets it right, he has a directness and a passion that slices right through the artifice that usually separates politicians from the rest of us.

It’s comforting to know that at least someone at the highest levels of the White House understands that we are in an international struggle against extremist Islamist terrorists, not just some amorphous concept of “terrorism” that could be waged by anyone from an al Qaeda captain to a Jewish grandmother.

And Biden knows the United States can defeat the threat.

Biden added that he was proud the country has not succumbed to the fear that terrorists aim to instill. “We have suffered,” he said. “We are grieving. But we are not bending. We will not yield to fear. We will not hunker down. We will not be intimidated.”

Here’s some video from another portion of what looks to have been both a strong and moving speech.

Not a bad day of work for the vice president.

28 thoughts on “Biden Steps Up, Labels Bombers Islamists”

    1. Don’t you think he’s implying that they were ‘lone wolves’ and not part of a network? That part of the speech I don’t like. The administration is not heeding its advice to the rest of us and is ‘rushing to judgment’.

    2. Agree with Julie. His use of the term “knock-off jihadi” is meant to minimize the magnitude of the Boston attack and implies there were no outside influences over these soulless monsters. Move along folks, we all know You-Tube videos and the mysterious red-bearded Misha made them do it.

      The left is spinning like a top to get us focused on looking at the motivations of these two roaches. Who cares what motivated them? We need to know how many more of them are here in America under the guise of student visas or political asylum. Are they where they are supposed to be? Supposedly the Saudi student, who was tackled by bystanders at the scene of the Boston bombing, had a visa to attend school in Ohio, yet he was living 800 miles away in Massachusetts. What’s up with that? Why can’t the government connect the dots like we can. In other words, just do your job alphabet agencies.

      1. Why is the government bringing these so-called political refugees over here in the first place? The Tsaraev family has apparently gone back to the very place from which it fled in fear.

        1. I read where the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill has language in it that makes it even easier for refugees/asylum seekers to enter the US. Rather than having to prove individual persecution, the bill expands the president’s authority to designate entire groups and classes of persecuted people.

  1. He actually called them “jihadis”? Wow. Props to Plugs. That should piss off John Al-Quds Brennan.

    The president’s top counterterrorism adviser on Wednesday called jihad a “legitimate tenet of Islam,” arguing that the term “jihadists” should not be used to describe America’s enemies.

    During a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, John Brennan described violent extremists as victims of “political, economic and social forces,” but said that those plotting attacks on the United States should not be described in “religious terms.”


        1. Not that O’Reilly’s ego needs any more snacks, but last nite he did almost an entire show on why Obama won’t call a jihadi a jihadi–this could be CYA.

  2. VPOTUS has given POTUS plausible deniability with his Muslim friends. I knew he was sent to that Officer’s service for some reason.

  3. “knock off jihadi” — are those the guys who do work place violence or sports related violence? Hate to rain on your parade Keith, but I see a “Corey Booker hostage tape” walk back before Obama can think of another sequester punishment for the American people.

    1. Grace, I really enjoy your comments! you are spot on with this one. I’m not sharing Keith’s fondness for Uncle Joe. and I agree with someone above who said that “knockoff” was meant to diminish the Boston bombers’ possible connection to a larger jihadi group.

      Biden willl do a Booker and say that what he MEANT was “wannabe jihadi” which really means not a jihadi at all. meanwhile, the MSM will continue to wonder “why they did it”!

      1. Thanks for the kind words. Biden might be unaware so the Booker comment/clarification might come from someone else on his behalf. Perhaps Kerry– who is stumbling over his words and embarrassing us around the world — a two fer.

  4. On Politico:

    4/24/13 5:10 PM EDT
    President Obama ordered federal flags in Texas be lowered to half-staff Wednesday in honor of the victims of the Texas fertilizer plant explosion.

    I guess late is better than never. Did you hear he cancelled speaking at the National Abortion Clinic tomorrow night (using the above as an excuse). But he will speak and celebrate “abortions for all” on Friday morning.

    1. I wonder if he will have a moment of silence for the baby in the Gosnell trial that was throwin the toilet and was swimming and trying to get out before being terminated.

  5. – 6:51 AM EDT, Wednesday April 24, 2013

    President Obama is scheduled to speak on Wednesday in Dallas at a Democratic National Committee event, where around 60 people are expected to attend a dinner with the President and first lady, the Dallas Morning News reported.

    The fundraising event is expected to net about $1 million, according to the report. During his trip to Texas, Obama will also attend the opening of former President George W. Bush’s presidential library and a memorial for victims of the deadly fertilizer plant blast in Waco, Tex.

    (The last two events are “after thoughts” to Dear Leader.)

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    1. Not Nabob the Knothead

      Shotgun Joe could very well be in the hunt for a nomination on the Demo ticket for 2016. So his statement is for future reference. The Dememy does every thing for a reason.

  7. The “knockoff Jihadist” thing will probably irk Obama in ways that few Westerners understand – including Joe, I’ll bet, because his “understanding” of anything never gets beyond soft focus.

    The thing is, Obama was born, raised, and still acts like a Muslim. Problem is, he’s not an ARAB Muslim. This results in a race-based inferiority complex that Obama does NOT appear to be mentally equipped to deal with. Obama is used to calling “Racism” whenever someone mentions his apparent physical manifestation, and that just doesn’t work in Islam!

    The “son of the desert” look is highly valued in Islamic circles, espeically since it’s tough to link yourself to the Prophet or any of his various sucessors if you don’t have it. For an example, the Umayyid caliphs, be it from adoption from Westerners or Western concubines (stories vary as they are wont to do in Arab lands), tended towards lighter hair, skin, and eye colors. They had a “thing” about this as well, even to the extent of beard dyeing to try to hide their ancestory. With all their military power and otherwise impeccable Islamic background, they ultimately could not overcome this visual handicap with rank-and-file Muslims.

    With all non-Arab Muslims, there is the same onus, which can result in a desire to go ever greater, to “Prove” oneself to be a “True” Muslim. While Arab Muslims, such as the custodians of Mecca and Medina, welcome the insane attempts as advancing the cause of Jihad, they will – always and ever – look down on their differently-features counterparts as “wannabes”, or “knockoffs” if you will. Kind of like the way a Frenchman from Paris will look down on his Francophone counterpart from Québec; or the Spaniard will look down on his New World cousin, even the Creole ones; or even the way that lightness or darkness of skin tone can cause fights, self-loathing, and stratification within the American Black community.

    Thing is, in the Muslim world, this cannot be overcome. Obama knows it. He already knows he is not up to the job of President, so there’s the inferiority thing there; he’s well aware that he has been a “Post Turtle” since he was brought into American politics by terrorist, so more inferiority; Moochie publically wears the pants in the family, so, more inferiority for his Muslim self; the Islamic world didn’t hit his “Like” button just because he repurposed NASA for Muslim Outreach (short aside; NASA = Nurds Assigned to Serving A!!ah); and not all of the American taxpayer funded armaments, or all the political and logistic support he’s given to extant or emerging radical Sunni regimes has done a thing for his Muslim “Cred”. This is why Crazy Joe’s random “Knockoff Jihadi” comment will resonate with The Angry Caliph.

    All this drives Obama crazy, or at least crazyER than he already WAS. And now, his ever-trustworthy and restraned right hand man has – however unintentionally – reminded him of the stratifications and heirarchy in Islamic society that will forever deny him the bliss of being a TRUE heir of the Prophet, and he’s got to deal with THAT.

    And there’s not a thing he can do about it.

    Watch him light Joe up in the coming days. When it seems he’s overreacting to what, to us, is just another minor Biteme gaffe, you’ll know that THIS is why…

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