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Quote of the Day || April 24, 2013

“In fact, we’re not even going to try Tsarnaev in civilian court. We’ve decided to sue him.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

16 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || April 24, 2013”

  1. Or instead of suing him, just have barack obama give him a trousers-down spanking and a wag of the finger followed by immigrant amnesty.

  2. Well Keith, I think you read the mind of Barack Hussein but he will not dare to take his whitewashing wishes that far . I do hope that the FBI will sober up and start to scrutinize and increase the surveillance at the Mosques, also called education centers, cultural centers, societies. Many of them are extremely hostile towards the host countries, sort of like Trojan Horses. Or is the leadership in organisations like the FBI picked because of confessed political correctness ? Over here in Europe the word “Islamophobia” is often used against people who try to discuss the effects of Islam.

  3. BTW, where the H#ll has AG Holder been during all of the Boston bombing?
    Havent seen or heard a word from him… granted if this was a “white, right-wing, Tea Party terrorist” Holder would be all over the TV.

    1. Holder is arranging for some of his buds to represent Suspect #2 in return for a cushy spot in one of their firms when Dear Leader and Moo vacate the premises.

  4. gee only 5% of all muslims are bad ok so that comes out to over 80 million that’s 4 times the size of Hitlers army we need to send all of them back no good pieces of garbage hope the all DIE

  5. The only suing that we’ll hear about is when the Elvis wanna-be sues us for false imprisionment and the destruction of his reputation after the FBI accused him of sending ricin to the POTUS.
    When questioned by the authorities, the falsely accused said “I don’t even eat rice”.
    (actual quote)

    1. Poor guy. He didn’t even know what ricin was. At the time, the rumors were swirling that a ‘dark-skinned man’ was responsible for the Boston bombing. No doubt there was a scramble to find an appropriate dupe to take the heat off.

      “Damn, all this blaming my people for the Boston bombing is starting to make me look bad. Holder, find me a white Southern guy quick.”
      (Not a real quote)

      1. Yup–the corner of the rug is lifted and the broom is approaching. Check out the WaPo story–whew, this is wrapped up. Uh–could we even talk to the wife, maybe doublecheck with Putin–and what about Loser #1’s best friend and two other guys being shot in a mass execution–was he involved, please advise. And for the future–can we track flagged people a little better? Our paper today, AZ Republic (Gannett) asked if they could not track these guys, how about the 11 million people we are about to officially welcome into our bosom? Hmmm. Our “editorial” cartoon conflated this with abortion clinic bombings. Time to pick up your severed limbs and move on, I guess, lest a Muslim be mentioned.

  6. “In fact, we’re not even going to try Tsarnaev in civilian court. We’ve decided to give him 25 hours of community service and an Obama phone and call it even.”

    – Barack Obama

    A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

      1. He already has achieved that with his public defender and all the costs we will pay to keep him incarcerated, in style I wouldn’t doubt.

        Don’t know if this is true, but he supposedly can’t talk due to a throat wound, and yet the report coming from the hospital said that he did say one word. When asked if he could afford to pay his legal costs, he loudly answered ‘no’.

  7. Two things bother me especially. Now they are putting out that Number Two says they operated alone. How does that jive with Russia warning us two years ago about Number One? Secondly, we gave the family political asylum, and yet the parents have gone back to the country where they felt threatened.

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