In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


The Obama Morning News || April 23, 2013

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  1. I hope ‘bombing issues’ at least delay the immigration bill which is being forced down our throats without understanding just like Obamacare. The Democrats need to be broken of their hard court presses.

  2. The News That Was Lost In The Fog Of Terrorism In The US;

    The once invincible FBI had interviewed a suspected Chechan terrorist at the request of the intel concerns of Russia two years ago. Due to politically correct pressures from the Obama adminstration that refuses to allow radicalized Islamists to be profiled, the FBI filed their report without any further investigation of the individual’s activties while in Chechna.
    Last week, the radicalized Chechan Islamist caused two bombs to be set off in Boston. The resulting terror that shook the city’s inhabitants also caused the Obama administration and all it’s minions to find excuses that wouldn’t reflect on the politically correct policies that had Homeland Security forces investigating conservative, Christian Americans as potential terrorists.

    The once invincible FBI was charged with the task of indentifying and capturing the evil-doers who placed the bombs had apparently forgotten about the interview of the alien radicalized Chechan Islamist and asked the public for help in finding the bombers.

    Once the evil-doers were identified and on the run, local law enforcement took on the chase. Unfamiliar with terrorists and bombers, the local LEO’s over-reacted in their pursuit of the evil-doers and proved that our constitutional rights can be ignored whenever our government agencies thinks it’s appropriate.

    The death of one evil-doer and the capture of the other has brought the Obama administration some cover as they turn the whole ugly terrorist attack by alien radicalized Islamists into a common domestic crime.

    In other news;
    The Obama administration’s task of turning what’s left of the middle class in America into the depths of poverty by the use of excessive taxation, isn’t moving as fast as they would like. The Obamacare tax package won’t provide revenue results for several years, so the current push is to tax anything from the rain to toy purchases over the internet.

    The discouraged and depressed American public has lost it’s voice and champions in the halls of Congress and can only wait until 2014 to express their concerns.

    1. Amen, srdem. Sure is depressing to witness the destruction of this magnificent country at the hands of the frauds and incompetents occupying positions of power.

      1. And–why the heck haven’t they talked to Suspect One’s wife yet? I have some questions–did he ever have friends who came over? Who were they? What did he do in Russia? How could you guys afford such a trip? How did he support the family? Did he hang out with his brother? What did you think of him? Did you ever talk to him about building bombs around your child, much less you? AND MANY MORE!!!

        1. According to Chris Matthews – “What matter does it make” why they did it or how. Amazing. If it was a domestic terrorist who has ties to the right.. that statement would have flown out the window as he would be foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog screaming for answers. And yet people listen to him. And others.

          What we are seeing now is the crisis is over, please resume you regular lives.

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