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Carney: Not Yet Convinced Syria Used Chemical Weapons

You know, with President Obama, you often get this tough guy talk that, like a wannabe schoolyard bad dude, sounds a litte hollow.

Whether he says he’s trying to figure out “whose ass to kick” or vows to Iran, “I don’t bluff,” one gets the sense that, well, he does bluff. And bluffs sometimes work, and sometimes, bluffs get called.

I can kick you ass.
I can kick your ass.

Obama looks dangerously close to having to live up to his vow that use of chemical weapons by Syria would be a “red line” and a “game changer.” What exactly does all that mean? Who knows. But if it doesn’t mean something very serious and deadly, Obama will be an obvious peddler of empty threats, and Iran and North Korea and China and Russia and al Qaeda and everyone else will take note.

And, so, surprise, surprise, the United States still ain’t sure Syria has used chemical weapons, even though Israel just announced that it is certain that’s exactly what Bashar Assad did. Israel may have its own reasons for prodding us to take on Assad, but Britain and France have also concluded this is what occurred.

But at the White House, the investigation continues. From Press Secretary Jay Carney’s briefing:

You can be sure we’re monitoring this and that we are looking for conclusive evidence, if it exists, if there was use of chemical weapons . . . I’m saying that we support an investigation.  We are monitoring this, and we have not come to the conclusion that there has been that use.

Carney continued, “Oh God, please don’t make it that they used chemical weapons, oh God, please!”

Okay, not that last part. But my bet is that would have been a more accurate reflection of the thinking just a short walk from the briefing room, back in the West Wing.

16 thoughts on “Carney: Not Yet Convinced Syria Used Chemical Weapons”

  1. BHO’s tough guy talk is nothing but cliches. But why should anyone expect more; he has never lived in the real world, community organizing notwithstanding. He has never had to struggle for or defend anything. Speak loudly when you don’t even carry a little stick.

  2. What do those Israelis know about chemistry – they’ve only received 4 Nobel prizes for chemistry since 2004.

    Obama’s red line is actually a rubber band.

  3. Getting into bed with these Jihadists is just so mind numbingly stupid it just boggles the imagination. All you have to do is Google Syrian FSA and SAA and you’ll see atrocities by both sides that will leave you questioning humanities inhumanity towards one another. This is a huge S@!t sandwich and I for one want no taste of it.

    1. I’m with KmikeB.
      At this point of our struggles with all of Islam, let them gas, bomb, knife, rape, stone, decapitate or whatever horror they find appropriate to do to each other.

      We might all be appalled at the inhumanity Muslims inflict on each other, but we have our own, homegrown, legalized inhumanity on trial in Philadelphia to worry about.

  4. If Obama can’t see it and it isn’t listed in the Alinsky/Muslim Brotherhood “rules you always follow” manuals, it doesn’t exist.

  5. He only displays a backbone when he’s punishing the American people. It’s like he’s in the ‘witness protection program’ (h/t Mark Levin) when it comes to taking accountability for his policies and the individuals he has directing those policies.

  6. I’m going broke, but the Syrian jihadists and solar panel manufacturers are making out like bandits. I need a new angle…

  7. I would luv to see the Israelis make a major public statement (Prime Minister or Ambassador) about the use of Syrian chemical weapons. That would really push this Obama reigme into a corner… what would Obama do then? -LOL
    (then again the “media” would just skip over any Israeli statements to protect Obama)

  8. Proof of Syrian chemical weapons use?
    Just send in some CIA or Spec Ops. (which we most likely already have. I bet the US already has proof of their use… but the cowards in White House refuse to deal with it)

  9. I’m sorry, but we are totally screwed. I’m about ready to shove my head in the sand and plug my ears and sing “la-la-la, I can’t hear you.” I feel so sorry for the great Americans that are going into harms way for this idiot. For what? Everything that we’ve worked for over the last century will be down the drain.

    1. I had an application in to the State Dept. to take the Foreign Service Officer Test back in 2008. Once Barack Hussein Obama was ‘elected’ I cancelled my application. I could not imagine serving (military, State or CIA) under this pathetic, clue-less, weak willed so-called “President”.
      (it was bad enought when I was in the USN during the Clinton years…)

  10. Not Nabob the Knothead

    Iranian support of Syria has our fearless leader in a conundrum. He hasn’t the testicular fortitude to anger his Muslim Brothers.

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