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Okay, Here We Go, This is Bush’s Fault Too

Poor President Obama. He’s still cleaning up George W. Bush’s messes. If only he had more rags and Ajax.

A narrative is beginning to form that the Boston terrorists were lone actors angered by U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. You guessed it. Bush’s wars.

From the Washington Post:

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe an ongoing investigation, said Dzhokhar and his older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was killed by police as the two attempted to avoid capture, do not appear to have been directed by a foreign terrorist organization.

Rather, the officials said, the evidence so far suggests they were “self-radicalized” through Internet sites and U.S. actions in the Muslim world. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has specifically cited the U.S. war in Iraq, which ended in December 2011 with the removal of the last American forces, and the war in Afghanistan, where President Obama plans to end combat operations by the end of 2014.

Here we go. I can hear Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi now, close to tears, lamenting the awful mistakes Bush made and the consequences that continue to roll in.

But of course, as the Washington Post notes, our current leader is coming to the rescue:

Obama has made repairing U.S. relations with the Islamic world a foreign policy priority.

The Post adds that Obama’s drone operations have nevertheless “inflamed Muslim public opinion.” So Obama’s not perfect – he does engage in some unproductive Bush-style tactics.

How about a mention that the wars also kept the terrorists pinned down for a decade, and now, they’re not?

The Tsarnaev brothers were radicalized by haters of all that is America and all that is not Muslim. Whatever the Tsarnaev’s particular motivations, it’s clear they were driven by hateful Islamist ideology that wants to strike us and will always find a reason to do so.

Remember, what supposedly irked Osama Bin Laden was our presence on the holy sands of Saudi Arabia. If it wasn’t that, it would have been our support for Israel. The older brother who drove the operation, Tamerlan, was an angry, radicalized Islamist. He would have found his reason whether we were in Iraq or not.

And remember, we’re out of Iraq. What was bothering him wasn’t Iraq, it was us.

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  1. I think, even for the average Sheeple voter, the “it’s Bush’s fault” is getting exhausting, just like the rest of the Obama presidency. But, of course he’s little more than a mirror of society at large – looking for a consistent alibi for their own failure to do anything significant. Poor little Obama – just a victim of circumstances beyond his control.

        1. That’s why any consideration of anyone named BUSH should be a non-starter, IF the Republicans – or any OTHER party – actually WANT The White House…

  2. To paraphrase from “The Wild One”

    “Hey Terrorist, what are you rebelling against?”
    “What do you got?”

    To paraphrase Bob Dylan
    They’ll stone you when when the US gets involved.
    They’ll stone you when it doesn’t come to rescue.
    They’ll stone you when they supply rebels with cash.
    They’ll stone you when they offer assistance in medical aid.
    But they’ll would not feel so un-atoned unless everybody must get stoned.

  3. Then what the heck was the excuse for 9/11, or the prior bombing of the WTC? Or the USSCole or any number of terrorists bombings against US citizens around the world.

    It is so hard for some of us to accept that there are journalists(?) with a huge public forum who will twist and spin anything that would harm the reputation of their favorite President, even so far as to blame a terrorist attack on the actions of a previous President.

    1. How’s the tea trolley? As for the media some of worst of left are
      using Boston for everything from guns to it’s our fault. I’d still like
      to get a plausible explanation why Russia gave us a head’s up on
      this one terrorist. He was hardly likely to been the only one. I just
      find it odd. Just me being paranoid and the fact that we have no
      leadership in Washington.

      1. “What the heck has been the excuse for the past 1400 years?” – ImNoDhimmi

        Maybe Emperor Constantine was a Bush ancestor…

    2. Not Nabob the Knothead

      Journalists(?) FYI : In 2008, Journalist was put on the endangered species list. Only a few have been able to survive since. i.e. Keith Koffler…

  4. Let’s see Obama’s little minions blame Bush..still. Obama loves reminding all of us how hard he’s working to clean up the mess he
    inherited. Now he and Michelle aka ‘single Mom’ will go to the Bush
    Library while he’s twisting the knife he and his handmaidens in the media stuck in Bush as a one stop for all that’s wrong. She will have on a new
    sleeveless frock guaranteed to make this all about the Obama’s and he
    will look at Bush with a smirk and twist the knife even deeper. Classy.

  5. Interestingly, I’ve been seeing “Bush wasn’t so bad after all” articles popping up here and there over the last couple of weeks, such as this one from The Washington Times.

    Regardless of Obama’s and the media’s relentless and continuing demonizing of him, George W. Bush is more and more starting to remind folks of the good ol’ days. I always thought history would be more kind of GWB than most people, but I thought it would take longer than just over 4 years. That says an awful lot about our current president, IMO.

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  7. They’ve gone from the “one off” b.s. skipped a beat to the “lone wolf” b.s. and have now upped the stakes to “lone actors”.

    When they figure out that wolves travel in packs (back), wired underwear and sneakers – let me know.

  8. Bravo, Keith. Unlike most of your associates in the press, you are a resident of Realsville. These people are twisting themselves into pretzels in an effort to place the blame on anyone and anything other than their failed ideology. Rush called it last week, long before we knew who the bombers were. He said the cult of Obama (my term) would push the lone wolf theory if it turned out the ‘religion of peace’ was responsible for another act of terror.

    Reality hit US smack in the face with the Boston bombing last week when radical Islamists declared war on America. The liberal utopian ideal that if we just give our enemy whatever they want and never hold them responsible for their actions, they will like us and won’t want to kill us. Little do they realize that sweet little Dzhokhar would probably slit their throat if he had the opportunity. He and his brother weren’t lone wolves and no amount of so-called evidence presented by the cabal of corruption will convince me otherwise.

  9. “Obama has made repairing U.S. relations with the Islamic world a foreign policy priority.”

    Mr President, your advisers did not mean “sexual relations” when referring to our broken relations with Islamic states. You must stop letting them sodomize you immediately. It’s not presidential.

    1. “You must stop letting them sodomize you immediately. It’s not presidential.” – Lance Heckerman

      You’re close, but it’s US they’re sodomizing. He’s just holding us down for them…

      After all, he IS them. He was born a Sunni, raised a Sunni, went to Sunni Madrassa, and both his father and stepfather were Sunni; therefore, under Islamic law, HE’s Sunni.

      That’s a lifetime thing with them, too. Apostasy/conversion is punishable by death. The fact that NO Iman has a fatwa regarding this, ESPECIALLY with SUCH a prominent “convert” is a strong indication that the Muslim world considers Obama’s “Christianity” to be taqiyya, and therefore not to be taken seriously.

      Note also that he always meets with Sunni muslim leaders, and kills Shiite Muslims. This is fully in keeping with the Sunni belief that Shiites are the ULTIMATE apostates, and suggests Obama is using the full might of the U.S. Military to advance Sunna over Shia, and at the same time get to look “tough” with Muslims…

  10. I’m a former Jew who hates what the Palestinians are doing to Israel. I haven’t gone there and bombed their citizens. I’m now a Christian who can’t stand what the muslims are doing to the Coptic Christians in Egypt. I haven’t gone there and bombed their citizens. I don’t care how much you hate something the US is doing, killing and maiming innocent people is evil. I want Reagan back, he would have called them the Religion of Evil, not Peace.

  11. For once it can almost be proven it is Bush’s fault. From a Fox News article.

    According to the latest survey by the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project, confidence in Obama in Muslim countries dropped from 33% to 24% in his first term. Approval of Obama’s policies declined even further, from 34% to 15%. And support for the United States in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Pakistan is lower today than it was in 2008 in the closing year of George W. Bush’s administration. That collapse of support has not happened elsewhere.

    Read more:

    1. the OIC countries were probably expecting a lot from Obama, since he was clearly going to be the most anti-Israel president since Carter. (maybe they saw the Rashid Khalidi video!)

  12. Wait a minute,when I woke up this morning the bomber said it was for religious reasons. Someone didn’t like that reason apparently, and now the narrative is going to change to fit the administrations agenda.

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  14. Anyone even slightly familiar with television police procedure drama (much less the Army Field Guide on Intelligence Interrogation) knows interrogators often feed a suspect theories. Interrogators win a subject’s trust and tell them they can understand how they might have done such a thing. Such approaches can produce replies about factual involvement that may or may not include actual admissions about motivation. A suspect might not fully understand their own motivation, and may glide into whatever theory a sympathetic investigator offers. So, whether or not Johkar said that U.S. wars were part of his motivation, a reasonable assessment would take his claims with a grain of salt. Wouldn’t he more likely be motivated by anger at Russia’s forced relocation of his recent Chechen ancestors? One of the bombs was placed beneath a Russian flag. And maybe he’d be driven by broad anger at non-Muslim states allied with Russia? Or maybe just angry, alienated and ready to strike out at any happy, organized group, much the same as a school shooter or any other mass spree killer?

    Given the likely complexity of the young killer’s motivation, we do have reasons to ask questions about where this information came from with regard to his motivation. He’s barely able to talk, and the FBI is not holding press conferences about whatever snippets of information they’ve persuaded him to write on paper, yet a narrative is emerging about his motivation that involves Bush’s wars? That doesn’t seem a very strong narrative. It also smacks as odd that the Post credits Obama with ending the wars, which he did only long after he’d promised, on a schedule not unlike – though maybe longer than – Bush’s schedule for winding things down. And of course, The Nation reported in November what anyone slightly familiar with U.S. military policy would presume – Special Forces were in Iraq last year and probably come and go as they see fit. But the Post’s pro-Obama narrative is more important than the truth. Wasn’t the Post the outlet that took the lead in rebranding US Days of Rage as “Occupy Wall Street” the day after Service Workers International Union tried to hide their pre-Election Obama list-building exercise behind a supposedly spontaneous uprising?

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