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Biden to Attend Memorial for Slain Officer

Vice President Biden and his wife Jill will travel to Cambridge, Massachusetts Wednesday to attend a memorial for MIT police officer Sean Collier, who was killed by the animals who bombed the Boston Marathon.

Another trip to Boston by President Obama would have been too much, so I’m very glad to see the vice president is doing it. Officer Collier deserves to be remembered too.

9 thoughts on “Biden to Attend Memorial for Slain Officer”

  1. RIP Officer Collier. Thoughts and prayers for his family and all of those touched by the terrorists in Boston.

    This is off topic, but I just offer as something about Chechnya that could be useful to those unfamiliar with the area without being overwhelmed or bogged down. This is a snippet from Michael Totten and within is a link to a more complete article by Thomas Goltz who lived in Chechnya during the Russian invasion.

  2. Officer Collier deserves respect, and it’s good to see someone from the White House attending the funeral.

    That said, the terrorist brothers don’t deserve to be called “animals”. They qualify as monsters, not as intelligent beings who live each day for the survival of themselves and their kin, and who do an admirable job of thriving without all the crutches that we “evolved’ humans depend on.

  3. I’m a one time PO and I have a problem with Biden attending any service. Would the White House have sent a rep if the officer had been killed by a drug addict in Boston say on April 10th? No. Would the April 10th death anything less to his/her family than Officer Collier’s death? Of course not. The only difference is the photo op of the circumstances.

    If we could ask him, I’d bet Officer Collier would be proud his brother/sister officers honored him rather than a political hack like Biden.

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