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Obama Still Not Scheduled to Visit West, Texas

Updated 1:22 pm ET

UPDATE: The White House put out word this afternoon that President Obama will attend a memorial service Thursday in Waco, Texas for the victims of the fertilizer plant explosion in West.

The original story as it ran this morning:

President Obama is still not scheduled to visit the devastated community of West, Texas, where an explosion at a fertilizer plant five days ago killed 14 – including 11 emergency responders – and wounded approximately 200 people.

Up to 75 homes were damaged, as well as an apartment complex that was decimated.

Obama so far has sent prayers and money to the town, but not himself.

According to Bridget Johnson at  PJ Media, Texas senator Ted Cruz said it is “doubtful” that Obama will visit the town.

He will have ample opportunity. The president, along with First Lady Michelle Obama, will be in Texas two days this week, heading to Dallas Wednesday for a Democratic National Committee fundraiser and then remaining in the city overnight.

On Thursday, he is scheduled to attend the dedication ceremony for the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas.

But he may be on a tight schedule as he is supposed to attend the Planned Parenthood Gala in Washington Thursday evening.

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463 thoughts on “Obama Still Not Scheduled to Visit West, Texas”

  1. (Obama)

    Meh. It’s just some Hispancs that I already own, and some White people who are too racist to ever vote for me, and a state that’s already a masterpiece of Democrat gerrymandering. There are no liberals, liberal fun, or liberal causes in sight, and no movie star attractions, not to mention a complete lack of really good golf. Not even a decent bathouse in the whole place. Pass.

  2. West Texas doesn’t need a visit from Obama to strain their already precious limited resources. No one is asking him to visit.

  3. We the people can speak about him all day. I think he is arrogant, bigoted, and a pile of you know what. All he does is fly around the country making money and spending ours. Hope and Change. Bush was smart enough to not be this arrogant. Another round of golf Mr.Obama?

  4. Why would Uncle Barry stop by this town? I mean c’mon, he claims to have sent money and prayers to the town, so isn’t that enough? Face it, this guy does not give a crap about anyone or anything in this country. As long as he and Moochelle and the kids are well and can still spend time abroad, all is well. 2016 cannot get here fast enough so we can get this country back on track.

  5. It would be nice to have a president that is actually interested in governing. Instead, we have one that seems to be only interested in raising money. And he seems to do it non stop.

  6. If West TX would’ve gotten media coverage, Dear Leader would’ve surely packed Up the Teleprompter and headed his media loving Narcissistic Self down there

  7. “But he may be on a tight schedule as he is supposed to attend the Planned Parenthood Gala in Washington Thursday evening.” – Keith Koffler

    Good! Maybe he can discuss the mass infanticidist “Dr”. Gosnell and the liberal Governor of Pennsylvania stopping abortion clinic inspections;

    “( – The administration (1995-2001) of Pennsylvania’s Republican Gov. Tom Ridge stopped annual inspections of abortion clinics, according to the grand jury report on Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who is currently on trial in Philadelphia charged with the first-degree murder of seven born babies.”

    Or Barbra Boxer saying that you have an abortion “right” until you actually walk through your own front door with the infant;

    ‘So, [then Senator] Santorum searched for some common ground, perhaps a shared definition as to when the child secured rights. He asked Boxer if she agreed that “once the child is born, separated from the mother, that that child is protected by the Constitution and cannot be killed?”

    Boxer’s response? “I think when you bring your baby home,” mused the senator, “the baby belongs to your family and has rights.”’

    I’d LOVE to hear THAT discussion at his Premediated Murderer – I mean, Planned Parenthood “Gala”!

    Think they’ll take it up?

  8. This is Texas. Obama left us hanging a few years ago when we were on fire all across Texas. Any Republican district or state will not get federal aid or help of any kind from this arrogant gutless wonder. An abortion gala? Obama is an abortion.

  9. Obama completely ignored the Texas wildfires in 2010 – didn’t even return our Governor’s callas. Hopefully Texans won’t forget that…

    1. Not true “”[T]he administration, through FEMA, is in fact giving financial assistance to Texas to help with firefighting efforts, it’s just in the form of what we call fire management assistance grants instead of a federal disaster declaration,” one Obama aide emailed The Huffington Post at the time of Hutchinson’s claim. “Both fire management assistance grants and federal disaster declarations are types of aid FEMA is authorized to provide under the Stafford Act, and in the case of Texas, the grants we have provided cover the exact same type of assistance Gov. Perry was seeking in his request for the federal disaster declaration.”

      On Friday, any evidence of a bias diminished further, if not altogether. The Obama administration announced that the president had signed a Texas Disaster Declaration declaring “a major disaster exists in the State of Texas” and ordering “federal aid to supplement state and local recovery efforts in the area struck by wildfires during the period of April 6 to May 3, 2011.”

  10. First of all, in his defense, the PRESIDENT can’t be everywhere. 2. I’m sure the good folks in West are thrilled the Pres is skipping the photo op in their town, and hope they realize that the rest of us are thinking of them and their families.

  11. Firstly, what is the fool fundraising for? Secondly, the are white people and probably did not vote for him. Thirdly, there is no political gain by using them as props.

    1. The DNC like the RNC is always fundraising. It is part of the political process nowadays. If you dont know that it is because you are not very politically aware.

  12. this empty-suit pre si dent or known as the entertainer, has his priorities out of order? he and michelle are gonna raise some more money for the destructive democractic group. the potus and flotus travel extensively on the taxpayers expense(my tax dollars) but no time to visit the west texas town where the disaster occurred. BUT HE HAS TIME TO VISIT THE JOHN STEWART SHOW……WHAT ARROGANCE.

  13. I guess I’m the only once concerned by the fact that people think Waco is located in west Texas, when it is located south of Dallas, which is most certainly East Texas…………

    1. everybody is all upside down about the location. The town is 17 miles north of Waco on interstate 35. it is named after some dude named West. a few miles south is the location of Crush, Texas- a temporary town that came and went in 1898 when some scientific type rail road execs predicted (wrong) what would happen if two locomotives ran togethe at full speed. Their boilers blew up and shrapnelized the crowd-considerable since people had trained in from all over the state to watch. This was called the Crash at Crush.

  14. I find it amazing that this joker and his team have to cause a reduction in air travel on-time performance (through fewer FAA air traffic controller hours because of his sequester); yet still spend our money on his non-presidential functions like the white blues festival and this latest fund raiser trip. The Democrat Party must surely see that his latest behavior will hurt their chances in 2014.

    1. it’s all for show! he wants to make sure we the people are inconvenienced to the point of understanding his sequester, it’s for us not him or them

  15. The town is probably too busy right now to invite him to stay away. Nevertheless, it would be tasteful as well as the better part of valor to do so.

  16. Does this man’s presence make AYNTHING better? He’s like disease – everywhere he goes bad things happen. Consider it a blessing he doesn’t show up.

  17. Remember the empty promises Obama was generous in giving victims of Hurricane Sandy and the families of the Benghazi attacks? I really doubt if the people of West, Texas want that fraud to visit.

  18. BTW – the military should ground Air Force 1– if we the people can’t fly because of Obama’s SEQUESTER, he shouldn’t be able to fly either!!!

  19. I wish the President would stay away from all disaster sites. He needs to be in Washington doing his job. We all feel sorrow for those hurt and having the President parade around doesn’t do anything concrete or helpful.

    It is interesting to see which disasters Obama chooses to gift with his presence. That visit to the flood area got him re-elected thanks to Christie’s slobbering praise.

    1. we the people are much safer when Obama’s doing his work on the golf course and rapping with his frenz. the oval office gives him the crazy executive order power thing and that’s dangerous

  20. “…..Obama so far has sent prayers and money to the town,…..”
    “…..he is supposed to attend the Planned Parenthood Gala in Washington…..” Which is genuine? “What is a P.P. “GALA”? Is that a celebration of the destruction of millions of babies? And how does one “SEND A PRAYER” ?? Thanks in advance for the information.

  21. Obama is master of deception.. and lies.. you know bill clinton and bush started a fund for Haiti earthquake victims… they collected five billion dollars… what did haiti get in return some dirty drinking water… Nothing has been done they have tent cities but nothing is sad… now obama has learned from these men how to use the kindness of people to fill his own greedy pockets..

    1. He is a master of deception only to those who drink the kool-aid. I’ve know that guy was full of crap the first time I heard him speak.

  22. B.O., the Thief-in-Chief is more than willing to pick the pockets of this country’s citizens and for WHAT reason is he “campaigning” anyway??? He’s despicable. He’s even so brazen as to go to Texas for handouts, a state that he despises because they stand for the truth.
    I won’t be surprised when we find out that his hands are as dirty as the Boston bomber’s. What an unworthy p.o.s.

  23. What in the world is Obama doing spending our money for another fundraiser – he’s done running for office and he needs to do his job, not jetting around the country on AF1 at our expense.

  24. Gov Perry prob does not want him there, but he will take the disaster $. If he was holding true to his views, shouldn’t he manage this problem without federal help? The non union plant had not had an OSHA inspection in 5+ years thanks to Texas’ lack of oversight and lax regulations that let business cut safety corners. People who work in non union jobs are typically less likely to report safety problems for fear of reprisal.

    1. So essentially you’re saying if the plant had been unionized, the disaster would have never happened because your ‘efficient and well run’ federal government would have prevented it? What a joke. Why is it you lefties always have to politicize tragedies?

      1. Actually the Union leadership usually does complain if they observe lack of attention to safety rules and other issues regarding worker safety. It is part of their job. In a union plant anyone can call Osha and request an inspection. In a non union plant that wil get you fired. Too Bad, it might have saved 14 lives and millions in property damage.

  25. Being as objective as I can, fundraising/campaigning & his divisiveness is the only thing he has done well.
    His background & 22 years at J. Wright’s church should tell you what he cares about and it’s NOT America.

    1. I noticed several NON white people on Tv in the news coverage in that town. I really dont think there are many towns in Texas or anywhere else in the USA that are 100% Caucasian.

  26. He’s stopping in to pick up money and a grab & greet, he ain’t got time for West. Obama h8s TX and the feeling is mutual, people here don’t expect anything from the player.

  27. I think it is because the victims were white and perhaps Christians and from red state. The media barely covered this horrible event as the people there do not count to them.

  28. I’m with the school of thought that Preezy Revenge shouldn’t visit every scene of disaster. All he does is take up valuable resources that could be better spent helping the residents recover. Besides, Texans know the only reason the grifters ever come here is to shake down their rich Democrat lackeys. Not a whole lot of rich Democrats in the tiny town of West, which is well known for their wonderful Czech bakeries.

  29. Barry not going by the town is a surprise to who?? Mr Petulant is busy planning his next golf game or vacation. Jobs, Budget, Deficit spending…not so much!

  30. Of course he won’t visit West. It is a tiny Central Texas town of less than 3,000 people, most of them white and conservative, and they can’t deliver any votes for him. Besides, it is a predominantly Czechoslovakian Catholic community, and they probably don’t support late-term abortions and infanticide at the whim of the mother, like Obama does. Much more important to get back to DC for a Planned Parenthood gala, where he can celebrate abortion and infanticide. President of all the people?

  31. Perhaps if only there had been a “son or daughter” who would have “looked” like his it would be different?

    No radical Islamist to apologize for, no “workplace violence” incident to protect, no victims that can be exploited for political gain…..Of course Obama doesn’t have time to visit.

  32. Does not have anything to do with Immigration, Gun Control & Confiscation, ObamaCareTax or his left wing base.
    Barry can barely work up the energy to do a few of the things that a president is supposed to do in running the country, why would he waste time going somewhere it will not benefit him politically?

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