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Obama Still Not Scheduled to Visit West, Texas

Updated 1:22 pm ET

UPDATE: The White House put out word this afternoon that President Obama will attend a memorial service Thursday in Waco, Texas for the victims of the fertilizer plant explosion in West.

The original story as it ran this morning:

President Obama is still not scheduled to visit the devastated community of West, Texas, where an explosion at a fertilizer plant five days ago killed 14 – including 11 emergency responders – and wounded approximately 200 people.

Up to 75 homes were damaged, as well as an apartment complex that was decimated.

Obama so far has sent prayers and money to the town, but not himself.

According to Bridget Johnson at  PJ Media, Texas senator Ted Cruz said it is “doubtful” that Obama will visit the town.

He will have ample opportunity. The president, along with First Lady Michelle Obama, will be in Texas two days this week, heading to Dallas Wednesday for a Democratic National Committee fundraiser and then remaining in the city overnight.

On Thursday, he is scheduled to attend the dedication ceremony for the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas.

But he may be on a tight schedule as he is supposed to attend the Planned Parenthood Gala in Washington Thursday evening.

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463 thoughts on “Obama Still Not Scheduled to Visit West, Texas”

      1. No he didn’t. If you don’t understand the differences in colloquial expressions, then you shouldn’t comment. It is perfect acceptable in the US to say “I couldn’t care less”, just as it is appropriate in other regions of the world to say “I could care less”. Capiche?

        Now both of us are being pedantic.

        1. Keyser,
          You are wrong. Saying you could care less implies that you care, even if it’s just a little bit. If you don’t understand that “could not” is not the same as “could”, then you shouldn’t comment. Words, even the small ones, matter.

          1. Disagree. The two sentences are semantically equivalent because there are some pieces physically missing but understood as part of the context:

            (The words in brackets are contextually understood)

            (1) I couldn’t care less {if I tried, and I don’t care to try!})
            (2a) I could care less {but it would take superhuman effort, and most likely fail.}
            (2b) I could care less {but I don’t!}

            All sentences connote a negative judgement with respect to the topic at hand, with sentence #1 perhaps a bit more negative than sentence #2a or #2b. In common usage, they are considered equivalent.

          2. What you seem to be forgetting is that expressions over time can lose their literal meaning, and mean exactly the opposite of what the words suggest. Ever heard of irony? Sarcasm? Ever hear someone say “how nice,” when they mean “not nice at all”?

            “I could care less,” despite its literal meaning, has come to be understood to mean the same as “I couldn’t care less.” That’s true whether or not you approve of the fact.

            By what theory of language can words only convey their literal meaning? It’s certainly not true in English.

        2. Who cares, maybe the person was typing fast and missed a couple of keys,the point is most people can understand what was being said

        1. I “could care less” has always been an acceptable way to way to say that you don’t care at all, at least it has been where I am from, Texas. I agree it doesn’t make logical sense, but expressions like this don’t always make logical sense. You understand them because that is the way people talk where you are from. So jaydavis is correct. I understood Terry perfectly.

      2. Some colloquial expressions work only when spoken. Usually, when someone says, “I could care less,” and they mean “I couldn’t care less,” their body language or tone of voice will convey the unspoken sarcasm. In print, one has to guess.

      3. Either way, Obama is still a community organizer who only cares about those in his community. Or, to use the colloquial, he’s a douchebag.

  1. Honestly, there is NO reason for him to visit. It is the site of an accident. He will just get in the way, and take up security space.

      1. Yes, he did. When he concluded his statement on Friday night on the capture of the second suspect, he threw in, like an after thought, the tragedy in Texas.

      2. He can’t take time to go to West because he has to be back in DC for a Planed Parent Hood event. I guess in his mind he only needs to attend events that support him. It doesn’t matter that a town was blown off the map but its OK for him to support KILLING BABIES. He will never be anything other than a community organizer in my mind.!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Bush did visit here in Mississippi after Katrina. I guess you are talking about New Orleans where the levees breached, of coarse that is the only city that got damaged right?

      2. It must be horrible spending all your time in the past. OMG! I thought “Bush Derangement Syndrome” was cured, but it seems there are still people with nothing in their lives but hate for Bush.

      3. Bush did not immediately rush down to Katrina to get a photo op, like Odumbo does, because he knew it would just cause disruption and take resources away from the rescure efforts. He certainly was there later. Get off of the Obama Kool-Aid and wise up.

        NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

    1. Obama does not care about Texas but he wants to take money from our Spanish people and their votes. Our nation is in trouble and he is off druming up money for the democrats. He uses our sorrows for self interest and to say look what I have done (which is to tear up our country not bring us together). Wake up America and see what is truly in the house with you. Nanana37

      1. and the academy award for “worst president EVER” goes to…Yes! Barry Obama! What do you attribute your failures to Mr. “president”? “Well people of this country, I just don’t care about anyone of you. You are all a bunch of useless peasants who don;t mean much. My loyalties lie with my wife Moochelle and our kids. And just think – I am living off the country’s dime for the next 3 years! I really pulled the wool over all of your eyes – AGAIN!”

        thank you uncle barry, and now back to our program already in progress, “The way the USA was before it was screwed up by President Obama…”

        1. In reality, I’m sure he doesn’t even care about Mooshell or the brats. He’s a true psychopath. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He would throw Mooshell or the brats under the bus if it was good for him or got him out of a bad spot.

    2. That has not stopped him during previous visits of other situations.

      He has disrupted all of America with his divisive wedge of politics. He has no respect for the either the rule of law or the Constitutions. Just read his massive EOs issued. If he does not get a bill into law, he simply issues an EO to do whatever he wants to do.

      Presidential powers are out of control. The EO process is broken.

      1. He can write all the EOs he wants to, Unless Congress votes the funding for any of the things in the EOs, they aren’t going to matter. It’s the funding that matters and Congress has the purse-strings.

    3. Exactly. I made the same arguments about Hurricane Sandy last year, but the difference is that it’s not a week before the election and the accident took place in a red state.

    4. Moochlla took the time to visit the suspected Saudi that was in the hospital ,I can’t understand why he couldn’t take a little time and visit the disaster site in West Texas.

  2. Planned Parenthood “gala” ? Who’s funding that event?

    Just struck me funny because a local abortion clinic is closing down because making the necessary upgrades to meet the new Virginia health code law wasn’t profitable for them. I recall from the Gosnell trial he made millions running a back alley type operation.

      1. Damned dog? I feel sorry for the thing. It has to live with them!
        Re: West visit, I suspect the people wouldn’t be very welcoming to him if he did visit. He would have to bring his own actors to pretend to be citizens and cheer and adore him.

        It’s I COULDN’T care less. Just because over time people have gotten it wrong and now we’re all “used” to ‘ I could care less’, doesn’t make it right.

    1. That’s because they hate each other and can’t stand to be together on the same plane. Think about it – when was the last time these two took a flight together? The last two years in Hawaii they took separate planes. When they went to Martha’s Vineyard a couple of years ago, she left 3 hours ahead of him.

  3. What are the odds we’ll hear more about the President’s attendance at the Planned Parenthood Gala Thursday Night than we will Thursday’s arguments in the Gosnell trial? Oh, wait, the defense is presenting its case this week – the NYT may consider that a “highlight.”

    1. If this trial went along with the media narrative (say, a national NRA meeting coinciding with the trial of the Aurora theater shooting), every article will say something to tie them together, negatively.

      If consevative viewpoint: “struggling with their image after the events…”

      If progressive viewpoint: “under attack by right wing groups after the events…”

  4. In this instance, I think it’s best he not go. We as a nation need to get away from the view that the president is some sort of Consoler-In-Chief to the nation. If I was caught up in some sort of disaster, the last thing I’d want is some politician showing up and gumming up my recovery.

    1. Agreed. Although it is sad that the media seem to ignore the Texas blast. I just watched two hours of CBS This Morning and I don’t think they even mentioned the blast.

      1. Unfortunately, Boston took over. It doesn’t help that unlike Boston, the info coming out has been very slow. Still don’t even have a final death toll even though obviously anybody missing at this point is dead.

      1. Yes and no. The president should go if there are possible national security issues, as there were with the Boston Marathon, but not to places where there are no national security issues.

      2. John, I agree with 65andcounting, it’s unnecessary. I’m not sure why you’re asking about Newtown or Boston, those were mass murders. Those seem appropriate, although not necessary.

  5. Okay, let me get this straight. He has the time to visit a connected Saudi terrorist, and won’t stop by a disaster in our country? Texas shouldn’t even let him land. Shameless man he is.

      1. A pure psycopath.This sick animal could watch Gosnell do his work and enjoy every minute of it.Then this degenerate claims to be a Christian and surrounds himself with religious hacks and sycophants.Personally i think God will destroy this beast.Here is a good scripture for Obama and his hacks.They profess that they know God,but in works they deny Him,being abominable,and disobedient,and unto every good work reprobate.” Titus 1-16″.There are times when a Nation has committed such a grave and serious harm,that rightousness in God demands retribution.This Nation is guilty. I believe you will soon see a nuke destroy the city of NYC. That will be the start of the war between God and the wicked.It’s going to be ugly. Wish Texas would leave and set up the new Republic of Texas.

        1. Snow;
          Agreed. Gosnell is just the tip of the iceberg.
          The killing of unborn children happens everyday in so called ” clinics “.
          Your reference to Titus 1-16 reminds me of a quote by Thomas Jefferson…” I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just “.
          I also do Jeff.

  6. Planned Parenthood has the balls to come to Washington NOW??!!! I hope that the protesters are out in force, with descriptions of Gosnell’s actions. DESPICABLE!

    1. BUT the left has to protect the “Abortion Rights” crowd. Did you ever notice it’s always “Abortion Rights” and “Gun Control”? Never the other way around.
      And NO ONE points out that Gosnell is, well, not Chechen – and his (victims) patients were also not, well, Chechen.

      1. Liberals have no problems with the killing, via abortion, of hundreds of thousands of unborn babies, and even born babies, but ask the death penalty for some slug that rapes and murders a child and listen to them whine, cry and demonstrate about how that is “cruel and unusual punishment”. If this child mudrder Gosnell should get the death penalty, which probably won’t happen, the left wing liberal nuts will be out in force demonstrationg about how could such a cruel punishment be placed on this kind man.

        NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

  7. The people of Texas will pick up the pieces and get on with their lives. I doubt any of them are interested in providing photo-ops for the magic n***o. Odumbo can just go to the baby killer gala instead.

    1. And you don’t see the people of West sitting around waiting for the “gumment” to do something either.

      NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

  8. There is little political capital in visiting the victims of this tragedy. After all, what use are they in the anti-gun move? The Pretender in Chief shows his true colors when he visits the “high-value” victims and ignores those that have little use to him.

  9. Why would he visit who he considers red neck trailer park trash he knows didn’t vote for him? And this from a man who is nothing more than classless ghetto trash

  10. Sad that a president of the US would be such an incompetent that he always has his hand out and is little more than a bag man for his masters.

  11. These disaster stricken “folks” need to learn that when you’re The Celebrity of The United States, there isn’t much time for the common “folk”.

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  13. So, the caring, sympathetic, socialist won’t go see a bunch of white people blown up in Texas, what a surprise. obama is disappointed the entire town wasn’t lown up and all of the people killed. Maybe if they had given some of their relief money obama might try and show he cares. What a cold hearted ba5tard.

  14. Who cares? I’m from Texas and I don’t even want him crossing a foot over this border. We have nothing here for him and he knows it; and that’s fine by me! Last thing he gave Houston when he visited was a massive traffic jam at 5:00 and it was probably intentional. He sucks!

  15. A fundraiser that supports a holocaust of innocent babies: worthy of presidential time.
    A community slammed with death and destruction when a plant blows up: worthy of a presidential snub.
    I think we have all the information we need on this despicable man.

    1. If the victims of the plant explosion had been 100% African American, and if Pres. Geo Bush had snubbed them for an equally politically charged conservative gala (e.g. NRA), Bush would have been slammed by the U.S. media.

      1. Very true statement. All about me has been quick to make comments if a black person is involved in a high profile event as trayvon martin would look like my son. What stupid comment from the President of United States. Your son would be drug dealing thieving hoodie wearing thug head ? Too lazy to find out all the facts before promoting him self. I doubt he knows where Texas is.

  16. Wallace Worthington IV

    Like he and the moocher, I’m ashamed of the president, his administration and is penchant to lie both directly and through Herr Goebbles Carney.
    What happened to the promised transparency, accountability and honesty?
    Just another (you fill in the blank) lying socialist.
    He and his menions are no better than an “enemy combatant” and should be treated the same.

  17. So ironic that Obama is going to a planned parenthood gala. That same planned parenthood that was founded by the racist Sanger, who wanted to eliminate the black race, through abortions!

  18. Why would he go “What does it matter”!
    He would make empty promises and tell them lies about he will get things done just like he lied to the people of Long Island, Staten Island and Jersey. He went back to Washington and forgot all about it.

  19. Is he going around raising campaign money for Demoncrats in the 2014 congressional race? Is that what he should be doing while the country is falling apart? This is what happens when weak, gullible, and stupid people are allowed to vote.

  20. The disaster in Texas that killed at least 16 people is not getting enough main scam media attention to make a good photo op, so it figures he would not waste his time on the links to stop there.

    1. If you think back at his reaction to disasters in the past (floods, earthquakes, etc), Obama pretty much ignores red states. He came to Boston because not only is it a blue state, but it’s a source of huge fundraising for him. That’s his calculation.

        1. Yep, he does, as he does with the parents of these children. His exploitation of the parents of the Newtown massacre was one of the most callous, soulless,stone-hearted political tactics I’ve ever seen.

  21. Obama just hasn’t found a way to politicize the tragedy in West, yet. Although I have already heard the media trying to set it up for him, claiming “In times of austerity, it’s hard to do all the inspections needed for safety” and similar statements.

    As soon as he can turn this into a wedge issue, he will gladly pimp the memories of the victims for his own benefit.

  22. I never expected BO to go to West, did ANYONE?? what is a surprise is why he is even coming to Texas! he had his photo op in Boston. maybe he just does not want to go home to that single mom; what’s her name? oh yea, michelle. he is raising money for the narcissistic ME ME ME, never goes anywhere that does not move forward HIS agenda. worst president I have ever seen, Nakita Kruschevf was correct, we are rotting from within, and BO is our proof of this.

    1. All the living Presidents will be at the dedication of the presidential library. That is the only reason he is going. That is another photo op for him.

  23. Obama is a POS!! He does not care about anything but his agenda. I will let what happens,,happen to him.. !!!!!!!! For the first time in my life, i hate the president.. That’s not good. !! even if i am not with the party. i always respect the presidency, but now..FUGEABOUDIT!!

  24. I strongly dislike that lazy a$$$ prez. MSM will never report the truth, because they are owned and operated by strong leaning left.

    1. I know! right? Gala for killing the innocent, from the people who always trot out children to hide behind on stage. we have to do it for the children! just NOT the children who are being born! we draw the line there!

  25. Make this dirtbag wait 3+ hours sitting in the penality box off the runway like the rest of us have too. It is his actions on why we are in the mess that we are in.

    This guy will spend billions flying around the globe to take as many vacations as possible while the rest of us have to feel the pinch.


  26. This poor excuse for a President should stay in the White House for a change and do what he was elected to do. Lead the country?
    Do not think he has the ability to lead. He has the ability to spend the taxpayers money though!

  27. Of course not. Obama has already established his dislike of Texas, and any other red state for that matter, in the public record. Why should this come as a surprise? Texans take care of Texans, we don’t need him getting in the way anyways.

  28. He will come to Texas to accept donations to his socialist regime, but not visit the site of a tragic accident last week. A pox on him and his house. In other words, screw the ethnically challenged POTUS and all that he stands for.

  29. No Stop at West, Texas and yet we have morons in this state giving him money to make our state MORE Democrat controlled. LMAO,,,are we REALLY this Stupid??????

  30. Just where is this “gala” celebrating the death of untold millions of unborn (and now we find out, born) children being held?
    Will they be honoring their answer to the Nazi’s Mengele, Kermit Gosnell?

    It’s time for some serious consideration of the frivolous waste of time that fills the President’s schedule. Honoring sport team winners, evaluating children’s school projects, and other likewise events are not appropriate for the POTUS in this age of world-wide crisis and national concerns.
    MrObama’s announced attendance at a “gala” sponsored by the organization that promotes abortion that so many Americans oppose is wrong and offensive.

    1. The testimony of one of Gosnell’s workers describing an aborted baby trying to swim to safety while being flushed down the toilet is burnished in my memory. How these monsters could celebrate the evil they have wrought on this society is beyond my comprehension.

  31. Why would he want to go to west, there are already dead americans there. He needs to go to the Planned parenthood “gala” in Washington so he kill more americans through abortion. Funny how Planned parenthood has a “gala” or party for the killing of babies.

  32. What else is new? Did anyone ever believed that Obama would give moral support to the white and hard working Texans? Can’t let compassion get in the way of getting more money and making it back to DC in time for a party for a “pro” abortion organization. After all, Michelle has a new “government paid for” party dress. You know, maybe it’s just as well he doesn’t show up. It would be a distraction away from those suffering from their losses. God is there for these folks. Who needs a greedy, phoney, Muslim, anti-Christian, socialist.

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