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Obama to Observe Moment of Silence . . . in Private

President Obama this afternoon will observe a moment of silence for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, with a twist: the press and the American people will be barred from seeing it.

From the White House:


Later in the afternoon, the President will observe a moment of silence in honor of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. The moment of silence is closed press.


2:50PM           THE PRESIDENT observes a moment of silence in honor of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings

                        The White House

                        Closed Press

Obama bills himself as presiding over the “openness White House,” but with respect to the Boston bombings, the place has been strangely opaque.

There have been only two televised White House briefings since the bombings a week ago. Both have been by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

No members of the president’s national security team have come to the briefing room podium to discuss the bombings, take questions on urgent matters such as why the terrorists were able to circumvent federal counterterrorism efforts, and to update Americans on the investigation and address whether there are further dangers to the public.

83 thoughts on “Obama to Observe Moment of Silence . . . in Private”

  1. He doesn’t want us to see just how “short” a moment of silence can actually be….if the press was permitted to observe, we might find out.

  2. This is satire, right?
    If it’s not satire, or a smarmy hoax, MrObama’s moment of silence, held in private, is another example of the depth and length of the distance between the inhabitants of the WhiteHouse and the rest of America.

  3. Typical Obama . . . cash is king . . . so sorry about those rednecks in West Texas and their little explosion . . . no marathon involved and remember . . . this is Ted Cruz country. Aside from the fact this is a stupid political move; it shows the young man never learned to be a gentleman.

  4. If you add up oh, say, 100,000 of those “closed press moments of silence” you might have the answer to all those blank hours in Mr. Obama’s schedule.

    What could all those moments of silence be for?

    Transparency. Lack of influence peddling in the White House. Decorum in political speech. Accountability. Respect for the Constitution. Stewardship of tax dollars. Laser focus on jobs.

    How much space to do we have to answer this question?

  5. People stop over exaggerating this.

    Yes, he’s a awful President and not the greatest guy in the world.
    BUT, you kill him if he does a moment of silence without press and you would’ve killed him if he did it with press.

    You crucify him if he goes to pay respects and you crucify if he doesn’t.

    WE (conservatives) don’t get our point across if all it looks like we are doing is getting angry with him no matter what he does.
    It just makes us look bitter.

    And enough is enough with the cracks about him being a Muslim or black or whatever. Let’s stick to the fact that he’s a narcissistic, self-believing Liberal Stateist who has tyranical visions on the U.S.

    1. You’ve got a point but with the damage of the last 5 years and the future even dimmer, sarcasm’s the only thing keeping us from going into full blown depression.

      As for making us look “bitter”, it wouldn’t matter what we do, the minion media will make sure the country swallows its “bitter” pill each and every day.

    2. I am not bitter. I am angry, frustrated, annoyed, outraged and disgusted.

      Was it really necessary for the WH to release what Obama is “observing” for a moment today. Reminds me of my kids when they were little…”Hey mom, guess what I just did.” Only to be rewarded with some wisecrack like, “I farted.”

    3. It just kind of reminds me of the words in the Bible about when you pray, pray in the silence of your chamber . . . but then, don’t go out and make a press statement about it.

      1. “It just kind of reminds me of the words in the Bible about when you pray, pray in the silence of your chamber” – Julie Brueckheimer

        “Therefore when you do your alms, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Truly I say to you, They have their reward.” – Matt. 6:2

        He has, indeed, had his reward. His earthy one, that is.

        I wonder if he’ll enjoy his celestial one as much? It may just give him some sympathy for Michelle’s lobsters.

        And for all his boiled dogs’ as well…

    4. There is never press around when he is trying to make the putt. Silence is appreciated as well. You don’t need a course to practice.

      1. Just playing the same game as the left plays. Why should we cut him any slack? They don’t cut us any.
        The guy NEVER does anything without making sure that he is front and center.
        I mean really…a moment of silence where no one really knows what the heck he is doing? He could be snoozing off a pot high for all we know.
        Why say anything at all? It is boastful and self serving.

    5. I’m with you, Scottso, to a point. I MUCH prefer he stay inside and lie to us, than to come out and shove his taqiyya in our faces some more – especially when we all KNOW it’s rank hypocracy.

      As to worrying about what liberals think about us, I SERIOUSLY doubt there’s ANYTHING we can do to make them ever say anything nice about us.

      Except die. Even then, not a sure thing….

      McCain, Romney, Dole…All tried to run a “LIKE ME!” campaign for historically Dem voters. Worked out pretty well, too – for Dems.

      We need to stop worrying about their perception thing. They will NOT like us. They don’t even like themselves. It’s a mental disease, but you don’t pamper a spoiled child further if you want it to start behaving, now, do you?

      Nope, time to get stern with these folks, and let them know the adults are back. If Junior says he hates us and wishes we would die as he stomps off to his room…it’s a pretty good sign we’re on the right track…

      1. Well said, cincycinco. After listening to all the excuses the press (aka Democrat operatives) are making for the murderous Islamists, I honestly believe they hold those terrorists in higher esteem than their fellow Americans who won’t fall in line with their Marxist agenda.

  6. re: the absence and silence of our national security team

    Let’s face it, everything about the Boston massacre goes adverse to everything the Obama administration is all about. The first thing from the administration was a pre-emptive declaration from MsNeapolitano that the terrorists acted alone, as in wishful thinking.

    What could they possible say? the terrorists didn’t have legal gun permits, were legal immigrants living off the taxpayers, were radical Islamists who plotted to kill Americans just because, the FBI was asleep again, or that we should be grateful they didn’t arm themselves with the dreaded “assault” weapons? MrObama has already instructed us not to “rush to judgement” or to turn against immigrants as a response to the immigrant’s terrorist actions.

    1. I see a real downplaying going on. Maybe it will end being a cover-up. We’re not supposed to rush to judgment, but he had several dupes out there on the weekend saying it was an isolated act. I’ve also read things setting up the surviving suspect as the victim himself of his older domineering brother. Tom Brokaw this morning wondering if US action in Muslim countries did not provoke the brothers into violence.

      1. >>>>> wondering if US action in Muslim countries did not provoke the brothers into violence.<<<<<
        ..oh, gag me with a spoon! What bafflegab!!

        1. ” >>>>> wondering if US action in Muslim countries did not provoke the brothers into violence.<<<<<
          ..oh, gag me with a spoon! What bafflegab!!" – GWShrub

          Let's provoke them some more, and see if it's true!

          Or how about this?

          Iran's been wanting some nukes anyway, maybe we can deliver them? Have the 509th drop them off about 1600 feet over Tehran and see if they'll be our freinds then…

    2. What concerns me even more that the possibility the FBI was asleep is the probability the FBI was prevented from following up on poeple like the older borther by this adminsitration’s politically correct and pro-Muslim policies. If the FBI has been restricted in following up, then we face more instances of danger. An error can be corrected. A policy by this administration cannot.

  7. This is more than a little creepy. For a man who loves to plaster his face on TV screens for ANY reason, this moment of silence should be right up his alley. Is he planning some Satanic ceremony to contact the dead or what? I’m sure all of us here have had our private moments of silence for these and other issues without having to publicize it.

    1. No Satanic ceremony. He tried once, between his lessons at madrassa, but then Satan said, “Get thee behind me, Sotero…”

  8. If a moment of silence happens in the West Wing and nobody sees it, does it really happen? Maybe he doesn’t want anyone seeing him on his prayer mat facing Mecca.

    1. I know. Why announce you’re going to do something then say “but you can’t watch me” ? Usually LEADERS lead with a special tribute like this.

      And as silly as Obama saying he gets his spirtual fix from his Blackberry so he doesn’t need to go to church regularly. True story :)

    2. I agree, Julie. If he’s going to observe a moment of silence in seclusion why make an announcement about it? No doubt there will be some Pete Souza halo photo of Preezy released to the slobbering press to commemorate this ‘historic’ event.

    3. ” That’s got to be the silliest announcement the WH has ever made.” – Julie Brueckheimer

      No, the SILLIEST announcement ever made by The White House would be when they referred to Obama as “The President of the United States”. I don’t know if they’ll EVER be able to top THAT one!

    1. “Hum, well maybe he is honoring the bombers, not the victims. We will probably never know.” – QueenOfScott

      They WERE going to line up the 72 virgins as the traditional Islamic “honor” for THAT guy, but then the democrats realized they didn’t have ONE virgin in the ENTIRE PARTY, let alone 72…

    1. He should have many HOURS of private, unphotographed thinking or prayer time about how to handle this. I do my meditating at night, when the images just won’t erase.

  9. It´s true Keith, the White House silence is deafening. But oh dear, it really IS tough to “spin” the bombings in a satisfying way.
    Whenever terrorism appear in the West the heads of the Western Mosques are ominously silent. They have an opportunity to render their religion at least some “goodwill” but I don´t think I have ever heard any condemnations. Law enforcement and media ought to investigate these places thoroughly , what are the Imams preaching how are they financed ? I do hope that the Boston Brothers finances will be scrutinized in order to find the network.

  10. That’s NOTHING! He had a moment of silence about the facts and responses to Benghazi that’s STILL going on, and that was SEVEN MONTHS AGO!

    Being pretty private about that, too…

    1. “leading from behind.” – CBader

      Like the hillbilly in Deliverance led Ned Beatty from behind?

      Wasn’t it was important to the story that they disarmed them first? Would have been a REALLY short movie if the GOOD guys had been carrying…

  11. Are the Feds going to kick Lord & Taylor’s out so they can build the victory mosque with a good overlook on the latest “holy” site in Islam?

  12. Everyone on this thread should go to and watch the video named “Americans ordered out of homes at gunpoint by SWAT teams”. This video was taken by a neighbor in MA while her neighbors were being taken out of their homes for a “search”. It is very scary knowing that this is happening in our country and will happen again. Make sure you read some of the comments posted after the video.

    1. Thanks for the heads up.

      That is the most terrifying thing I have ever seen happen in America. Outrageous, un-constitutional, and criminal.

      Some of us argued yesterday that we didn’t know if such a thing was happening and there is the proof.
      God Bless America, please.

    1. The cameras have been following him around all morning…so where is he going to be at precisely 2:50 this afternoon? Enquiring minds would like to know!

  13. Mourner in chief. (going to Texas too )
    Fundraiser in chief. (Texas fundraiser, hence the drop by to mourn)
    Golfer in chief.
    Vacationer in chief.
    Domestic policy. A mess
    Foreign policy. A mess.
    Healthcare — A mess.
    And every terrorist and enemy of the US is watching us bumble our way through the Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack — who are they, why or why did they do it, where do they come from really, enemy combatant or American citizen.
    The US is one hot mess. And we are vulnerable as all get out. And the world is watching.

  14. “A moment of silence” broken only by the sound of Moochelle belching while gnawing on the bones of the wild boar she brought down with her bare talons the night before while hunting along the wooded banks of the Potomac River.

  15. He probably was constipated. He went off to the reading room, where most his policies and speeches belong. Courtesy Flush Please.

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