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Obama NOT Golfing Today

Thank goodness. A little propriety.

The White House has told reporters there will be no presidential events or outings today. He had gone golfing the last three Saturdays in a row, and let me tell you, I’m sure he was tempted today because it’s BEAUTIFUL outside. But I imagine the communications director or the chief of protocol begged him not to.

There’s always tomorrow.

Although, this might have been a good weekend to head down to the town of West, Texas and show a little compassion for the families there. Just saying.

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  1. There likely aren’t enough votes in Texas to justify the trip.

    OTOH, Obama could just “putter” around that big house he’s got. And he fancies himself rather skilled with both a club and a wedge. Isn’t his home nicknamed the “Fore! Ward”?

  2. There’s no compelling reason for him not to go golfing today. It’s not like we would think less of him, we don’t think much of him anyway.

    The POTUS needn’t or shouldn’t go to the site of every tragedy or event to offer “Michelle and I”s concern. The hoopla surrounding his visit anywhere only slows down recovery efforts.

    1. I agree–this is getting to be such a pattern that I can almost imagine a guy lifting debris off a person or body and someone saying, “Jack, Jack…the president is here…” And Jack saying, “Oh, Lord, now what?” (Yes, I am feeling mean today–maybe this stuff does comfort some people.)

    2. Agree, but he seems to pick and choose his visits to the bluest tragedies where he’s apt to find an adoring audience.

      Remember how he had to be bullied into going to the gulf coast after the BP spill? Photo op swimming in a protected cove free from the oil and headlined, “see, it’s safe to come down here and swim!”.

      Just watched a beautiful Fenway Park tribute to the Boston heroes and thankful Obama wasn’t invited.

      1. Exactly! And MA is the bluest tragedy of them all! Martha’s Vineyard is the only real estate that could have motivated MOO to get off the couch to attend the Memorial.

        1. I’m not much in favor of profanity, but it just seem appropriate in this case. Thanks for the linky.

          There’s just something buried in the genes of a people who left their homeland to start anew in a foreign country. A strength of purpose, a lack of fear of the unknown, a determination of spirit; whatever it is, we all share it.

      2. Wasn’t that cove found to have a very high fecal content in the water? So he was basically swimming in sh*t instead of oil. How appropriate.

    3. Not Nabob the Knothead

      It’s puzzling to think that with the bombing suspects as yet to be apprehended, the President goes to the location to pay respects. I am scratching my head why the secret Service allowed this. The Barbarians pay attention to details. the Leader of the Free World is a prime target for the second wave of attack.

  3. OT: I can’t help it

    Headline above a piece on CBSNews. com

    “Boston Bombings

    FBI interviewed dead Boston bombing suspect years ago”

  4. OT but….I think after the past week we deserve it.

    I was eating breakfast with my 9-year-old granddaughter and I asked her, “What day is the 20th of February?”

    She said “It’s President’s Day!” She is a smart kid.

    I asked “What does President’s Day mean?” I was waiting for something about Washington or Lincoln… etc.

    She replied, “President’s Day is when President Obama steps out of the White House, and if he sees his shadow we have one more year of unemployment.”

    You know, it hurts when hot coffee spurts out your nose…

    1. He and MOO had plans for a fresh veggie canning event with his health advisers but canceled at the instance of the pressure cooker control lobby…

  5. Have you ever considered POTUS may be using the underground bunker 18 hole course instead ??

    Perhaps, he tweaked his Achilles Tendon by putting his foot up on the Resolute Desk during his photo OP?

    1. Unless his Achilles tendon is located anywhere near is neck, he’s most likely in a Thomas Collar from wrenching his head whilst keeping it firmly up his arse – the old “duck and cover” trick.
      Actually, just read that there was a 90-minute meeting today with
      Robert Mueller, Janet Napolitano, John Brennan, Eric Holder. They’re circling the wagons and will have to get their answers straight as to why they found no problem/evidence in 2011 when warned about the “Chechen” corpse.

  6. I am not a golfer but maybe all that rain last night and the wind today would not be good for his handicap – the golf handicap, not his total incompetence at doing anything other than campaigning.

    1. Pretty much I think it was the soaking of the rain. Today beautiful day so Sunday is probably looking pretty good for golf. And after all, a whole day will have passed and there certainly is no reason to attend religious services and pray for the souls that were lost and the safety of the country.

  7. Propriety my First Amendment rights. More likely, he looked at the forecast and saw the winds will be less tomorrow.

    Obeyme not golfing would be like Jason Biggs not sending out obscene tweets. Won’t happen as long as they’ve got access to their “playgrounds” of choice.

    I’d love to be wrong, but my guess is he’ll be out there on Sunday, you watch.

  8. The citizens of West, Texas can consider themselves lucky if O doesn’t go down there. When I heard him spouting the Bible at the Boston memorial I started laughing and turned the tv off. Time to take a break!

  9. OT Apologies, but stupid stupid stupid. DiFi on FN sunday — thinks Watertown citizens should not have had “assault” weapons and semi-automatics to protect themselves, but Joe’s idea of shotguns is ok. I don’t know anything really about guns, but it sounds like she would be happy to allow one musket per family.

  10. So this is why Dictator Obama appeared so grim and serious when he gave his patented BS statement on Friday, in which he as always refused to utter the words “muslim terrorists”, and referred to this week as being a tough one. He had just realized that for appearances sake he wouldn’t be able to go golfing this weekend. I sure right now he is slouching around the Den of Destruction formerly known at the White House, cigarette dangling from his lips and clutching a drink, bemoaning how tough it is to be president. The other negative aspect is that he has scurry about the mansion all day desperately trying to avoid Mooochelle and the girls. And you people think you have it bad!

      1. That a president of this nation would throw a hissy fit on camera about a political loss after a city in his nation had been bombed is beyond comprehension. Well, it isn’t if you factor in this one’s narcissism.

      2. So true, Julie. He showed no emotion over the loss of lives in Boston or West, Texas. Don’t think I’ve ever seen him and lunch bucket Joe so distraught and angry as they were after his gun control bill failed in the Senate. At first I thought he was angry over losing a major power grab, but Rush had a better explanation. The gun control bill was supposed to be passed in the Democrat Senate and die in the Republican controlled House. He was going to use that legislation to bludgeon Republicans in an effort to win back the House in 2014. Now he has no grand cause to fly around the country and campaign on…unless the Senate passes their hideous amnesty bill.

        1. Susan, I predict he will continue to fly around the country since the Senate vote and the polls showing little public interest in gun control mean Dear Leader needs to EDUCATE his subjects further on the issue.

  11. Read on another blog where Obama was called Sir Golfsalot, made me smile. That plus knowing that Obama is on lock down, ” no golf for you “.

  12. I’m confused.
    Reading over at the Daily Mirror that the FBI is searching for a 12 man ” sleeper cell ” linked to the 2 Boston terrorist.
    But didn’t Dear Leader say ” this chapter is closed “?
    Can’t wait to hear Carney spin this, but of course that’s if the question is ever raised.

    1. Sorry, I didn’t see your comment, but we agree. They have Hagel and mayor of Boston out there today saying the brothers were just two lone wolves.

      1. Oh, the party line is already being laid down–have you noticed? The younger perp was just a good-natured pawn of his brother, aw, he is all shot up, boo-hoo, etc. I bet they will cut a deal so he “talks.” I said something like this on WaPo and someone immediately said–well, big business doesn’t know right from wrong, look at the Gulf Coast, which of course had ZERO to do with this but shows the kind of thinking that is gathering steam. My sister saw that crabby, woman-hating comedian Louis CK and he said something like there would be more murders if it weren’t illegal. I have been thinking about that. So…we have no sense of right and wrong or even if it’s OK to kill someone, then it’s OK for them to kill you? What is left? Honestly–I want to know.

  13. Predictably, the administration is trying to shut this case down as an act of terrorism. They have at least Secretary of DoD Hagel and the mayor of Boston out there this morning saying that the two brothers acted alone. I just picked up on Obama in his Friday night speech talking about ‘closing the chapter on a tragedy’. These two could not have acted alone. Just follow the money, for only one example: they drove around in Land Rovers, Porches, and BMWs. They paid their car mechanic in cash. Etc.–I won’t continue to enumerate their high life style.

    Now the suspect in the hospital may never speak again as he supposedly tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in the throat. Before it’s all over I and many others here will be relegated to the Tin Foil Crowd when we ask legitimate questions. Sorry, I don’t trust the Obama administration and I am getting early whiffs of cover-up.

    1. I’ll second that opinion, Julie. Can it be long before John (“Did I tell you I served in Vietnam?”) Kerry appears at the “boy’s” bedside to apologize to the Russian people for the actions of our police?

      1. Speaking of police, I do think the FBI did a pretty amazing job picking these two out, but the city lockdown…sort of soft martial law–and accomplished so easily–it was a little unsettling.

        1. From an earlier interview today on Fox:

          Authorities still are trying to pinpoint the motives behind the Boston Marathon bombings, but a leading GOP congressman pulled no punches on Sunday and urged the FBI to focus on threats from within the Muslim community.

          “Ninety-nine percent of Muslims are outstanding Americans, but the fact is, that’s where the threat is coming from,” Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican and chairman of the House Homeland Security subcommittee on counterintelligence and terrorism, said during an interview on “Fox News Sunday.”

          “If you know a threat is coming from a certain community, that’s where you look,” he added.

          Terrorists’ strategy, Mr. King said, has changed since Sept. 11, 2001. No longer is al Qaeda or related groups plotting massive attacks from training camps in the Middle East. Instead, they’re using men such as the two suspected Boston bombers, 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who died during a shootout with police on Thursday night, and his brother, 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was shot and remains in serious condition in a hospital. Both men were of Islamic faith.

          “They’re getting people in our country who are under our radar screen with clean records,” Mr. King said.

          He also blasted the FBI for failing to catch the two men before their bombs killed three and wounded more than 160 at the iconic Boston race on Monday. The FBI reportedly had interviewed Tamerlan Tsarnaev but found nothing to link him to terrorism.


      1. I saw this last night and nobody was even covering the news about the 2 being re-arrested, let alone the consulate van. I still haven’t seen it on any major news show or publication. Even if these girls taken away aren’t involved in anything sinister ,they must not it getting out that they had connections to the bomber.

        1. The Daily Mail article on the two Kazakhstanis who were taken into custody by the FBI had me scratching my head and wondering whether something nefarious is going on.

          First of all one of the neighbors said these two “went away for a couple of weeks a few months ago”. That should have raised a few red flags about the possibility of them attending some kind of jihadi training camp.

          My tin foil antenna really got vibes when the Daily Mail reporter said a couple of “Russian speaking men” identifying themselves as Boston Globe reporters entered the home of the Kazakhstanis through an unlocked door after the FBI had just led them off in cuffs. When the Daily Mail tried to verify if the men were associated with the Boston Globe, the paper just put them off.

          Yep, something smells rotten in New Bedford…

    1. A U.S. Department of State spokeswoman said her agency was “not privy” to the investigation and referred The Standard-Times back to the FBI.



  14. The last time Boston was told to hide (Marshall Law) Paul Revere lived in the neighborhood.

    “We got him,” Boston Mayor Tom Menino tweeted. A cheer erupted from a crowd gathered near the scene. “CAPTURED!!!” police added later. “The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won. Suspect in custody.”

    Homes illegally searched, city and towns under a new euphemism “sheltering in place”, schools closed, businesses closed, all buses/trains in/out of Boston shut down …. the shot heard round the world has a silencer on the muzzle and it’s engraved with “death by diversity”. I am in full puke mode. Ah, those poor immigrants, forced to live in America when they could have had a lovely childhood in Beslan. Mayor Menino truly represents Boston in his wheelchair

    1. Your Patriot’s Day analogy is spot on, Sadie. When the police were going door to door performing involuntary searches of homes, it was an assault on the 4th Amendment rights of the townspeople. Guess Bay Staters have been sufficiently conditioned to accept and trust government intervention into their lives.

      Benjamin Franklin tried to warn us: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

      1. I have no doubt it was a “dry run” to test how far they could push – to no one’s surprise, Boston folded like a cheap suit.

        1. You have no doubt, Sadie? A dry run by whom? The way I heard it the police asked if they could come in–as they must. When they come here (long story), I say, “I will just step out.” That is my right. Do you have details that they just burst in door after door or something?

      2. @Susan, Sadie

        We should assume that permission was granted to search the houses and outbuildings until we know different.
        Butt, and it’s a big butt, if six or more heavily armed, uniformed law enforcement men are asking you something, how hard would it be for most people to say “No, thank you”.

        I don’t really have any opinion on how the search was conducted or whether it was right or wrong, butt was struck by how compliant everyone acted to obey the “shelter in place” orders, closing down public transportation, schools, and private business.

        Out here in the ‘wild west’, we’ve had law enforcement searching neighborhoods and they were joined by private citizens who helped. Of course, everyone seems to be armed here and that might make a difference.

        1. Absolutely agree, srdem. In my opinion, good citizens should assist law enforcement in their search for criminals, but we shouldn’t give up our 4th Amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure under the guise of safety and security. If the searches were voluntary, I can see where people could be intimidated by the heavy police presence. If this video accurately portrays the search for the bomber, the citizens of Watertown, Massachusetts were effectively under martial law.

          1. They were and they went under voluntarily. Even though I do not let police in my house, I was wondering what I would do if they came under these circumstances. Of course, I would know there were no fugitives here. I remember when my kid was junior high age the police came searching for a runaway (who was here). I had just moved here and didn’t know better (our police are quite aggressive) and they asked could them come in. I said OK, thinking they would stand there off the front porch while I got the young lady…but no, they marched in, started opening cupboards and doors, did not stick to the in plain sight rule whatsoever–and finally I took the girl aside and said don’t talk to them, demand a lawyer. I don’t know what she did that nite, but I know she had other run-ins once in the system.

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  16. Breitbart is now picking up a British report that the Russians may have tipped the FBI on this guy six months ago, but the FBI apparently didn’t follow up.

    And Eric Holder is still in office because…..?

    1. Very clear picture of the Islamic terrorists linked in that article. Too bad that wasn’t the photo released by authorities during their press conference last Wednesday afternoon. May have had a better chance of identifying these monsters before they murdered Officer Sean Collier. Maybe the FBI photography specialists were laid off because of the “seekester” (h/t SJL).

      Not raising the flag about a resident alien returning to the homeland he was given political asylum from, especially after being warned of his Islamic radicalism by the Russian government, is proof positive that our system of justice is paralyzed by political correctness (aka cultural Marxism).

      1. Susan, I think they knew who they were looking for and released that photo to satisfy the public. Otherwise, if they didn’t know who they were seeking, then why did they replace the Imam from their mosque with a different speaker at the memorial service on Thursday?

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