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Obama Speaks With Putin

President Obama this evening spoke with Russian President Putin, the White House announced. It was not clear from the White House statement who initiated the call.

From the statement:

President Obama spoke by phone tonight with President Putin of Russia. President Putin expressed his condolences on behalf of the Russian people for the tragic loss of life in Boston. President Obama thanked President Putin for those sentiments, and praised the close cooperation that the United States has received from Russia on counter-terrorism, including in the wake of the Boston attack. The two leaders agreed to continue our cooperation on counter-terrorism and security issues going forward.

The two brothers alleged to have committed the Boston Marathon attack are Muslims originally from the Caucasus region of Russia, where terrorists who have launched attacks in Russia are based. The United States will presumably seek the assistance of Russia in investigating the background of the terrorists and the identities of terrorists within Russia who may have planned and directed the attacks.

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39 Responses to Obama Speaks With Putin

    • Obama: “HA! YEARS AGO? Bush was President! I knew it!”
      Axelrod: “Sir, it was TWO years ago. You were President already”
      O: (muffled obscenity)

      • I think it was 2002, but since then, the older brother should have been in every applicable data bank, and why was he allowed in 2010 to go back to Russia and most likely Chechnya?

      • RickW
        “Obama: “HA! YEARS AGO? Bush was President! I knew it!”
        Axelrod: “Sir, it was TWO years ago. You were President already”
        O: (muffled obscenity)”

        But there’s MORE;

        Obama: “TWO years ago? Well, that was after REPUBLICANS took over the House. So it’s Boehner’s fault! Let’s not be stupid, people…”
        Axelrod: “…And George Bush manipulated the vote with the help of Evangelical Christians to make it possible. Gotcha!”

  1. If anybody feels sorry for this guy, or gets all wrapped up in his motivation, etc. just remember he looked his victim in the eye, dropped the bag with the bomb and this man lost his legs. And he still identified him.

      • I am a big fan of closed caption. Maybe the only hearing person in America to be a fan — but I can speak cc after all these years with BHO

      • One perspective: In between all the uses of “I” (and he did also mention Waco, where he likely will not be appearing), Obama seemed to be channeling Bush — at ground zero after 9/11, and Romney — finishing his six minute talk with “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” (I didn’t hear the “under God”, but I think it was in there).

        CNN made it clear that we would be hearing Obama “in his own words”, which is odd because he spent most of the talk looking down at the podium. Understandable in getting names correctly, but other than that…?

        He did mention terror and terrorists, so there can be no mistaking that position. And, in “evolving” from his foot in mouth venture after “CrowleyGate”, Obama reminded us that we will “take care not to rush to judgment”.

    • Didn’t you see him? Our “president” was in the lead when the bomber was captured–matter of fact, he was first to lay a hand on him!!!

      • “Didn’t you see him? Our “president” was in the lead when the bomber was captured–matter of fact, he was first to lay a hand on him!!!” – nellyq

        You mean, like that time where he single-handedly invaded the compound in Pakistan after he found Bin Laden through putting together clues that only a genius like himself could understand, and killed all those dirty Shiite terrorist with his bare hands, and then ascending to the heavens on his own power after a helicopter made by Republican contractors failed him because of George Bush, Evangelical Christian terroisim, and sequester cuts?

        Like THAT?

        It’s probably right, since he’s done WAY more heroic stuff than THAT! Why, the White House just released this photo from his college days (first time for everything!) about an earlier exploit of his that he’s just too modest to talk about…–50100.jpg

  2. Betcha VP told BHO he doesn’t need any advice from him about how to ru(i)n a country. Each is doing well without the other. Sterling examples of what happens when amateurs are at the helm.

  3. “suspects, young men, terrorists .” Finally — terrorists. Silly me, that was the set up for the diversity lecture. But a shout out to Texas — wow, he knows he’s in trouble.

    • what bothers me is the lines he spouted over further investigation, why it happened, etc., and yet we still have nothing on Benghazi. I think once it settles down (over the weekend) will we see what direction things will go.

      And yes the shout out to TX.. was expecting it. Totally correct Grace.

  4. He’s warning against a rush to judgment of motivation and against judging a group of people.

    Nice to know he’s sticking with his claim that one of his duties as president is “to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear”!