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Carney Briefing at White House Delayed

The daily briefing with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has been “delayed until further notice,” the White House announced.

Carney was supposed to brief at noon. It’s unclear whether he will come out later or whether the president or someone else will speak – or whether anyone will speak at all.

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  1. Not surprising. What could the Magician bring forth that America doesn’t already know; followers of the Religion of Peace immigrated to America to bring pain and horror to it’s people.

    Earlier in the morning, a (former?) CNN reporter asked “..wonder how many of the homeowners in lockdown wish they had access to a firearm to protect themselves…..?

    • Your comment about firearms was similar to one I posted elsewhere. Boston and surrounding neighborhoods are “taking shelter” in their own homes while thousands are on the hunt for #2.

      Not to worry – he killed Bin Laden. Feeling safer now !?!

      • yeah, I’m guessing that when Obama said they had the terrorists “on the run,” this isn’t exactly what he had hoped for. My guess is that many residents now would like to have that piece rather than being reliant on the police to protect them.

  2. Carny (spelling intentional) was 30 minutes late Wednesday. Obama has a one hour long schedule today between daily briefing and meeting with his Private Peeps (a.k.a. Senior Advisers).

    The it looks like all the big boys in the White House will need to get together and come up with something truly transformational to help Stellar Get His Groove Back after a very, very, bad week.

    Maybe they’ll figure out how to ignore Waco after capitalizing on Boston.

    • East is east and West, Tx. doesn’t have the panache for Obama. He just wouldn’t get his 15 min. of face time in a church. In the meantime … they’re in full spin-mode in the WH trying to figure out how to shine shit.

      p.s. Stellar’s groove is in a rut.

  3. It takes a minute to manufacture evidence sometimes! After all, when you have to link people from countries that Kerry doesn’t even know exist, who came of age after the hated Bush and planned their thing BEFORE sequester cuts kicked in, to right-wing Chrisitan Republicans, it takes some time to make it look juust right…

    After all, look how long it took him to fake a simple birth certificate, despite all the Federal resources behind him AND a willing accomplice in the person of the Hawaiin Governor, and even THAT wasn’t very convincing! (Paging Dr. Ukelele!)

    Have no fear! I’m sure we’ll be hearing about how these kids are just freedom fighters, defending their religious freedoms against a war started unjustly by George Bush and still supported by Republican Christians today – and since their medical training was cut short due to sequester…

    HEY! I DID IT! Maybe I can get that $100k dog trainer job Obama has open as a thank-you!

    That’s an easy job, BTW, seeing as how there’s ALWAYS a new BO after the current one, eh, sacrifices himself for the nutrition of Obama…

  4. “…whether anyone will speak at all.” – Keith Koffer

    Come now, Mr. Koffer. This is the OBAMA regime we’re talking about. The less they have to say, the more strident they get.

    What’s the old saying?

    If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the facts and the law are against you, yell like …

    Yup. There should be some Obama lecturing in the very near future. Maybe he’s having some problems lining up his human props for this one? Just trying to find someone sympathetic in the current terrorists’ familes, I suppose…

  5. Listened to 30 seconds of NPR this morning. The host paused and then said forcefully, “please keep in mind, the motive IS NOT KNOWN at this time”. They must be waiting for the White House spin, because, as we ALL know, islamic terrorism stopped on January 20, 2009.

    • All day the news commentators have been wracking their tiny brains for a motive. What could possibly have set these two poor lads off? Were they bullied because of their odd accents? Did they not feel welcome in America? Were we not inclusive enough? Why oh why do they hate us?

      My head is sore from banging it against a brick wall.

  6. What irony: the Dzoker became a U.S. citizen last year not only on the anniversary of 9/11 but on the same day Benghazi happened.

  7. That many people on the ” national security team ” and we still got attacked?
    What in the hell have they been doing?
    I know Obama plays golf, takes vacations and host WH parties, but at least one person must take their job seriously.

  8. Can’t face the fact that scuzlum terrorists were to blame for Boston. The war on terror is not over.

    Rallying call is “Deport all illegals and revoke all scuzlum visas!”

  9. It was hard enough to pry the word terrorism from lips of Preezy Revenge; he’ll never admit that the Boston bombers were radicalized Islamicists. Preezy and his ilk are so busy trying to make their political opponents on the right into enemies of the state that they are overlooking the real enemies among US.

  10. What can he say?

    Allowing every relative of every “refugee” to come live here forever might not be a good idea?

    That not every immigrant is a blessing to our nation?

    That muslims seem to be awfully eager to hurt Americans and America and maybe The One isn’t quite charming enough to change this very old historic truth?

    If these people are refugees, why do they seem to do so much visiting to their home countries and regiions? If it’s safe enough to visit, why isn’t it safe enough for them to leave the U.S. and go back home?

    We would probably be smart to secure our borders for if our refugee programs are letting in fodder for terrorist attackers, children who use their decade in the U.S. to hate us and plan attacks, just think what’s coming in over the border all grown up and ready to explode some bombs.?

  11. Carefully putting aside the horrible deaths and gruesome injuries suffered by innocent Americans at the hands of terrorists, there isn’t any lesson better learned on indiscriminate immigration and the disarming of Americans.

    There aren’t many of us who think that Muslims just want to practice their religion in peace and mean no harm to non-Muslims. We also agree that the majority of Mexicans who are sneaking over our borders will not add anything to the prosperity of our country, but rather will bring us down further with their lack of skills, education and their unwillingness to assimilate into our society.

    The unarmed and vulnerable homeowners in the Boston area are just sitting ducks at the mercy of criminals who don’t follow the anti-gun laws. Common sense tells us that an armed criminal will hesitate to break into a home if there’s any chance that the homeowner is armed, too.
    Would any of us be surprised to learn that the people of the gun-free cities and states will become “criminals” who secretly purchase firearms after this incident for their own protection. I think not.

    The political ramifications are yet to be determined, but we can be sure that at least a modicum of caution will be added to any new gun-control attempts and the upcoming vote on a new amnesty program.

  12. I chuckled at the photo released by the WH showing what seems to show Obama directing his co-horts on what needs to be done. Like this nincompoop knows what to do.
    Weak Knees would be good moniker for our dear leader.

    • Right now BO couldn’t lead a marching band down a road with lines marked on it.

      The agencies involved in Boston are doing a great job, hopefully BO & company will let them handle it (along with the FBI and other agencies on scene)

  13. I heard an interesting comment on Fox by a former CIA agent: he was angered that the media are referring to the two perpetrators as ‘boys’. They are not boys, he said, but men, trained warriors. He thinks calling them ‘boys’ is a move to make them appear more sympathetic and a deliberate ploy by the terrorists.

  14. Since it appears Suspect 2 has been stopped, I am waiting for the “WE Got Him!” statement from the White House. I will not be responsible for damage to my TV after that time…………..

  15. Those poor officers who closed the deal…….beer summit with Bam and Crazy Joe, hugs and kisses from Big Sis………

    (Seriously, my thanks to all the officers involved, from direct assault to logistics. You men and women deserve a LONG round of applause from the American people!)