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The Obama Morning News || April 19, 2013

7 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || April 19, 2013”

  1. “Obama deportations up, but on border . . . Washington Times”

    WOW! I REALLY had my hopes up when I saw THIS headline! Then I realized that they MEANT that Obama is SAYING deportations are up, and NOT – as the lack of punctuation would suggest – that deportations of OBAMAS are up…

    That’s pretty mean, getting me all juced up like that first thing in the morning, then leaving me for a letdown…

  2. I suggest both sides in Washington suspend their Immigration reform activities until more is known about how the two Boston bombers arrived here. They may be more of them and now is NOT the time to loosen the controls.

    1. I am confused about the original Saudi person of interest. Do you–or does anyone know–if he is still scheduled to be deported next Tuesday or if he has already been deported? Andrew McCarthy indicated on Fox last night that he has already been deported.

      Janet Napolitano needs to be hauled before Congress. She denied any such action was in the works, and she seemed to be at cross purposes with the FBI, adamant that the Boston bombing was a lone wolf operation. (Preferably ‘right wing’–my, how the left must be disappointed!)

      1. Julie, I have not heard anything more on the Saudi individual. As far as Big Sis goes, she could be inserting herself in the dialog just to get attention OR she could be actively participating in a planned dis-information campaign thats typical in criminal investigations. I do agree with you that the Left is disappointed in the origin of these killers. I can’t wait until someone suggests we “reach out to the family and friends of these men in their time of grief”.

        1. O’Reilly said there were two men–one the burned one, not being deported, another maybe being deported. Hannity said it was one guy and yes, scheduled to be deported. And so it continues.

  3. Is the immigration debate about to change because a pair of immigrants from Chechnya declared war on the rest of us?

    Will the dems seek to ban immigrants from that part of the world? Will they have to register with a new government agency?

    When will pictures of these two guys at the 2012 GOP convention appear on MSNBC?

    Why did Bush allow this to happen, since they may have immigrated on his watch?

    Will pressure cookers be banned in liberal states?

    Will you have to register your pressure cooker?

    Should we trust people who don’t drink alcohol?

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