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Section of WH Website Devoted to Promoting Biden

A new section of the White House website is devoted to promoting Vice President Biden, featuring photos of the Biden in action and audio descriptions of the stories behind the photos.

Biden, who is expected to run for president, no doubt will be seeking to to burnish his image and expand his visibility as 2016 approaches. The new webpage, titled “Being Biden,” offers him a chance to get a little personal with viewers while showcasing his connection to various voting blocs – so far including women, Catholics, and hunters.

Among pieces in the series are audio spots and photos that allow him to tout his work over the years on the Violence Against Women Act – bragging that he “wrote” the original bill –  his visit to the Inauguration Mass of Pope Francis, and a dinner for hunters that he has been “attending for over 30 years.” Below, in one of the photos, Biden attempts a kind of fist bump with one of the hunters:

Biden hunters

From the White House description of the “Being Biden”:

In this audio series Vice President Biden will tell the story behind a photo – of where he was, why it matters to him, and how the experience fits into the broader narrative of this Administration. From meetings at the White House to travels around the country, the Vice President will share his perspective in candid, behind-the-scenes snapshots. In other words, he’ll explain what it’s like “Being Biden.”

The series went up March 3, and the most recent post was added April 12.

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30 Responses to Section of WH Website Devoted to Promoting Biden

  1. Two questions:

    1) Who paid for this blatantly political “IOU” ad on the WH web page?

    2) Couldn’t they have gotten Warner Bros. to send over some old Daffy Duck cartoons? They would be more representative of “Being Biden”.

  2. This is a spoof, right? Please say it’s a spoof!

    Women, Catholics and hunters? Hasn’t he personally insulted all of those groups?

    • The latest “Being Biden” is called “Two Vice Presidents”: From the page: “Vice President Joe Biden jokes with Julia Louis-Dreyfus of the TV show, “VEEP,” as she sits at his desk in the Vice President’s West Wing office at the White House, April 12, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)”.

      Did pal and MPAA President Chris Dodd perform this hook-up? Is Biden admitting that clowning in the White House is part of his job?

  3. Why not pictures of him weeping while the president scolds the American people for not falling into line with what he wants? That would be Biden “Being Biden”.

    • Wasn’t that surreal ? Watch the scolding tape again just to watch Biden’s expressions. Funniest thing I’ve seen since the fake mourning and wailing by the North Koreans after daddy Kim’s death.

      • Do you think he’s been taking acting lessons lately? He’s sure got those “I feel your pain” expressions down pat.

        And then there’s his “turnabout is fair play” routine where he spun slowly and bumped heads with the Sandy Hook mom, saying something to make sure she cried on camera. (Probably, “Your poor child didn’t die in vain, Barack’s still got your back.”)

  4. Why is there not a section on how to endanger your Secret Service security staff by randomly firing shotguns off the back porch? That’s a very Biden thing to do.

  5. Now that MrObama has been exposed as the lamest of lame duck Presidents who couldn’t even get the support of those in his own party, then what would we call VPBiden; a clownish caricature of a VP.

  6. Wow.. so now it’s going to be 24/7 “Being Joe Biden”. Bad enough its 24/7 BO & MO show (except for weekends as neither work or BO golfs). For a while I didn’t think we had a VP, he was MIA for a month or so off and on.

    Maybe they do spots – How Joe learned to spend like his boss. Racking up WH Air frequent flyer miles. Teaching gun safety and in home protection. How to speak off the cuff and not follow a script. Uggggggg

  7. Laughable. The one thing that most people from the left to right have consensus on is that Joe Biden is retarded. He can run till he drops dead, but he’s not gonna win…

  8. On “Being Biden”: A How To Manual for Dummies
    Get hair plugs, plagiarize materials, speak in non-sequitures requiring next day “clarification” or apology, smile like a jackass being paid by Crest toothpaste, and be sure to kiss The One’s posterior each morning.