As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama in Boston on Terrorist Attacks

The speech has concluded.

29 Responses to Live Stream || Obama in Boston on Terrorist Attacks

  1. I don’t plan on listening to Obama, but it was wonderful just as I came on WHD to see the Romneys sitting there. They are who we should have sitting in the WH right now.

    • *sigh*

      So far, so good, FCMABBHO.

      I think that was the most time I’ve listened to him ever. Between yesterday’s hissy fit and today’s speech, I’ve listened to him more minutes than I have since this post turtle came to my attention back in 2008.

  2. Glad we didn’t do the I,Me,My drinking game, I’d be blotto’d by now.

    I’m not getting inspiration from this, he seemed to have killed the mood. His heart isn’t into this, just a guy reading a speech.

    Going into preacher mode now. Ugh.

    • Not listening, but he looks a little pissed off that he has to be there and without a teleprompter at that. Keeps looking down, and while others were speaking, he wasn’t listening but studying his own speech.

  3. Did he make any reference to the explosion in Texas? Authorities in Texas are now saying that there is a 50-50 chance it was criminal. If it was terrorism, you can bet that the Texans will get to the bottom of it in no time. Obama is doing a fast shuffle trying to minimize the effects of a Muslim attack in Boston.

    • The local reports I’m hearing say the explosion was caused after volunteer fire fighters sprayed water on the fire, causing the ammonium nitrate to explode. Looks like a tragic accident in my opinion.

  4. Chris Cuomo (CNN) “You can see it was difficult when he (Obama) was talking about “THAT KID”. The loss of Little Martin Richard deserves a lot more respect than “THAT KID”. I guess you shouldn’t expect much more from the CUOMO family of morons…

    • Just saw the Ken Burns documentary “The Central Park Five” about the “wilding” incident with the Central Park jogger. Turns out the wrong people were arrested. Anyway, Mario Cuomo is interviewed saying approximately “Even behind doors, nobody is safe”. And now this same man has instituted a law making it illegal to have more than seven rounds in your weapon when you also believe that “Even behind doors, nobody is safe”.

  5. I started watching, and after seeing him chew that gum, and Michele talking while a minister was saying a prayer, I couldn’t take it. He was more upset about the gun bill, the narcissist, than the terror in Boston. I missed the Romney’s, unfortunately.