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AP: Obama Approval on Health Care at Lowest Point Ever

President Obama’s approval rating on health care has sunk to its lowest level ever, with just 41 percent saying they approve of his job on the issue, as people begin to find out what’s in the bill, according to the Associated Press.

With reports proliferating about the difficulties in implementing Obamacare – while insurance rates rise and people find they may have to switch coverage – Americans are deciding they like the president’s approach less and less. The poll suggests there is still political pay dirt for Republicans should they decide to make repealing Obamacare a centerpiece of their agenda.

The poll also puts Obama’s overall approval rating at 50 percent, the lowest of his second term in AP’s surveys.

And it finds his handling of the economy is back in negative territory, with just 46 percent approving compared to 52 percent who do not. “In last September’s run-up to the election, 49 percent said they approved, and 48 percent disapproved,” the AP reported.

24 thoughts on “AP: Obama Approval on Health Care at Lowest Point Ever”

  1. Keith, my husband just came up with the strategy the Republicans should take: they should repeal Obamacare in the House and then send the ball over into the Senate’s court. All of a sudden, these Democrats who voted blindly for Obamacare are up for re-election and they want to walk away from it as fast as they can. Pretty soon the stinky cheese will be standing all alone.

    1. Best Idea Yet!
      My Senator is one of those up for re-election in 2014. He voted against Obama on Gun Control and he is vulnerable. He is very aware of that and how people in our state feel. That is probably true of the other Democrat Senators who voted against GC.
      Tell your husband to push his idea.

      1. Reply to myself and Julie…that Max Baucas from Montana is the perfect example. He helped craft Obamacare and yesterday referred to it as a train wreck coming.
        I do not like or trust him or my Senator Mark Pryor, but they will be out to save themselves.
        As the Dims and Rahm say, “never let a crisis go to waste.”
        I e-mail Pryor constantly. I went to high school with his dad (had my first date in the ninth grade at a party at his house) and loved him until he became involved with those Clintons….they “dirty up” anyone who ever comes in contact with them

    2. This makes the assumption that Republicans WANT to win, and are in some way different from Democrats. The actions and speeches of RINOs like McCain, Boehner, Toomey, et. al., would seem to suggest otherwise…

  2. Who are these dimwits who “approve” of MrO’s handling of our economy? What actions on his part is beneficial to them that has escaped the notice of the 50 million eating by the grace of food stamps or the 25 million who don’t have full employment?
    Surely, those who have jobs and have felt the bite of extra taxation and fear the coming tax-ageddon aren’t in the approval group.

    What a sorry fact (if it’s true) that 50% of the country he’s supposed to be leading doesn’t approve of anything he’s doing.

    1. The sad fact is that for many people being polled, the word “Obama” = GOOD, no matter what the other words in the question are. I think it would be a good experiment to ask the exact same question without the word “Obama”, and compare the results. Or, for real fun, mention all the facts about the current economy and pretend it all happened when Bush was president. What would the poll results be for that?

      1. It’s amazing what happens when people get to find out what was voted for before it was read and comprehended.

        Nancy Pelosi and her ilk are now hearing the voice of both the healthy and ill literate populace.

  3. People said they wanted FREE, not GOOD health care – they assumed that the FREE stuff would come at the same level as it was when they had to pay for it. This is where Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” comes to punch us in the neck because the majority of voters manifest themselves as freaking sheeple by falling for the “free benefits” hoax.

    1. Obama once said on Letterman that he is not very good at math.
      Add 33,000,000 additional folks, cover kids up to 26 and take care of the pre-existing conditions folks. Oh, and keep your doctor. It won’t cost us a dime more, maybe less. This was fraud on America’s taxpayers. Impeachable offense!

  4. Seriously people, why the shock? Is there a popular government program? Such is the progression of the government programs:
    Panic and hysteria,
    Search for the guilty,
    Punishment of the innocent, and
    Praise and honor for the nonparticipants.

    Buckle up…we are only to he beginning is disillusionment.

  5. Went to may doctors yesterday for a follow up. This doc is a specialist, he and has all my paper work. I was asked surprisingly to complete a simple yes/no health questionnaire , including do you have depression. I note this because also included was a new 2 page privacy policy which noted that as required by law they may disclose my health information to the usual suspects and the USFDA (an addition or standard?) AND National Security and Intelligence Agencies AND Protective Services for the President and “others”.
    I asked the nurse and the doctor — they said they had no choice. I asked Obamacare? they nodded.

    1. I am only surprised the new form didn’t include voter registration. Any healthy normal person is depressed from this regime. Admit it and you’ll never pass gun registration – it’s Catch 22. Can’t wait to see the check boxes for next year 1040’s. We won’t even have to sign them- just cut your thumb and bleed on the dotted line and provide a DNA sample with the attached swab and tube.

    1. I think Obama will come to regret his second term. Con artists are supposed to slip away before the victims realize the damage.

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