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The President’s Gun Tirade and You

President Obama’s lecturing little temper tantrum at the White House Wednesday should cause you some alarm.

What are we to think when the most powerful man in the country spits venom all over the Rose Garden, accusing opponents he lost to in a fair fight on Capitol Hill of lying, craven capitulation to political imperatives, and worst of all, not caring about dead children.

Is it not rational that someone who holds such views will take extralegal steps to advance his agenda? If his opponents are so corrupt, and if the “process” so corrupted, isn’t it his obligation to act outside of it?

“Even without Congress, my administration will keep doing everything it can to protect more of our communities,” Obama said. This bears watching.

Let’s review some of the president’s histrionics:

Families that know unspeakable grief summoned the courage to petition their elected leaders –- not just to honor the memory of their children, but to protect the lives of all our children.  And a few minutes ago, a minority in the United States Senate decided it wasn’t worth it.

This is the slimiest charge of them all. It’s so disgusting it’s not even worth countering, but I will note that in the context of the gun debate, gun owner particularly care about children. That’s one reason why they want a gun in the house, to defend their babies.

A majority of senators voted “yes” to protecting more of our citizens with smarter background checks.  But by this continuing distortion of Senate rules, a minority was able to block it from moving forward.

As I mentioned Wednesday, just about every bill in the Senate requires 60 votes before getting to a final up or down contest. Obama knows that.

But instead of supporting this compromise, the gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the bill.  They claimed that it would create some sort of “big brother” gun registry, even though the bill did the opposite.  This legislation, in fact, outlawed any registry.  Plain and simple, right there in the text.  But that didn’t matter.

And unfortunately, this pattern of spreading untruths about this legislation served a purpose, because those lies upset an intense minority of gun owners, and that in turn intimidated a lot of senators.

The person who claimed you could keep the health insurance you have under Obamacare should be careful about calling others liars. But what’s more, Obama is demeaning himself, the presidency, and our democratic process.

Serious people have serious concerns about whether the the bill as written might foster a gun registry. Writing in the conservative legal blog Volokh Conspiracy and later in the National Review, David Kopel, a firearms expert and a law professor, explains how this could occur.

Continuing with Obama:

But the fact is most of these senators could not offer any good reason why we wouldn’t want to make it harder for criminals and those with severe mental illnesses to buy a gun.  There were no coherent arguments as to why we wouldn’t do this.  It came down to politics — the worry that that vocal minority of gun owners would come after them in future elections.  They worried that the gun lobby would spend a lot of money and paint them as anti-Second Amendment.

And obviously, a lot of Republicans had that fear, but Democrats had that fear, too.  And so they caved to the pressure, and they started looking for an excuse — any excuse — to vote “no.”

No, just because some disagrees with you, Mr. President, it’s not therefore about “politics.”

Many sincerely believe the new restrictions on private sales could make criminals – and prison inmates – of average people who are not completely familiar with a new law that has little benefits. As leading conservative gun issue expert John Lott explains, gun rights advocates believe background checks are not proven to prevent crimes and could hamper the ability of someone who needs a gun quickly to get it.

This is not the first meltdown Obama has experienced when his will is resisted. Let’s hope somewhere down the line – soon – this man who used to teach the Constitution learns to get more comfortable with it.

Here’s the video of the latest gun-related tragedy. Obama starts speaking about about 4:40.

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    • Keith,

      A great opinion piece by you. One of your best.

      Here are some things that ran through my mind when the President spoke.
      He said, “90% of the American public supported this bill.” Puhleeze…90% of the American public didn’t know this bill was taking place and even the 10% that did, didn’t know exactly what was in it.

      He says “But if action by Congress could have saved one person, one child, a few hundred, a few thousand — if it could have prevented those people from losing their lives…”

      So, let’s enforce the Border. Let’s enforce Drunk Driving laws.
      How about life sentences for people who rape and murder a child?

      Sheesh. We can save more than 1 life that way.

        • How many supported this one bill?
          I understand the President’s frustration and anger.
          But the President can’t just make up numbers.
          He can’t state a fact when it isn’t a fact.

          Yes, he’s a politician, and a huge liar (yes, i said it).

          • “He can’t state a fact when it isn’t a fact.” – Scottso

            If THAT were true, not only would he have never made a speech before, he’d never be able to make one again…

            Like any “good” liberal (oxymoron, I know), he NEVER let facts get in the way of the Government Über Alles agenda – and he never will.

  1. Overall I find all of his outbursts inapproprite from the Gates/Crowley beer fest to “If I had a son….” to a more recent comment regarding the Gosnell trial, “Well, I’m familiar with it. I can’t comment on it because it’s an active trial.”

    Never send a boy to do a man’s job !

  2. I see this defeat as a possible “Caesar crosses the Rubicon” moment for our country with Obama. I think he will try to do something on gun control via Executive actions. He and Biden have implied that repeatedly. I agree with Shofar that this is a petulant child we are seeing and he will act accordingly. Will the Congress stand up to him? I, for one, hope so, but I’m not betting the ranch on it.

    • He can write all the Executive Orders he wants, but to implement any of them takes money. Money which can only be appropriated by Congress. So let him write. Until the funding is legislated, nothing will get done, no matter how many EOs he writes.

  3. Excellent article Keith , only one slight objection. I am hoping for MORE meltdowns because this is the real Obama for the world to see. Mean and petulant. The mindset of a Third World Dictator.

    • I’m with you, swedishlady. I live for the day when Barry has a huge, devastating public meltdown, when his mask will slip off entirely to reveal the evil hiding behind it.

  4. This was just the beginning, Keith, get used to it. He will be throwing lots of tantrums from here on out. Immigration will not go his way, and I don’t mean just with the Senate but with the American people as well. Their ‘polls’ are turning up to be hollow lies. Obamacare is falling apart as two of your morning headlines have indicated.

    He is truly a lame duck, but we do have to be afraid of what he will do under executive power. I am convinced that Homeland Security and the FBI buying up all the ammo in sight is his way of keeping it out of the hands of the citizenry and in the hands of the government.

  5. Gabby and Biden seem to pose for the camera.
    Obama is as low as they come to use this kind of venomous language directed at those he does not like…not at all presidential but then when is he?

  6. First, sad as all this is, this bill was just an attempt to “do SOMETHING.” He repeated the lie that 40% of sales involved no background check. AND–yesterday on THE FIVE, Bob Beckel repeated the misnomer that the next time a child was killed, the blood would be on the NRA’s hands. That is disgraceful. You maybe would make a case if the gun was purchased by a criminal or someone with a severe mental history and no check was done–but that would not have even pertained to Newtown.

  7. In my opinion, that little temper tantrum was intended to incite his base. Last night Twitter lit up with vicious, hateful comments against all the senators who voted against his latest power grab, but particularly against Cruz, Lee, and Paul. The disciples of Preezy Revenge were in a rage – some calling the senators murderers and wishing harm to their children. This man is pure evil.

  8. Also, I’m still waiting for Obama to stand in the rose garden with Mr. Charles Woods, the father of Tyrone Woods who died during the attack in Benghazi, Libya on our consulate.

  9. There is so much about this man that brings back memories of Richard Nixon at his worst. MrNixon railed against the liberal press, just as MrO rails at the conservatives, the “enemies lists”, and the thin-skinned responses to any criticism or failures.

    MrObama might spend wasted hours dreaming that he is in the same class as some of our greatest Presidents, but in reality, he is among the worst. It has to be that anyone who aspires to be President must have a grand sense of ego and accomplishment, but this President has only the grand ego.

  10. I saw one democrat who yesterday make a profound statement on why she voted no –

    “I’ve been adamant from the very beginning of this conversation that the focus should be on mental health issues, full and accurate reporting into the NICS database and ensuring that we are prosecuting criminals in possession of or trying to possess firearms. This conversation should be about what is in people’s minds, not about what is in their hands. I commend Senators Manchin and Toomey for working so hard to bring a serious bill to the floor. However, in its current form I do not see a path for my support. I’ve thought long and hard about this, I’ve taken the tough meetings, and I’ve heard overwhelmingly from the people of North Dakota; and at the end of the day my duty is to listen to and represent the people of North Dakota.” – Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.)

    The last sentence says it all.

      • No, but North Dakota is as red a state as they get. Last time North Dakota’s electoral votes went to a Democratic candidate was LBJ back in ’64. So it’s been almost half a century since North Dakota last voted for a Democrat for president.

        State and local races in North Dakota are where it gets interesting.

    • ” I commend Senators Manchin and Toomey for working so hard to bring a serious bill to the floor.”

      Yeah, that must have been some really tough work for the turncoats. All those booze parties at the Black Tie yacht owned by that man of the people, senator Manchin. Parties likely paid for with OUR dime. They wrote the ‘bullet points’ of their bipartisan act of tyranny on cocktail napkins in between chasing the girls and swilling top shelf liquor.

  11. Are you people starting to realize how dangerous this guy is? I’m afraid that the right crisis will come along where republicans and consevatives will roll over or rally behind the flag and he will seize power…just like Hitler.

    • I realized what he was not long after I first heard of him because I was a member of the CPUSA (and, voted for Gus Hall and Angela Davis for the presidential ticket) in college. Then, the more I read and heard, I figured out he was a narcissist, to boot.

  12. Obama’s tirade is expected but Giffords is amazing.
    As candidate in 2010 in a close race and desperate to retain power she happily promoted her “pro-gun” stance and even posed with an AR15. Now as a tragic victim of senseless violence that Obama’s power grab would do nothing to prevent she willingly uses her victim status to promote infringing upon the rights of lawful citizens for no other reason than raw political power.

    • She is frittering away all the support she had in the country, or I should say, her husband may be doing it. She’s no longer in Congress, he’s no longer in NASA, and they need money coming in from somewhere. He’s a Democratic operative, I bet, and maybe planning to run for office. Her old seat? Today there is an op-ed in the NYT by Gabrielle Giffords called “A Senate in the Grip of the Gun Lobby”. I’m sorry, but after her injuries, I don’t see her capable of writing an op-ed for the NYT.

      • I agree Julie. I think she is being exploited by her husband and the Democrat party. Don’t know how these people can sleep at night, putting words into her mouth, knowing she has the mental capacity of a child.

          • I am not sure of her “return,” but in the clips I have seen, she sort of repeats the last few words the person talking to her said. I feel horrible about a young, capable woman who achieved office (no matter what her politics) being impaired by some crazy nut–but this does not make her an authority on guns just because a gun was used on her. They just rip at your guts with all this emotion–if there are clearer heads, where are they? Maybe the Senate, I guess. I remember the Bradys–his brains and spinal fluid were coming out his nose when he was shot alongside Reagan–he was maimed for life. They tried to make it count for something, too–maybe I would, who knows. But this is not the way to go about it, I fear.

      • Agree on the money and her husband. It’s bad enough she’s a victim of such senseless violence but to now be a tool of senseless demagoguery for the sake of political power is a tragedy piled upon a tragedy piled upon a tragedy.
        What really ticks me off though is how all the media attention is on the failing of Manchin-Toomey and not a peep that 48 Democrats sent a better, more useful and practical Grassley-Cruz amendment down to defeat as well.
        Obama could have had expanded background checks but as usual he saw a “crisis” and couldn’t let it go to waste so he over-reached and now lashes out. Pathetic.

        • The media and and the Democrats were successful with their non-peeps. I peruse the news every morning, and I’m sorry to say Grassley-Cruz escaped my attention.

  13. The Great Divider–if there’s any way to alienate people, he finds it and uses it. Thank God for TV remote control, the second he’s on, I hit the mute button before I change the channel. I don’t remember another President who wanted to make people feel like lousy, unappreciated garbage.

  14. But by this continuing distortion of Senate rules, a minority was able to block it from moving forward.


    I suck at math, but even I know that out of 100, 46 is less than half.

  15. Since the first day of Obama’s presidency he has taken “extralegal” and unconstitutional steps. His pattern of denigration and division has not receded one iota. He initiates class wars, bad feelings, and uses props, then gets offended or angry when called on it. So who cares ?!?!? He is a petulant tyrant. His wife shares the same threat.

    The only result has been a lot of hot air and not much else. Even here, this is a continual theme. None of this is new and no one cares enough to do anything but talk about it.

    The same old elected officials keep getting re-elected and people are so aware of PC that they overlook the very behaviors that encourage and condone it. Everyone is afraid to say exactly what they think, feel, or believe.
    Instead of repeating the obvious maybe we can collectively begin to find solutions.

  16. “As I mentioned Wednesday, just about every bill in the Senate requires 60 votes before getting to a final up or down contest. Obama knows that.”

    Obviously, he was hoping that enough would vote “yea” and the rest would vote “present” like he did!

  17. Barack Obama is a lame-duck president. Nobody listens to what he says anymore, nobody is interested in winning his approval and nobody much cares if he thinks they have “let the country down”. This is typical for a second-term president who has lost all their leverage because they’re no longer running for office and everybody is patiently waiting for the day when he quits the White House. But Obama’s difficult personality has doubled the size of the challenge. Gloating in victory, adolescent in defeat – the Prez doesn’t make it easy to work with him. Why should conservative senators give him a legislative victory after he has spent four years painting them as knuckle-dragging rednecks who hate women and the poor?

    Whatever your position on gun control, yesterday’s events are a damning indictment of Obama’s presidency – a flash of style, lots of soaring rhetoric and, when the votes are actually counted, little show for any of it. America has four more years of this lame-duck president telling them that it has let him down. If only he could tear up the Constitution and rule by diktat he might save himself a little disappointment. Alas, American democracy is a stickler for rules.

    Attribution to Tim Stanley, The Telegraph UK.

  18. Obama has become an embarasment to this country with his childish actions and lies. It is hard for me to believe he came from Illinois and compares himself to Abe Lincoln. Never could he carry Lincoln’s shoes.

  19. The lying spoiled Brat didn’t get his way so now he will lay in the rose garden and kick his feet and scream about the evil republicans. While he is at it he is still screaming lies to support his unconstitutional position and reinforce his desire to dominate. The only one that should be ashamed is the man who is supposed to be the number one man in this country and instead behaves like a spoile child who didn’t get his way. YOUR FIRED you bum

  20. You know what I am sick of? The time it takes to keep an eye on these issues and players. We cannot trust ANYONE to have our interests at heart and do good, clear thinking. I also am sick of feeling helpless and played. I can come to this site 10 times a day and try to have something to say but it has no more effect that the lo-fo voter approach of ignoring everything, as my sister does and some of my friends. Oh–it’ll be OK, don’t worry…. I don’t like being insulted and disdained by my so-called leaders–you work for us. Oh, man–do I even think that anymore? What a cliche.

  21. I could not believe the President of the United States would act so child-like because he did not get his way. As I listened to ;him, he seemed worse than an mmature child. He should never say someone has lied when what I hear from his own mouth appears to be “not truthful” statements.
    I respect the office of the President; however, not what I hear from this President.

  22. Obama, Feinstein and Bloomberg, with an able assist from Crazy Joe Biden do all they possibly can to exploit Newtown and Aurora to secure a record of all gun sales, a ban on semi-automatic rifles and hand guns and a limit on what a magazine can hold when NONE of this would have stopped Lanza or Holmes from commiting pre-meditated murder on a large scale.

    Now they are upset and angry at the Senate, the Democrats who were not willing to vote against the will of their state electorate, the NRA – all for standing in the way of tyranny. Obama, Biden, Feinstein, Bloomberg – these people are despicable and pathetic excuses for elected leadership. They were proposing a solution that would neer fix the perceived problem so they could secure the goal of diminishing our Second Amendment rights, however so incrementally they might have to proceed. They are the dishonest liars. People are smart enough to see that what these tyrants said they wanted to fix and what they really were trying to accomplish were two different things. Obama is done. Thank God.

  23. What is shameful is a president who throws tantrums and then acts against the people with spite (e.g. his response to not getting the amount of raise in spending he wanted); and an administration that exploits children. Putting them on display; then taking blatant advantage of grieving parents in an effort to get his way. Disgusting!

  24. It should have become apparent to every citizen of this country a long time ago that the President was a serial liar and out to diminish our foreign policy and influence throughout the world as well as to destroy as much as possible our free market economy. The first evidence of this is when he pursued the passage of ObamaCare by evasion of all Congressional rules for lawmaking and bribed those in his own party to vote for this atrocious legislation. The second evidence of his predisposition to reject those who hold a different view of the world is when he criticized the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United at the State of the Union Address with the Supreme Court Justices sitting right in front of him in the chamber. He has in the four plus years in office made up so many so-called “facts” and lied to the American people on so many occasions that he should be referred to as “Liar-in-Chief”. The fact that the lamestream press lets him get away with this nonsense is abominable which rhymes with Obamanable. Somehow at some time, those elite who believe the President to be nothing less than the Messiah will wake up when they realize he has no regard for them and takes away their liberty and freedom as he will attempt to do with the rest of us. It is too bad for this country he won a second term as it will permit him to do much more damage to our American Way than he did in his first term – primarily doing everything in his power to continue to make many more people dependent on the Government as opposed to expanding economic opportunities for those now out of work and those who have left the labor force. The more people who are dependent on the Government for their well-being and care the more votes that will be bought for the Democratic Party. This is the Chicago way and he visited upon the Nation this same way with a vengeance.

  25. You might disagree with his ideas, but this hardly qualifies as a “tantrum,” a “tirade,” or “histrionics.” In fact, it was fairly calm and measured.

  26. I am a gun owner and support the 2nd amendment to the hilt. But, I sort of agree with more enhanced background checks, and if it went no further than that, I would probably be OK with that. Seemed like a sensible bill.
    BUT…. the problem with this, is that most people do not trust Obozo and his socialist gun-grabbing brown shirts any further than they can throw them. If the American people and the congress had any sort of an iron clad guarantee that this gun legislation crap would go no further than this, it probably would have passed in a landslide.

    BUT… iron clad guarantees are non-existent to this administration. Obozo started out lying about guarantees four years ago, and hasn’t told the truth since. One of the basic tenets of socialism is that the ends always justify the means. This legislation today would have been the first step on a slippery slope to complete gun confiscation. YOU CAN COUNT ON IT. Reed is already planning for another attack on the same legislation as we speak. These people have no morals or honesty. Obozo is right…it is a sad day. A sad day because Americans can no longer trust their president to tell them the truth.

  27. I think his plan was for the Senate to pass it and let the “radical extremists” and “obstructionists” in the House vote it down. Then he could use that to further demonize Republicans in 2014. It’s all politics with him; he wants to take the House in the midterms so he can enjoy unrestrained power.

  28. My dad, a European skeet shooting champion in the 1960s, taught me to shoot when I was a young teen. I’m a damn good pistol shooter to this day and my husband and I go to the range to keep my skill up to speed. FU, Jug Eared Wonder. Thank God I can defend myself if I have to.

  29. His temper tantrums cause more than alarm; it’s a disgusting display of how little he respects any and all who do not agree with him. The Senate’s failure to support the bill upset his plan which he was counting on. Senate approves bill, House defeats it. That would have provided necessary ammunition [pardon the pun] to attack Republicans from now until 2014 election to win back control of House.