In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


AP: Obama Approval on Health Care at Lowest Point Ever

President Obama’s approval rating on health care has sunk to its lowest level ever, with just 41 percent saying they approve of his job on the issue, as people begin to find out what’s in the bill, according to the Associated Press. With reports proliferating about the difficulties in implementing Obamacare – while insurance rates rise and people find they may have to switch coverage

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Obama: “The spirit of this country shall remain undimmed”

President Obama today offered beautiful tribute to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings and to the city where the attack took place, eloquently expressing the grief, the prayers and the strength of a nation in mourning while vowing justice for those who killed and maimed. A few excerpts from the speech, delivered early this afternoon at an interfaith service in Boston: It was a

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The President’s Gun Tirade and You

President Obama’s lecturing little temper tantrum at the White House Wednesday should cause you some alarm. What are we to think when the most powerful man in the country spits venom all over the Rose Garden, accusing opponents he lost to in a fair fight on Capitol Hill of lying, craven capitulation to political imperatives, and worst of all, not caring about dead children. Is

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Section of WH Website Devoted to Promoting Biden

A new section of the White House website is devoted to promoting Vice President Biden, featuring photos of the Biden in action and audio descriptions of the stories behind the photos. Biden, who is expected to run for president, no doubt will be seeking to to burnish his image and expand his visibility as 2016 approaches. The new webpage, titled “Being Biden,” offers him a

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The Obama Morning News || April 18, 2013

Gun control: Obama’s biggest loss . . . Politico Miss. man arrested in ricin mailings . . . Washington Post Accused recorder of McConnell visited White House . . . Politico Baucus: Obamacare headed for train wreck . . . Washington Times Immigration bill: Regulations, bureaucracy . . . The Hill Doctor shortage as Obamacare ramps up . . . Fox News Obama “terrific” during

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